9 Secrets to create content with GPT Chat and improve your results

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It is undeniable that Chat GPT has burst into the world of digital marketing and SEO, definitely changing the way many of us work. And of course, it has become an indispensable tool. Therefore, knowing how to make the most of your potential can make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary results.

No matter if you are an expert in artificial intelligence or if you are taking your first steps in this field, the purpose of this Rodanet guide is to provide you with 9 valuable tips to give effective instructions to Chat GPT, get accurate answers and, therefore, improve your results.

What are GPT Chat prompts?

Before we start, you might be interested to know what GPT Chat is, how it works, and what are its possible applications for SEO and web positioning.

When it comes to Chat GPT, writing a good prompt is key. But what is a prompt in Chat GPT? If you are not familiar, a prompt is the instruction we enter into the Artificial Intelligence tool.

When you sit down at your computer, open Chat GPT and type something like “I want you to do this” or “I want you to type that”, these requests are considered “prompts”, i.e. an instruction. From that prompt, the natural language AI will provide you with a result.

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How to improve your prompts in 9 simple steps

Prompts are for us the vehicle to understand and communicate with artificial intelligences, be it GPT Chat or any other AI tool. In this scenario, it is crucial to understand that, in order to achieve a satisfactory result in any application area where artificial intelligence is used, it is essential to write a quality prompt.

And this will make you wonderhow to write a good prompt?


Good Prompt 😎 = Good context + Very specific instructions.

1. Be specific

Provide Chat GPT with clear and detailed information about what you want. The more specific we are, the more accurate the answers will be.

Ask “How can I improve the positioning of my website?“. It’s not the same as telling you “How can I improve the positioning of my website, an e-Commerce of boxing clothing and accessories, targeting women and men between 14 and 45 years old, etc.” (This is just a quick example).

2. Define your objectives and intentions

Another essential point is to state our objectives or intentions clearly. If we want to obtain information or solve a specific problem, we will have to communicate it clearly. For example, “Give me a script is a poor prompt. Instead, a better prompt would be, “Write me a script for a 10-minute YouTube video in which I want to talk about the secrets of SEO.” The clearer we are in crafting the prompt, the better results we will get.

In addition, if we are using Chat GPT to work, it is even more important to be specific.

3. Be direct

Another relevant aspect is to be concise when writing in GPT Chat. Ask short and direct questions . Try to keep the prompt (being very specific) as short as possible. We will avoid getting entangled in long explanations, because, even if it is a software based on a natural language algorithm and artificial intelligence, we cannot expect it to understand a long and confusing prompt .

4. Provide context

Providing context is another key point when writing in GPT Chat. You must give him a context so that he can better understand your question. For example, if you are consulting on a marketing strategy, if you provide context about your industry, sector, market niche or type of customer, the tool will be able to help you more effectively than if you leave things up in the air.

Instead of writing to Chat GPT: “Provide me with a marketing strategy for my business,” you could put: “Recommend a marketing strategy for my online business selling boxing apparel and accessories through an online store and social media.”

When writing in Chat GPT, making several attempts, and even errors, are fundamental steps, so that we find the prompt (or instruction) that gives us the best results.

5. Define your role

Every conversation with GPT Chat is like a blank sheet of paper, it has no information about the context or purpose of what we want it to do. But if we give it a specific role, it will respond.

We need to be very clear about the role we want you to play in the conversation, or use a simple “Like [carrera/rol], you should…”Some suggested roles for Chat GPT include: copywriter, programmer, [domain] expert, journalist, etc.

  • As an expert SEO copywriter, I need you to write a long and detailed article on [temática a definir]. The goal is to provide readers with a complete and definitive guide that positions me as an expert in the industry. The article should be about 2000 words.”

6. Ask for improvements during the conversation

In an ongoing conversation, Chat GPT can “learn” the given context to apply it to the next response. Therefore, you can improve the AI’s response by adding more information or more detailed instructions, such as asking it to “Add an expert’s opinion to the article, using the information provided below.”

7. Ask Chat GPT to always ask you before answering.

The prompt could be, for example, “You should always ask questions before answering in order to better segment search intent. Do you agree?” As a result, Chat GPT will always ask for more information in order to generate more accurate answers.

8. Avoid jargon and abbreviations

Also, be careful with the use of jargon, abbreviations or slang. Although these systems are well trained, it is best to avoid terms that are not common or specific to your region. If you notice that you are not getting good results, ask yourself if you are using unfamiliar words for the tool and change them.

9. Check that the information is correct

Finally, make sure the answers are truthful. Don’t assume that everything Chat GPT tells you is correct just because it is artificial intelligence. It is best to use Chat GPT to save time and then check the information it provides you with other sources on the Internet to confirm its veracity.

How to write the best GPT Chat prompts: case study

How can we be very specific when communicating with the AI and write the best prompts? What is certain is that the strictly linguistic and logical communicative capacity of each person comes into play here.

Taking all this into account, in general terms, we can say that any prompt that is optimal will be composed of the following expressions or semantic equivalents:


☑️ Act as…(SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Expert, […])

☑️ I want you to do…

☑️ The context is…

☑️ Follow these steps…

☑️ In format…

☑️ The result I expect is…

We can also provide you with some guidelines so you know exactly what we do NOT want:


☑️ Do not repeat or repeat yourself, provide only useful and quality information for the user.

☑️ If you don’t know something, don’t make it up, instead, you can ask me for the information you need.

☑️ Do not make a conclusion of the text.

☑️ Tell me if you have understood the task before you start and ask my permission to begin.

Example of an optimal prompt

  • As an SEO copywriting specialist, I need you to write an extensive and detailed article on [temática a definir]. The purpose is to provide readers with a complete and definitive guide that positions me as an expert in the field. The article should be around 2000 words.
  • In the introduction, I want you to address the importance of [temática] and why it is relevant to [público objetivo], highlighting current data or statistics that highlight its relevance.
  • In the main sections of the article, I ask you to include the following keywords: [kw 1, kw 2, kw 3…]. It provides detailed descriptions, specifying the essential characteristics, the most recommended brands or elements, and tips for their correct use or application. Also, explain to them why it is crucial [aspecto relevante de la temática].
  • In the Characteristics to Consider or Key Points section, go into more detail on each point. Discusses specific regulations, processes, benefits or difficulties related to the subject matter, and describes in detail the most relevant aspects and how they affect the target audience.
  • In the conclusion, summarize the most important points of the article and include a call to action to encourage readers to [acción relevante según la temática].
  • Finally, in the Frequently Asked Questions section, answer the following questions: (here you can include the specific questions you would like to answer). Be sure to provide detailed and accurate answers for each one.
  • Your goal is to write a highly interesting article that provides readers with all the information they need for [acción o conocimiento relevante según la temática].

The actions to be performed will be done step by step.

  1. Create a semantically structured headings table with the titles you propose to develop the structure of the article.
  2. Ask me if I think the structure is correct.

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Continue to deepen and learn

When you decide to use GPT Chat, do it in a professional and not improvisedway . I suggest you follow these practices, document yourself and keep learning about GPT Chat, new extensions or other artificial intelligence tools.

The guidelines we have provided in this article are just the beginning; keep looking for information, as this field is constantly growing and evolving.

Try to identify the correct way to use these tools accordingly. Spend a little time understanding how it works, how to write to it , and what to ask of it.

Finally, remember to write a prompt, modify it and improve it. Create variants until you find the best input, the best instruction that will give you the result you are looking for.

UseChat GPT effectively and improve your results!

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