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Why take a master’s degree in digital marketing? Does it make sense to invest in digital training? Of course it is! But especially if you know what you want to find and choose well, and that is what we are going to explain in this post.

Digital marketing is, nowadays, a happy island both for professional profiles that:

  • looking for a new job
  • try to learn something that is really useful in the labor market.
  • want to specialize in a sector that is constantly growing, etc.

As for companies that:

  • want to find the right visibility for their products and services
  • seek notoriety for their brand
  • or they simply want to take care of their “personal marketing”.

Digital marketing, therefore, is increasingly acquiring a central role in the strategic scenario of companies and freelancers. And this is something very relevant for students and workers who want to acquire skills with a more structured training than a simple course, signing up for a master’s degree in digital marketing, which usually also includes an internship in a company.

As an online marketing agency since 2011, and with a multidisciplinary digital marketing team, we have interviewed hundreds of profiles in our selection processes who have studied a master’s degree in digital marketing, which has given us an insight into what many of them bring to the table.

Based on our experience, we want to offer you the best information to make this choice a little easier, and that is why we are going to divide this post in two parts:

  1. Keys to choose the best digital marketing master’s degree according to your needs and expectations.
  2. Ranking of the best masters in digital marketing

So let’s get to it!

Why take a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing?

Choosing a career path is a complex process. The ideal is to find something you like, also taking into account aspects such as long-term stability.

One of the main reasons for pursuing a master’s degree in digital marketing is because the field in question is constantly evolving and the demand for qualified professionals in this field is increasing all the time: companies have realized its great importance in achieving their goals.

A master’s degree in digital marketing opens many doors for those who decide to acquire high-level training in this field.

How to make an online marketing master’s degree really useful?

Complement well whatever digital marketing training you are going to do with tests and projects on your own. Even before you choose the master’s degree you want to take.

Make a WordPress website with a good copy, a small Facebook Ads campaign, optimize a website for SEO, play with Mailchimp for email marketing, open an Instagram account with an objective, sign up for Google Analytics and Search Console to start seeing and understanding data.. It’s all stuff you can do for practically free, and that:

  1. If you try it all out before training, you will be much clearer if it is something you like or not, something that is not always so easy to know or intuit, and you will be much closer to getting it right.
  2. It will have a far greater impact on your education than anything else you can supplement.

This is, perhaps, what we have been missing the most, in what we have been encountering during these years. In fact, we have a post about our opinion on whether it is worth studying a SEO master’s degree, which is highly extrapolable to any other digital marketing discipline.

Do you need to rethink your digital strategy?

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How to choose a master’s program in digital marketing

There are several factors to consider when choosing before deciding on the ideal digital marketing master’s degree for you, for example its structure.

How a digital marketing master’s degree plan should be structured

The curriculum of a master’s degree in digital marketing covers topics such as search engine optimization and social media marketing. Although the courses offered vary among different universities, digital marketing programs are designed to provide you with the tools you need to enter the workforce with advanced digital marketing skills.

Among the most attractive subjects for students are:

  • Content Marketing
    This course teaches you how to create engaging content that successfully reaches your target audience.
  • Social media marketing: this class can help you learn how to use different channels and social media to market a company’s products and create brand awareness.
  • Digital marketing ethics: this course examines the impact of different ethical beliefs and practices on digital marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Web analytics: this class covers the basics of retrieving, representing and analyzing data from specific websites.
  • Digital branding and
    This course combines elements of journalism, advertising and creative writing to teach how to reach a target audience.
  • Consumer behavior: explores consumer selection and buying habits and analyzes how to use this data to inform future marketing strategies.
  • Marketing research and analysis: covers the basics of conducting research and how to use it to drive product success.
  • Websites and search engine optimization: covers the basics of how a website works and how to employ SEO strategies to ensure content visibility.
  • Email Marketing: the different types of commercial emails and how to use them to interact with potential buyers are explained.

While the specific courses you will take will vary, your digital marketing program should help you develop a solid understanding of these digital marketing basics.

What other factors should we look at when choosing the best master’s degree in digital marketing according to our requirements?

