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Images have always been one of the most important supports in the development of web pages. Over time, images have become so relevant to help people complete content that there are now many free or paid platforms that function as banks to feed blogs, websites and even social networks.

And without photos the contents would not be the same, basically nowadays the image is part of the context, part of the discourse that we offer within the web platforms, without them it is impossible for the contents or the websites to be attractive to people.

And it is because of this importance of images that today we will talk about Plugins for photo galleries in wordpress as a way to help people to have better content and a much more attractive blog.

What are the most used wordpress photo gallery plugins?

This is a list of Plugins to insert galleries in content platforms such as wordpress, let’s see:

Slideshow (slideshow type galleries):

This Plugin has more than 500 million users worldwide. Thanks to this tool it is possible to create a gallery of photos or images very similar in appearance to the slide.
This Plugin also allows videos to be incorporated into the presentation which makes them look much more professional.

You can download it here

NextGen Gallery (gallery plugin with over 11 million downloads):

This is one of the most popular wordpress photo Plugins on this platform. enjoys great popularity.
This tool, thanks to the interface with which it has been created, allows us to create galleries according to our desires, tastes or preferences, which is why it has won the choice of thousands of users around the world.

You can download it here


is another of the wordpress photo plugins, like NextGen is one of the most popular and besides everything is a fairly simple and practical tool to use.
With it it is possible to create a great variety of galleries to which we can insert texts, change the size, change the shape of the presentation among others.

This is a very good option for all those people who want to create a gallery but do not have much knowledge about it.

Here you have more info and download

FooGallery (one of the easiest plugins to insert galleries):

This Plugin is one of the simplest tools that can be used in wordpress.
To create an image gallery with this Plugin it is necessary to take the images the content manager has by default, since it facilitates the use of the images and also the use of the tool as such.

One of the advantages that it offers, despite the fact that it does not allow the use of images other than those of the manager, is that it is a tool of Intuitive plug-in that works according to the tastes and preferences of each user, this way you can create a gallery as a portfolio, as a presentation among others.

More info here

Responsive Flickr Gallery:

It is one of the wordpress photo plugins that allows you to create galleries in wordpress from the images that we have contained in our social network Flickr, so we do not have to resort to the use of images that wordpress brings by default.
Among the advantages offered by this type of tool is that it allows us to use columns, it allows us to add text such as inscriptions, names and labels and the most important thing is that the Plugin itself takes up very little space, which is really beneficial for us.

Information and download here


One of the simple wordpress photo plugins that allows you to create a gallery in the same way, it is very useful when you do not know how to use another type of tool or when you do not want to occupy much space in this content manager because it can penalize in loading times.
Too many images at very high qualities can cause the delay in loading your blog or page to interfere with the web traffic you are trying to get.

Info and download here

Tips to build an image gallery in wordpress

These are some tips that can be very useful if you want to create photo galleries in this content manager:

Choice of images

Although we do not believe it, choosing good images is not something simple, you must consider the quality, the size, the theme that each photo has something to say or something to show.

Use your own images

Many of the wordpress photo Plugins only give you the freedom to choose within an already designed gallery, however many others give you the freedom you want to choose your images.

A very good option to give your personal touch is to use images that are of your own authorship, this way you give an added value to your blog with images that are your own and not the ones we commonly see in all the galleries.


Be very careful with the resolution of your photos, too much quality can be transferred in too much weight so it is recommended that you choose a suitable size, not too much or too little quality, the idea is that the image looks perfect on the screen.

Choose the same framing

Before using any of the wordpress photo plugins it is important that the choice of images have the same framing.

By this what we mean is that if you choose horizontal photos that all are horizontal, or if you choose vertical photos that all are vertical because aesthetically it does not look very nice.

Attractive titles

A good way to get people’s attention is when you can create eye-catching titles. In the same way that the descriptions of the photos must be accurate and provide enough information that is useful and also attractive to people viewing the gallery.

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We hope you like them as much as this post!

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