Disappear from the Internet without a trace

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Disappear from the Internet without a traceDisappearing in the network is something that is not 100% achieved. Taking action on the matter requires time, patience and, sometimes, money.

Our identity on the network is available to thousands and thousands of users despite the extreme privacy you apply to your accounts, as there are many traces and loose ends that are left untied.

There are many people who want to erase their digital identity, either to start from scratch and delete certain elements that are not to their liking or simply to disappear from the network.

Very controversial cases have appeared regarding the disappearance of digital identity, mainly in the case of the deceased in which their profiles and activated accounts of various kinds can be seen. This situation is quite obscene to both family and friends.

Where do the limits lie? how can digital identity be controlled? to what extent do online companies (social networks, email accounts…) have the power of our data?

Companies are beginning to proliferate that are dedicated to providing service to relatives of the deceased to process the elimination of their digital footprint, however it is not always possible to completely erase the data or contents of the missing.

Each network, website or online service is different and has its own particularities. With the passage of time and the power of the clauses of various online platforms , digital anonymity has become more utopian.

In a high percentage of cases, human resources departments are dedicated to studying and evaluating future candidates in the company by judging what appears on the Internet about them (for example, on social networks). There are social networks, such as Facebook, that despite managing to delete the data they store and collect all your information, appropriating it.

The lack of transparency to know what to do in cases of deletion of our digital data infuriates and worries people as they have no control over their own privacy. Although it is also true that a significant percentage of the population does not care or is not fully aware of what this means.

We are in a world in which we do not respect our own identity, an essential value of humanity that is being lost due to new technologies. We should consider and act upon this regrettable lack of respect for our own identity.

The Law itself should have acted in the face of the right to privacy and intimacy. It has allowed, and continues to allow, the total control of various websites, networks and companies over our data. Setting limits and raising awareness among the population is essential to protect our identity on the network. Being able to manage our data on the network is not an obligation, it is a right.

Online reputation is of growing concern to our society, and only time will tell if we will be able to control our data with full rights or if data appropriation will continue to be allowed.

A struggle between ethics and power.


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