To choose the perfect digital marketing master’s degree to meet our goals and that best suits our lifestyle, we will also have to take into account:

  1. Cost. The total cost of an online digital marketing master’s program is usually lower than the face-to-face option. Depending on your financial situation, it may be useful to look for options that fit your budget.
  2. Duration of the program. Online master’s degree programs usually last between 1 and 2 years. Choose the program that best suits your availability.
  3. Syllabus and training program. If you want to acquire specific skills, look at the curriculum before you sign up and you will be sure that they offer the courses you need.
  4. Access to tools. There is no point in being told how to do things if you don’t have the tools to practice on your own. Find out which tools you will have access to and for how long (hrefs, SEMrush, Dinorank, Sistrix, Screaming Frog, Metricool, Fanpagekarma, Socialgest, WP Rocket, Gravity Forms, etc.).
  5. Teachers. Make sure that the teachers are active workers and referents in the sector.
  6. Accompaniment. Whatever your goal is when you sign up for a master’s degree, in order to achieve it you will need to work towards it. Therefore, in addition to the classes, it is valuable that you have individual or group mentoring sessions.
  7. Application requirements. Each university has its own admission requirements. Making sure you meet the minimum requirements can help you increase your chances of being accepted.

To help you research each of these aspects before applying, from Rodanet, SEO agency with experience since 2011, we have decided to compile a list of the best masters in digital marketing in 2023.

As we said at the beginning, we have interviewed hundreds of profiles with master’s degrees in digital marketing and this allows us to have a vision of which ones provide the best training offer.


5 best online digital marketing masters in 2023 + Bonus

Comparative table of the best online digital marketing master’s degrees in 2023.

Ranking School Modality Price Duration Location Web
1 EAE Business School Online 8.800€ 12 months Online +info
2 EAE Business School Semi-attendance 11.980€ 12 months Madrid or Barcelona +info
3 IM Digital Business School On-site and Online 6.600€ 12 months Barcelona and Madrid +info
4 CEI School of Design and Marketing On-site and Online 3.800€ 6-12 months Madrid, Seville and Valencia +info
5 Ecommaster Online 2.500€ 5 months Online +info
6 EDEM On-site 10.000€ 8 months Valencia +info
7 IEBS Business IT Training Online 448€ 3 months Online +info
8 Postgraduate in Digital Marketing Online 3.800€ 6 months Online +info

And now let’s analyze each of them:

1) EAE Business School: Master in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

The Master in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce of EAE Business School, is offered in the following modalities online and blended learning (blended), both in Barcelona and Madrid and provides the knowledge and skills necessary for professionals to incorporate into their business strategies. new channels, media and languages of the digital ecosystem.

This Master in Digital Marketing online is also ideal for all those who want to undertake e-commerce business and want to know the keys and opportunities offered by the web.

Online Modality

The students of the master’s program have at their disposal in the Virtual Campus all the material and training resources of the program. Thanks to this learning platform, students will be able to be in contact with teachers and other students, since most of the students’ work is articulated in it.

The master’s online learning resources are:

  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Meetings with executives
  • Access to newspaper library, harvard, deusto
  • Discussion Forum
  • Research reports
  • Management resources
  • Project work
  • Virtual meeting spaces
  • Upgrade services
  • Google Analytics Certification Support Seminar
  • Final Master’s thesis

Blended Mode

The Blended mode combines the advantages of online training with the
and face-to-face training thanks to face-to-face sessions and other activities typical of this modality:

  • Module Sessions
  • Masterclass Sessions
  • One to One Tutoring

This Master in Digital Marketing has been developed by prestigious authors and with an extensive professional background, he covers all the most relevant issues in the field of marketing. online and e-commerce, using digital resources, webinars and other dynamic elements that facilitate learning and the practical application of the contents.

Did you know that it is also endorsed by EAE’s Marketing Programs Area? And that it was chosen as the second best in Spain in the Ranking of the 250 best master’s degrees in Spain.
The World
(2018). In addition, the EAE online business school is among the 24 best business schools in the world (Ibero-American Ranking 2014 by América Economía) and is the second most reputable business school in Spain (Merco Ranking 2019).

2) IM Digital Business School: Dual Master in Digital Marketing

IM Digital Business School is a business school specialized in high performance. Thanks to this methodology, you will acquire digital technical skills to give a definitive boost to your professional career.

Several of the IM Digital Business School’s master’s degrees are dual degrees, and all have dual certification. In addition, 100% of its subjects are taught by practicing experts. IM’s master’s degree in digital marketing is a highly demanding course with more than 40 editions, where the quality of the learning acquired is demonstrated by students from different courses who are currently working in companies such as Google, Facebook, Adsmurai or Havas Media.

