Digital Strategy

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At Rodanet we love to treat the project as our responsibility and introduce, pamper, and devise all possible and effective digital strategies to grow your project and business.

What is our global digital strategy proposal based on?

Strategic analysis and audit

In the initial part of the overall digital strategy we focus on understanding and auditing the current situation.

With the help of the client and an initial briefing of the situation, we focus on the project’s business, target (profile and strategic areas of the target audience) and main online competition.

We determine who our competitors are and do a digital benchmarking, where we measure and make a structured analysis of them and what practices they are following.

Technical optimization and implementation

This is the most technical part of the project, where the knowledge of the ecosystem in which we work (internet, websites, programming, indexing…) as a digital marketing agency, can make the difference.

Overall site factors will be analyzed to determine current status, improvements, bugs, solutions and overall technical optimization:

  • Keyword Research of the main concepts of the project.
  • Revision and improvement of the website in its adaptation to cell phones.
  • Indexation rate: analysis of what is indexed to it
  • Information architecture and creation of the necessary URLs.
  • Content and duplicate check (if more content is required, it will be requested from the customer)
  • Update frequency
  • Charging time
  • Web redirects.
  • Search Console Review and Errors
  • Review of response times and bounces.
  • Review of Robots.txt
  • Canonicals and Pagination Review
  • Microformats Implementation
  • Review and implementation of language labels and correct country focus.
  • Review and implementation of social signals
  • Improve internal interlinking and linkjuice (so that the importance of the site is distributed according to what is of interest for positioning).
  • Registration and/or optimization of the listing on Google My Business and follow-up advice if you are able to register.

SEO strategy and monitoring

SEO is the most economical discipline in the long term in digital campaigns, because we do not pay Google or anyone else to appear positioned. Rodanet firmly believes that any business can have SEO as a cornerstone and complement it with other services. That is why we focus and place special emphasis on this point.

Onpage SEO

Following the patterns that you can see explained in the SEO services section. We implement them throughout your website to comply with all Google webmaster guidelines.

Off Page SEO

In this section an authority strategy is devised through a link campaign that is reviewed and adapted over time, to give authority and positioning to the project, and is adapted to the needs of the business. You can learn more about the linkbuilding service here

The onpage and offpage optimization will be adapted to the needs of the project to make it grow, creating and detecting at all times opportunities that will give us the monitoring of the results, to create new pages where to continue growing in volume and business opportunity.

SEM and PPC strategy

To cover the overall strategy we consider for which type of SEM campaigns and keywords are more profitable investments in your PPC (pay per click) strategy, and if it is necessary to allocate a budget for which services or specific target.

We make sure that every euro invested in online advertising has the highest possible return through 2 main channels

  • Google Ads: any platform that we can cover from Google (Search, Shopping, Remarketing, Youtube, etc.).
  • Social Ads: we make an impact on all social networks to improve your profitability.

User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization

Through constant monitoring and web analytics, periodic testing and actions are carried out to improve navigability, usability and conversion.

  • Monthly navigation testing on desktop and mobile, to propose improvement actions that make the site’s usability more fluid, and have a positive effect on Google’s valuation.
  • Heat map analysis to see how the user interacts. And analyze its behavior, to see if it does what we want, if it converts, if there are actions to be improved to facilitate the conversion.

Inbound Marketing: content strategy

In parallel to the other actions, we work the blog and the content strategy as another part of the SEO, to gain brand awareness, engagement with the user and be a reference within our sector.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, we also have these other positive points:

  • Improve the interlacing and consistency of the entire site. Driving internal linkjuice and giving relevance where it matters most to us
  • Capture traffic through blog posts, solving doubts or concerns of potential customers, or providing information related to the business.

Web analytics

Understanding the data is a fundamental part of improving it. Business-related data is periodically analyzed to improve metrics and focus on conversion. We focus on improving data that responds to a good health of our online business, those that have to do with the duration of the view, with the navigability and conversion.

What do we mean by conversion?

This is an essential part of the analysis of the results. A business can have different types of conversion, they can be a form, a call, a sale or an impact of a specific page, among others. These conversions are shared with the customer and a dashboard is shared in real time where all these data and conversions can be viewed and collated.

Frequently asked questions about online strategy

A digital strategy is the definition of a plan of action and execution for the achievement of business objectives through the online channel, whether SEO, SEM, content strategy or any action that is carried out in the online medium.

Most of the time, yes. But it’s not a resounding yes. We are not the typical agency that budgets for everything and then we’ll see. Our core is the excellence of service and for that, you can be sure that everything we propose will be in good hands.

With data. No more and no less. And the ones we and the client like the most: lead generation, sales and revenue. We measure absolutely the entire project to know how much it is converting and how profitable our digital strategy is.