12 Best free and paid SEO courses [2023]

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Do you want to learn the most advanced SEO techniques? Would you like to discover how to conquer the first search results on Google? Don’t miss the list with the best free and paid online SEO courses!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has two souls: the analysis of Google’s algorithms and the study of users’ behavior
. This leads us to study psychology half the time and analysis and statistics the other half.

The goal of SEO is to give visibility to professionals and companies on the web and it can become a varied and fascinating job and it is one of the most valued disciplines in the online world. It is also one of the digital professions with the highest labor demand, according to a study published last year by INESDI.

Learning SEO can help you become a professional and offer this service to companies of all kinds, or to boost your own project, or that of your company.

For this reason, SEO courses can be interesting for web developers, IT or marketing staff, SMEs and freelancers, community managers, webmasters in general, and in short, anyone who wants to start an online project!

Best SEO courses in Spain

#1 TeamPlatino 2.0

It is the new version of the famous SEOPlatino course, taught by Chuiso and other great experts in seo of all kinds and different forms of monetization. Now, at TeamPlatino, Chuiso is supported by more than 10 SEO trainers.

Chuiso doesn’t consider himself a professional SEO, but he does it like no one else! He is a great expert in positioning and monetizing niches. He has focused TeamPlatino towards a clear and defined goal: to teach how to make money on the Internet.

The TeamPlatino course includes exclusive content, webinars, webmaster tools , footprints and backlinks, blog network, forum and chat for feedback among users, and an affiliate system to get profits from the investment in the course. If you join this great community, you will learn, among many other things:

  • On-page SEO
  • Link building strategies
  • Black Hat Techniques
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Scrapers and Bots
  • Monetization in all its forms
  • Paid advertising systems
  • Local Positioning
  • Automations, Adsense and CPA

Technical data

Within TeamPlatino, there is also
TeamPlatino Rookie
which specializes more in what is known as niche sites, is free and has uploaded it on youtube.

#2 DisparaTusVisitas.com

DisparaTusVisitas.com is Dean Romero’s SEO course. It is a step-by-step training where Dean focuses on developing a working SEO method that you can follow without getting lost.

Everything is based on white hat work methodologies that are designed to last over time and produce a constant and not temporary increase in visits.

The course covers in depth all aspects related to on-page SEO and web architecture.

Strategically create internal links to increase the ranking of your articles.

The creation of URLs in SILO to attack keywords of greater difficulty and the optimization of the crawl Budget through a way that can be applied by everyone, without the need to have previous advanced SEO knowledge.

It is an intensive master in web traffic acquisition and also one of the things I like is that it is a single payment, ie, you do not have to pay every month, you pay the first time and forget about it and also at a very affordable price.

The main contents covered in the course are:

  • Introduction
  • Web architecture
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Linkbuilding and off-page SEO
  • Content Generation
  • Bonus

Technical data

SEO courses for ecommerce or online stores

If you want to do a good SEO for e-commerce, our recommendation is that you put yourself in the hands of experts to help you along the way, but if you want to start learning, here are some of the best SEO courses for online stores.

#3 Sabandijers

The course is created by Sofía Calle and consists of more than 10 classes (more than 6 hours of video content) where the basics of SEO for online stores are explained and how she works in her day to day as an SEO consultant. And within the Sabandijers club they also offer many more SEO courses.

  • How Google works
  • Basic SEO Notes
  • Setting up an optimal web architecture
  • Understand if you really need a blog for your online store and why.
  • Notions about WPO
  • Giving clues to Google with structured data
  • Interelinking, link building…
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Bonus: tools and resources

Technical specifications:

  • Author: Sofia Calle
  • Website: sabandijers.com
  • Level: Basic
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: from 27€/month (+97€ registration fee) up to 297€/year

#4 ChorriClub

In David Ayala’s course, which consists of 8 classes, he explains the whole process from the beginning to more advanced SEO techniques for ecommerce positioning based on his experience in online stores. ChorriClub also offers access to other SEO courses.