Throughout the master’s degree you will specialize in all these contents:

  • Social Ads
  • Web Technology and GDPR
  • Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing
  • Digital Project Management
  • Mobile Marketing & Digital Trends
  • Initiation in Google Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Initiation in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing, Affiliation and CRM
  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Initiation in Web Usability
  • Usability and User Experience- UX
  • Digital Creativity

3) CEI School of Design and Marketing: Master’s Degree in Digital and Content Marketing

This CEI master’s degree is offered in classroom and online mode, and accepts anyone interested in the world of digital marketing and online content management. Thanks to this program, students will learn the most used techniques in online marketing, as well as how to create and manage web content through tools such as WordPress. No previous knowledge is required to take this Master in Digital Marketing.

Career opportunities

Thanks to this training you will be prepared to work, both for yourself and for others, as a professional in the following areas:

  • Community Manager
  • Specialist in Web Positioning: Seo and SEM
  • Expert in online content management
  • E-commerce creation and maintenance
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Design and creation of brand and/or personal blog
  • Web Analytics Specialist
  • Web Designer
  • Visual designer

4) Ecommaster: Master Marketing Ecommerce Online

Ecommaster has been dedicated to digital training for many years, either through online or in-person courses. Thanks to the master’s program in marketing and eCommerce you will learn everything you need to know to become an eCommerce expert.

The Master Marketing E-Commerce Online is a specialization oriented to the following profiles:

  • SME managers who need to learn how to develop their online strategy, learn how to manage or improve their sales.
  • Students who want to specialize in digital marketing content and Internet sales to improve their professional profile or found their own e-commerce.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to exploit the online channel for their project.
  • Managers who wish to expand their sales through their existing e-commerce site.

The Master Marketing Ecommerce Online, also has scholarship discounts for: active workers, freelancers, students or for those who are unemployed or ERTE.

5) EDEM: EDEM’s Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing

The mission of EDEM’s Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing is to train specialists in all the main areas of marketing by professionals from leading companies. Thanks to the use of a 100% practical methodology, students will learn to master the best tools on the market in areas such as strategy, communication, e-commerce, usability, social networks, SEO and SEM, analytics and customer management.

This master’s degree is aimed at:

  • Recent graduates. Students with a passion for digital marketing and who wish to specialize in this field. Young people who wish to start their professional career in the sector, to become specialists and great performers.
  • Marketers in companies. Working professionals from small, medium or large companies who, in their day-to-day work, are in charge of leading the marketing and sales strategy and have the desire to specialize and professionalize the digital part.
  • CMOs. Startup Marketing Managers lead, alone or with a team, the marketing strategies of the project. People who want to put some order and professionalism in the approach of the campaigns by increasing the sales results.
  • Entrepreneurs. Those brave people who have decided to make their project their professional career and who need to start in an orderly manner and have a good understanding of the marketing needs of their business.

Bonus: Among the specialization options in the field of digital marketing we also find courses to obtain certifications and postgraduate degrees such as:

IEBS Business IT Training

Through Business IT Training students will learn, in sessions of 15-20 minutes a day, all about the most cutting-edge technologies of today in the digital sector, such as Digital Economy, Disruptive Technologies, Governance and Control and Digital Transformation. Thanks to the support of the industry (companies of the caliber of Google, Intel or IBM are supporting this program) the course gives the student the necessary knowledge in IT, and helping them to boost their professional development.

Postgraduate in Digital Marketing

The postgraduate program in Digital Marketing covers both strategic business analysis and the knowledge necessary for the selection of the most appropriate digital campaigns, action planning, budget allocation and economic estimates of the plan’s performance. It is structured in 7 modules and can be taken online.

Conclusion on the best masters in Digital and Online Marketing.

  • Doing a good master’s degree in digital marketing is a good idea in a booming sector that is increasingly in demand.
  • It is very important to be clear about the keys to choose the best online marketing master’s degree according to your needs and expectations.
  • Complement your training with your own projects that allow you to tinker and find out where you want to focus.
  • Specialization is a degree. Studying a master’s degree in digital marketing will give you the global vision you need to enter the sector and start your career. Once you are at this point, both job and training specialization will be the next step.

Did you like our post? If you miss any information or master’s degree in our top 5 list, do not hesitate to write us in comments or contact us.

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