Discover hidden niches with Chat-GPT: step by step guide

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Imagine a tomorrow where your business not only identifies opportunities, but creates them. With artificial intelligence, that tomorrow could be a lot closer than you think.

Do you dream of starting a business that you are not only passionate about, but also profitable? At Rodanet, we believe that business success starts with choosing the right niche, and Chat-GPT is the tool that can get you there.

In this step-by-step guide from Rodanet we show you how to use the power of artificial intelligence to not only identify market opportunities, but to create them.

Why is it essential to validate a market niche?

Creating an online store requires investment, from web design to SEO strategies to attract customers. Would you investall that effort in a niche with no demand? At Rodanet, we believe that success starts with the right choice of niche.

Even with passion and skill, launching a business without prior validation is risky. It is essential to have a minimum viable product and ensure that there is demand for that product or service.

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5 Steps to a strategy with Chat-GPT

Chat-GPT is not just a chatbot. It is an advanced artificial intelligence that can provide you with personalized answers based on an extensive database. Using it strategically can provide you with
about your niche, let’s see how you can make the most of it.

Know your starting point

Let’s take our main niche, industrial outsourcing, as an example. We must bear in mind that this is an extremely broad sector. Therefore, before entering into the search for sub-niches, it is essential to understand the general characteristics, benefits and challenges of the industry of interest, in this case, industrial outsourcing as a whole.


Once you have the big picture and are clear, you can continue with your research!

2. The search for the niche within the niche

First of all, forget about saturated niches. Look for those small sub-niches that go unnoticed, but have immense potential.

Chat-GPT can be an incredible tool for uncovering specific areas of industrial outsourcing, helping you discover sub-niches within your core market by simply asking for a list.

However, you should be aware that you will have to be very specific when writing prompts. Ask specific questions to obtain specific data, such as:

“Give me examples of niches within [ESTE NICHO] that a [SECTOR] specialist or company selling [PRODUCTO].”

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Of course, at this stage we have to be self-critical and analyze what services we can offer with excellence. If, for example, Chat-GPT suggests a sub-niche that we hadn’t thought of and that could be highly profitable, it is crucial that we do an internal analysis in order to determine whether we have the resources y the necessary knowledge to venture in that direction and, if so, to consider the introduction of such a new service.


As you can see, knowing how to use Chat-GPT properly can open a lot of doors for you!

3. What is your target audience?

Knowing who you are talking to is crucial. You can’t shoot arrows into the air hoping to hit the target. Use Chat-GPT to understand your audience’s problems and needs, so you can offer solutions that really matter to them.

Let’s imagine in this case that we choose the sub-niche “inventory control”. Who might be interested in an inventory control service in industrial outsourcing?What are the characteristics of your target companies?

“Give me examples of specific groups of people based on their demographics and lifestyle that a specialist can focus on [SECTOR] or company selling [PRODUCTO] that focuses on the niche [SUBNICHO].”

4. Know your audience

Now that you know who you’re targeting, do as much research as you can. Research is vital to tailor your offer and communication effectively, so ask yourself:

  • Company size: from small companies looking to optimize their inventory to large corporations with more complex needs.
  • Geographical location: local, national or international companies.
  • Specific needs: some companies may require real-time inventory control, while others may need more basic services.

5. Create an editorial calendar

By better understanding your target audience, you can create more effective marketing campaigns and content to attract the right customers. Content personalization and accurate segmentation are key to improving business generation.

Create an editorial calendar to guide you in producing material that captivates your audience, always with the help of Chat-GPT to generate headline ideas that engage.

Content idea generation

  • “Generate 10 blog article topic ideas that align with current trends at [tu nicho].”
  • “What frequently asked questions do customers have about [tu nicho] that we could answer in our content?”

Headline ideas

  • “Create 5 compelling headlines for an article on the latest trends at [tu nicho].”
  • “Propose eye-catching headlines for a series of publications focusing on [tema específico relacionado con tu nicho].”