  • Which ecommerce CMS to choose
  • Keyword research and architecture
  • URLs in ecommerce
  • Cannibalizations
  • On page SEO optimization
  • Improve CTR
  • Improving usability in ecommerce
  • Linkbuilding for ecommerce

Technical specifications:

#5 SEO Warriors

JoseLab’s course consists of 9 classes in which he teaches how to optimize an online store to position it in Google, from the basics to the most complex but necessary technical aspects. If you join SEO Warriors, you will also have access to other SEO courses.

  • Introduction
  • Segments, Objectives and KPIs
  • Types of urls, configuration and management of product URLs
  • Filters
  • Keyword Research
  • Large portals
  • Management of product urls
  • Other technical aspects
  • SEO examples in real stores

Technical specifications:

  • Author: JoseLab
  • Website: https://seowarriors.club/
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: from 30€/month up to 300€/year (495€/year with DinoRank)

Step by step SEO course for niches

#6 TribuRemota

Victor Misa’s course consists of 7 lessons (about 2 hours of video content) in which he explains his own experience and knowledge to create niches, how to work them and the methodologies he uses. Of course, within TribuRemota there are more courses related to SEO for niches.

  • My beginning. Yours too?
  • Evolution – Who are you?
  • My skill and what is your skill? What do you want to be?
  • Focus, beginning to evolve
  • Intentions! Help me Google!
  • 4 types of niches that I usually set up – Do you have a nose for truffles?
  • Keyword Research / Semantic SEO 1/2
  • Defending the structure through the KWR
  • Keyword Research for content, really?
  • Live web assembly
  • Related questions

Technical specifications:

  • Author: Victor Misa
  • Website: https://triburemota.com/
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: Spanish
  • Price: from €29.95/month to €330/year

The best international paid SEO courses

As happens when something succeeds, false gurus immediately come out selling courses that are not really useful for anything, or that only include theory, which if you do not put it into practice, does not translate into real learning. That is why I have given preference to more practical SEO courses, where you can apply what you are learning. Here we go!

#7 SEO That Works

SEO That Works is the training course organized by Brian Dean of Backlinko, recognized as one of the top experts in the field of SEO. The course includes worksheets, email templates, case studies, videos and much more.

It is especially recommended for those who already have medium or advanced knowledge in the subject and wish to progress.

Pros of SEO That Works courses

It is one of the most expensive SEO courses on the market, however this price is commensurate with the experience and the level of the techniques transmitted, the result of the undeniable and advanced knowledge of the creator.

The course has already been attended by more than 3,000 students and has received many positive reviews.

Cons That Works

SEO That Works is an advanced and prestigious course. Consequently, it is a very expensive training program compared to other alternatives on the market.

That is why we consider it suitable for those who want to learn the subject more for passion than for work requirements, thus justifying the investment.

Technical data

  • Author: Brian Dean
  • Website: Seothatworks.com
  • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Price: Lifetime $2,364 to $5,964 depending on plan

#8 Moz Training

Moz Training offers an SEO training program divided into sections and modules, among which the most popular are:

  • SEO Essentials Certification
  • Local SEO Fundamentals
  • Technical SEO Certification
  • SEO Client Prospecting and Pitch

The course consists of 18 modules: the first 13 focus on the basics and advanced concepts of optimization, while the remaining 5 deal with marketing and selling SEO services.

It covers several topics, such as content creation, dealing with indexing issues, how to do

link building

etc. and there is also a final exam to test the knowledge acquired and obtain the certification.

Pros of the Moz Training course

It is very useful for those who want to perfect their basic SEO knowledge and learn more about search engine optimization best practices. It is a very valuable SEO course for those with average knowledge who want to go to the next level.

Against Moz Training

It is a course aimed at a beginner audience to develop the necessary skills to move to the next level. For this reason, Moz Training may not be suitable for those who need to acquire advanced knowledge directly.

