Company culture

A team is not just a number of people

We believe very much in company culture, in that set of values or attitudes that we reward and identify us as a company.

At Rodanet we believe in:


We consider it basic for long term relationships, whoever joins Rodanet or is a Rodanet customer, is with the idea of working together for many years. And honesty must be the basis for building those relationships.


Our industry changes every month, every week, every day and every hour. We cannot stop asking questions, nor can we be satisfied with what we know today. We are restless by nature and experimenting is our daily routine.


We must have the ability to admire other people, respect them and rejoice when others do well. To know how to listen and to give more than to receive. Our maxim is to always have an optimistic outlook and to be happy at work.


Our business is to generate business for our customers. We measure results and direct all our efforts to this end. We do not understand our raison d’être without results.


There is something beyond the results, the relationship with the customer. We like to accompany the client throughout the digital process, sometimes even when it is not our field. It is a commitment that is intrinsic to us.


Not a day goes by that we move towards more efficient processes. We are a company with 0 external investment, we take efficiency to its highest level both internally and customer oriented.

We lead by example

Perhaps many things you have already read, heard or seen on other sites, but at Rodanet we are committed that from the person who answers the phone, to the account manager or SEO consultant, we respond and commit to each one of them.

We lead by example from the first to the last. We do not believe in vertical structures or hierarchies, we control both our growth and the feeling of the team, to treat each other as equals, regardless of the responsibility they have within the team.

If you are interested in any of our services, and you are convinced by what you read, do not hesitate to contact us.


You can find our methodology within each of the services we work with. In this section we want to show you our human methodology and the values we transmit from our company that lead us, not only to achieve results, but also to live happily with our clients.


We have 10 years dedicated to online marketing and a very high specialization in SEO.

We are not new, we have tried and had results with very different and complex cases.


We like healthy relationships, where communication flows, with transparency.

Where the illusion of team members who ensure the results, the good atmosphere and values that define our company are reflected.


We know how important it is to feel accompanied in situations that you don’t know much about and it is easy to feel lost among so much: KPIs, SEO, leads, ROIs and funnels. That is why we are always willing to clarify your doubts and queries and to have a relaxed and didactic chat so that you can understand what we do.


Because we know that an investment has to be profitable, for that you have to know and do things well. Our experience and results demonstrate that we are able to understand, analyze and get the most out of online markets, making the most of our clients’ investments.


We believe that a job well done has no boundaries. That is why our maxim is that results speak for us. We do not bind ourselves to any type of permanence, nor do we promise any results. We are simply going to tell you about the results we have obtained in another project and how they have worked.


One of our goals before starting with any project is that once we have started our relationship, understood your business, made the proposal and presented our strategy, is that you are already convinced and have achieved that you fully trust RODANET, because we already are.

Why NOT to hire Rodanet

  • You are not convinced of the viability of the online project.
  • There is another person or persons in charge of performing SEO actions and questions the actions that have been determined in the strategy.
  • Results, now. A healthy project, which aspires to consolidate and become an important channel for any company, requires time, pampering, watering the project so that it can grow. Especially SEO, it is not a discipline that has results from one day to the next.