Seasonal content planning

  • “What important events or dates on [tu nicho] should we consider for our editorial calendar in the next 6 months?”
  • “Suggest content topics we could cover during the season from [temporada o evento relevante en tu industria].”

Educational and How-to content

  • “List ideas for educational content that can help our customers solve [problema específico en tu nicho].”
  • “Propose step-by-step guides or tutorials that we could publish related to [un aspecto específico de tu producto/servicio].”

Content Series

  • “Ideas for a series of blog posts to guide the reader through [un proceso relevante en tu nicho].”
  • “Develop an outline for a series of interviews or profiles on thought leaders at [tu nicho].”

6. Competitive analysis with Chat-GPT

Competitive analysis is a key component of any business strategy. Chat-GPT can be a useful tool to gain insight into how your competitors are positioned in the market. To get started, you can ask Chat-GPT to generate a report of the leading companies in your market niche. The prompts could look like this:

  • “List major competitors at [tu nicho] and describe their product or service offerings.”
  • “What are the most effective marketing strategies used by companies at [tu nicho]?”

With the information obtained, you can identify patterns in your competitors’ strategies and look for opportunities to differentiate yourself. Also, Chat-GPT can help you understand market trends and consumer expectations by analyzing reviews and comments on competitors’ products and services:

  • “Analyze customer reviews from [Producto/Servicio de Competidor] and summarize the top complaints or compliments.”

Using this information, you can adapt your strategies to address your competitors’ weaknesses and replicate or improve on their strengths.

7. SEO and Chat-GPT

For any online business, SEO is vital to increase visibility and attract relevant traffic. Chat-GPT can be an ally in identifying niche keywords and generating SEO optimized content. For example, you can use Chat-GPT to:

  • “Generate a list of longtail keywords related to [tu nicho].”
  • “Create an outline for a blog article that includes the keywords [lista de keywords].”

With these keywords, you can develop content that not only attracts your audience, but also improves your search engine rankings. In addition, Chat-GPT can help you optimize your product and service descriptions:

  • “Write an SEO optimized description for [Producto/Servicio] that includes the following keywords [lista de keywords].”

By incorporating these practices into your content strategy, you can significantly improve your business’ online visibility, attract qualified organic traffic and ultimately increase conversions.

Extra tips!

The accuracy and quality of the information you get from Chat-GPT will depend largely on how you ask your questions. Therefore, I advise you to follow these steps:

  • Preparation: before making any inquiry, define what you want to know. Make sure your question is clear and direct.
  • Iteration: if you do not get the answer you are looking for on the first try, rephrase your question or narrow your search.
  • Self-assessment: beyond the opportunities that Chat-GPT may reveal, it is essential to measure your company’s ability to take advantage of them. Perform a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to better understand your position.

Also, not all companies or individuals will need your product or service in the same way:

  • Segmentation: divide your audience into subgroups according to their characteristics and needs. This will allow you to customize your offers.
  • Profiling: for each segment, create a detailed profile including needs, behaviors and motivations.
  • Interaction with Chat-GPT: use the tool to research specific trends or interests of each segment. Ask about the challenges or needs faced by each group.

Chat-GPT’s role: co-pilot, not autopilot

It is crucial to use Chat-GPT as a marketing and SEO support tool, and not as a total replacement of human effort. While Chat-GPT offers valuable analysis and suggestions, the specific creativity, interpretation and contextual knowledge must be carried out by professionals.

The combination of Chat-GPT’s artificial intelligence with human supervision and creativity is essential for successful marketing strategies.

Are you making the most of the tools in your niche?

To summarize, the advantages of integrating Chat-GPT in the search for market niches are undeniable and within the reach of all companies, regardless of their size or industry. With this technology, you can not only keep pace, but also stay ahead in a competitive market.

Act now: explore, implement and master the strategies we have unveiled. Be sure to follow our posts for more insights!

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