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We know it well: Google algorithm updates can influence ranking factors and even ruin months of work invested in SEO. Therefore, keeping up with SEO Trends 2023 and all the latest news on search engine optimization is something you can’t do without. is something you can’t do without.

Ready to see what the king of search engines has in store for us?

Top SEO trends 2023

#1 Voice search

Voice search has become increasingly popular thanks to virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. This requires a slightly different SEO approach as voice search queries tend to be more conversational and are often formulated as questions..

Conversational or long tail queries
long tail
are longer and more specific search phrases that users can use. Often, these queries are and may have higher conversion rates because they indicate a more specific search intent. because they indicate a more specific search intent.

Therefore, optimize the content to include include long
long tail
y phrases that match the way users talk is essential.

artificial intelligence seo#2 Artificial Intelligence

Google and other search engines use AI to help understand and rank web content. Through its AI algorithm, RankBrain, Google interprets search queries and provides results that best meet the user’s intent..

It’s important to understand that you can’t optimize directly for RankBrain, but you can work to create relevant, high quality content that satisfies the user’s search intent..

In fact, one of the areas where AI will have the greatest impact is in content creation. content creationAlthough it is still far from perfect, can help content creators
content creators
to make their work more effective.

#3 Full mobile indexing

Google has adopted a “

mobile-first indexing

“approach, which means that it uses the mobile version of a website for indexing and ranking..

Your website needs to be
and fully optimized for mobile devices for mobile devices, to ensure that it does not suffer penalties in search rankings.

#4 SEO of structured data and
Schema Markup

Structured data and the

Schema Markup

help search engines to better better understand the content of a web page. This can help your site to obtain rich snippets (
rich snippets)
in Google search resultswhich are visually more appealing and can help improve click-through rates.

For example, if you have a recipe website, you can use the
Schema Markup
to provide Google with detailed information about the recipe, such as cooking time, user rating, etc.

#5 Google News and Google Discover

Google News
is a platform that aggregates news headlines from around the worldwhile
Google Discover
shows users content based on their interests, even without them performing a search..

To appear in Google News, your website must meet certain content and technical criteria. As for Google Discover, the goal is to provide relevant, high-quality content that matches users’ interests.

Optimizing for both platforms involves creating relevant and engaging content, maintaining frequent updates, and using high-quality images..

#6 From Google EAT to Google EEAT

is an extension of EAT (
Expertise, Authority, Trust
) and incorporates “
“(Engagement). Google is increasingly looking for engagement signalssuch as user interaction and time spent on the site, as part of its ranking algorithm..

This means that, in addition to providing expert, authoritative and trusted content, you should also focus oncontent, you should also focus on creating an engaging experience for users..

search intent#7 Search intent is the key

Google has become increasingly adept at understanding the intent behind users’ search queries. understand the intent behind users’ search queries.. This means that already it is not enough to simply target certain keywordsYou must also make sure that your content satisfies the intent of the search. For example, if the user’s intention is to buy, make sure your content is sales-oriented.

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Trends of 2022 that will remain relevant

2022 was a year of many changes. We said farewell to BERT to welcome MUM (an AI model to understand user search intentions), LaMDA was introduced to establish a dialogue with the user, and Google launched LaMDA with the aim of establishing a dialogue with the user and Google launched
Shopping Graph
as a new form of ecommerce.

And not only that! It became evident that the importance of user experience as a rating factor for Google, video gained even more ground as part of content strategies, and AI made it clear that it will be the future of the digital world..

Although many of these trends are still the order of the day, we would like to remind you of those that will continue to be the most relevant in 2023:

Clip Markup and Seek Markup

Since Google included YouTube videos among the search results returned in the SERPs, videos have also become more relevant for SEO, videos have also become more relevant for SEO.. With

Click Markup

it is possible to manually manually the
and isolate key moments within the video and assign tags to them.. Likewise, the function

Seek Markup

is used to tell Google the structure of the URLso that it can automatically identify the key moments of the video.

User experience

user experience


User experience has become an increasingly important SEO consideration. Google has pointed out that UX factors, such as site loading speed, navigability and readability, have become an increasingly important SEO consideration.factors, such as site load speed, navigability and readability, impact ranking in search results..



With the advent of the
Page Experience
the user’s browsing experience takes on great importance in the eyes of the search engine, valued with specific metrics known as
Core Web Vitals

Local SEO continues to gain importance

For local companies, the
local SEO
has become increasingly important. This involves optimizing your website and your Google My Business profile for local searches, including the use of
local keywords
and the incorporation of location information, such as address andsuch as address and phone number.

How to adapt to algorithm and trend changes

The trends of 2023 remain tied to AI and the ability of search engines to increasingly understand their algorithm as a human rather than a robot.

One of the main challenges faced by a business with a digital presence is the challenges faced by a business with a digital presence is to be able to adapt to these is to be able to adapt to these changes in Google’s
changes in Google’s algorithm.

For this reason, it is important to count on a specialized specialized online marketing agency that knows how to respond to changes, always generating business for the client. is essential. Don’t wait any longer and start changing your future now.

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