Inbound Marketing Agency

Capture traffic, leads and sales through a good content strategy.

With an optimal content generation strategy we perfectly complement our seo service, responding to the needs of our clients:

  1. We attract traffic from a potential customer to our website.
  2. Branding: We present ourselves as a reference in our sector, we create a brand.
  3. We generate business opportunities to attract customers
  4. We promote our services in a less competitive environment (longtail strategy).

Our content marketing methodology

Respond to the needs of our customers:

Have you ever wondered what your customers are looking for? What are your concerns? How can you help them beyond offering your services or products?

Before we start writing aimlessly , it is necessary to answer these types of questions. Through our users’ questions we can reach them, and offer them solutions, or simply provide them with valuable information.

After behavioral studies, trends over the years, number of monthly searches, we obtain how relevant a topic is, and plan a publication schedule.

Content marketing to capture traffic

A good strategy, scheduled planning and nourishing our domain with content is essential to capture traffic from other pages that are not necessarily product or service pages.

Once the user is on our website we can complement it with a series of techniques to direct the user towards a possible lead.


To be the reference within a sector and always respond to the needs of the user and that Google shows our website in the search results. It is not only intended to respond satisfactorily to queries with useful and relevant information.

We also make a brand and the user identifies a certain sector, certain concerns and certain information to our brand.

We will not only be those who sell a product and service. We will be the ones who also know what they are talking about, who respond to their concerns and who they can trust. A benchmark.

Longtails, a perfect opportunity for content strategies:

Good planning and study of opportunities can be a great advantage to position ourselves in Google for less competitive keywords.

Normally the most transactional keywords, those that define the core of our business, already have their section and their specific page. That’s not to say that there aren’t more keywords around the same topic that can generate business.

Studying the sector and finding longtails(longer keywords such as “what is a content strategy for”) can be an opportunity to position ourselves and have qualified traffic related to our product or service.

The advantages of content marketing strategies is that these keywords are not usually so competitive and can be a good opportunity to attract users and potential customers to our website.

Inbound Marketing Agency

We know the importance of content marketing

That’s why we have in our team qualified copywriters who form a team with SEO consultants, so that we can not only provide content but to meet all SEO standards and are perfectly optimized for Google to value, catalog and position.

Frequently asked questions about content marketing

It is the generation of relevant content to attract the attention of a potential customer to your business. We could embellish the definition. But the reality is this simple first sentence.

There is no single reason to devise a content strategy; the benefits are manifold.

From responding to our customers’ needs, attracting traffic to our website, branding, to business opportunities to attract new customers.

Long tail words are those that consist of more than 3 or 4 words, and are less competitive. They are increasingly used, as the user makes more and more specific searches. A good example of longtail would be: “what is a content strategy for”.