Technical data

  • Author: Multiple
  • Site: https://academy.moz.com/
  • Level: Basic, Intermediate
  • Language: English
  • Price: Lifetime from $49 to $595 depending on the module (there is also a free module dedicated to the use of Moz Pro).

Best free international SEO courses

#9 Semrush Academy

Semrush is one of the most recognized SEO tools used by professionals around the world. On the other hand, the company behind it is also an established content marketing company.

The basic SEO course covers a great deal of practical information, including the basics of how search engines work, the value of
how to perform an SEO audit and much more.

Pros of the SEO Semrush Academy course

The SEO course is free and has been prepared by experts Greg Gifford and Bastian Grimm.

Obviously, Semrush Academy is the recommended course for SEOs who want to perfect their knowledge in the field and learn the full potential of the Semrush suite for professional use.

Semrush Academy SEO Contra

Free SEO courses, such as Semrush Academy’s, are invaluable for those new to the topic, but the information may already be familiar to experts. For this reason, it is less useful for those who already have intermediate knowledge.

Technical data

  • Author: Greg Gifford and Bastian Grimm
  • Site: Semrush.com/academy/
  • Level: Basic
  • Language: English, Spanish, French
  • Price: free of charge

#10 SEO Course for Beginners

This Ahrefs course is intended for beginners who want to consolidate their knowledge of organic traffic, keywords, SEO
and backlinks for SEO.

The SEO Course for Beginners presents a lot of useful information for the practical management of a website from a search engine perspective:

  • Fundamentals of the discipline
  • How the keyword search works
  • The best SEO techniques within reach of beginners
  • On-page optimization practices for Google
  • Most effective link building techniques

It is available in 5 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, German and Russian) and consists of 14 lessons divided into 4 modules:

  • Keyword search
  • On-page SEO
  • Link building
  • The basics of technical SEO

Each lesson lasts between 4 and 14 minutes, with a total course duration of 2 hours.

Pros of SEO Course for Beginners

The course is endorsed by Sam Oh, vice president of marketing at Ahrefs, who has more than ten years of experience in SEO and digital marketing.

This is a professional course covering the entire spectrum of SEO activities, suitable for those who want to successfully enter the profession of a freelance or in-house SEO consultant.

It can help small business owners understand the phenomena that affect SEO.
web positioning

It is useful for marketing team managers to implement the most appropriate strategies related to Google advertising, taking into account the characteristics of your business.

Against SEO Course for Beginners

The course is ideal for those who have to study the subject from scratch, as it provides beginners with enough theoretical knowledge to establish a conventional SEO strategy.

However, many aspects crucial to the success of an SEO campaign come from concrete experience in a specific field, which a standardized course cannot offer.

Technical data

#11 SEO Unlocked

SEO Unlocked is the free online SEO course by Neil Patel, a well-known digital marketing entrepreneur, speaker and online personality known around the world.

Compared to other digital marketing brands that focus on selling courses, Patel also offers free and freemium resources, like the suite
suite for SEO analysis of sites and keywords.

The video course consists of an introduction to Google search engine optimization, knowledge of keyword research , technical SEO and
content marketing,
link building
brand positioning and customer experience.

Of course, the operation of Ubersuggest in relation to Google Search Console and Google Analytics is presented in detail.

The course is available for unlimited time and the contents come from the experience of the recognized expert in search engine optimization.

Thanks to its content, newcomers can be introduced to the discipline and professionals can broaden their knowledge.

Pros of the SEO Unlocked course

The course includes weekly content additions (video, audio, slides), weekly live Q&A sessions , downloadable PDF worksheets and templates, code snippets and even additional resources.

In addition, you can actively participate in Neil Patel’s community to get more information for your own learning. You can listen to the Q&A sessions as much as you want, ask questions to clarify your doubts and improve your work step by step.

Against SEO Unlocked

As this is a free SEO course, Patel does not delve into many of the complex aspects that make the difference between an amateur and a professional, leaving it up to the individual to choose to study in depth.

It may be fine to start testing the subject or for junior figures, but if you are looking for something serious, it is preferable to resort to the paid courses described above.

Technical data

#12 Hubspot Academy

hubspot academyHubSpot Academy is an online education platform that offers courses and certifications in marketing, sales and customer service. It was created by HubSpot, a marketing and sales software company. HubSpot Academy provides high-quality, up-to-date educational content to help people develop skills and knowledge in digital marketing and sales strategies.

The platform offers a wide variety of free courses covering topics such as inbound marketing, email marketing, SEO, social media, marketing automation and customer relationship management. These courses are designed to suit different levels of experience, from beginners to advanced professionals.

Pros of the SEO: search engine optimization course

The HubSpot Academy course is characterized by high-quality, up-to-date educational content with accurate and relevant information. As it is free, it is accessible to anyone interested in learning more about this discipline and, in addition, it includes a large number of resources such as videos, guides and practical exercises.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn an industry-recognized certification.

Cons of the SEO: Search Engine Optimization Course

Although the course provides a solid knowledge base, some users feel that it is somewhat limited or that it does not go into sufficient depth on certain aspects of SEO.

Some students may prefer a more interactive approach and the ability to ask specific questions or receive individualized feedback.

Technical data

Is a course or a master’s degree in SEO better?

Reinventing oneself requires the ability to know how to re-enter the game. There are a lot of courses, online and in-person, about SEO. Just do a simple search for “Best online SEO courses”, “Free SEO courses”, etc.: such a search is the first step to start browsing through the thousands of courses available and make a thoughtful choice. But making the right decision is always complicated. Costs, teachers, programs, duration: a huge “paralyzing” confusion.

In our experience, the factors to evaluate before choosing whether a course or a master’s degree is better for us are undoubtedly the following:

  • First of all, the teachers: are they well presented? Are they known on the Internet? (do some research). You also need to look them up on LinkedIn: do they have the right combination of experience and theoretical studies?
  • The great fork in the road: ¿
    or face-to-face? It always depends on the time you have available. If you work or live far from major cities, it may make sense to consider an online course or master’s degree, to save time and money (note that courses are usually shorter in duration than master’s degrees) and to ensure that you can study at non-standard times. The online course is also the right option if you are not sure of your choice and want to “try it out” before investing more resources (money and time) in a classroom course or a real master’s degree. The classroom, of course, guarantees you direct assistance from the teacher, a continuous confrontation with the other students and a greater immersion in the subject studied.
  • The duration of the courseObviously, if the course on such an articulated subject as SEO lasts a total of 2 hours, then this course is a shallow dive.Excellent if you want to tiptoe into the world of SEO, less suitable if you already know the subject partially or if you want to become a real SEO specialist, in this case maybe a master or an advanced course is what you are really looking for.
  • Online reviews should be taken into account. Trivial, but not so obvious tip: read carefully the reviews that others have left before you on Google My Business listing. Do not hesitate, perhaps, to contact some users who have already taken this course?
  • It is also better to prefer courses that include practical exercises in the syllabus: talking about an SEO course, for example, it is good to include exercises that lead the student to try to position a web page on a certain topic.
  • Finally,courses and masters with internships or not? If you are fresh out of school/college, this can make a positive difference. The problem, for those who are willing to roll up their sleeves, is not learning, but entering the job market. So it is better to look for training with guaranteed internships.

If you want to know our opinion about SEO masters and whether SEO training is worth it, you might be interested in the following post:

¿Vale la pena estudiar un máster SEO? ¿Cuál es el mejor?

Which SEO course to choose?

In case you thought about it, the list is not ordered from best to worst, or anything like that. All the courses are very good (that’s why in the title I say they are the best 😉).

You have to keep in mind that an SEO course is a professional investment and you should make sure that you learn from those who are able to really improve your knowledge.

If you are still undecided, think about your objectives, visit the web page of each course and analyze the syllabus in detail.

Have you already taken any of these courses and would you like to share your opinion here? Which one would you choose? Leave a comment and share your experience… 🙂 🙂

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