Evolution of Online Marketing

Digital Marketing

Online marketing consists of each and every one of the marketing strategies that we take either from traditional marketing and modify it to make use of it in the network, or from the strategies that appeared with this new way of doing business.

The emergence of online marketing allows the creation of direct communication strategies with which you can build the relationships you need with your customers.

The Internet allows brands to engage in new forms of contact with people, with customers that previously could not even be imagined. As a digital marketing agency in Barcelona, we find it more than interesting to analyze the evolution of online marketing.

How did the evolution of online marketing begin?

Digital marketing, as it is also known, evolved from traditional marketing, the ways in which a product was promoted and offered to people so that they could get to know it and become interested in buying it.

Even the ways of advertising changed with this. Since the scenario in which new businesses are presented is totally different from the traditional one, strategies had to change and adapt to the new forms.

Now the medium, i.e. the network, makes people feel more and more interested every day in knowing, learning and communicating with all those who are on it.

It was then that companies recognized their need to adapt and change if they really wanted to succeed.

Social networks were the ideal push, when the first networks appeared, the social world was amazed to see that we could share experiences, images, videos with friends and family anywhere in the world.

This creation of social networks gave rise to companies seeing in them an opportunity to sell, to be informed, to establish communicative relationships, to interact and to study the changing tastes and needs of the public.

All these changes gave rise to online marketing as we know it today and became professionalized through training, in our blog you have posts such as the following best masters in digital marketing or our opinion on performing an SEO masterwhich are currently the order of the day.

What are the advantages of using online marketing?

The advantage of this alternative and different way of marketing constitutes the following advantages for companies and entrepreneurs:

#1 Company presence

No company, brand or online business can survive without employing online marketing strategies. A company that wants to grow, position itself and be profitable must know how to manage its strategies very well and know its business in depth.

#2 Knowledge

Another advantage of digital marketing is knowledge.
I am not only talking about the knowledge about the company as such, which is a very important aspect and which even today we notice that some companies do not know each other, but we are also talking about the type of knowledge that all the information available on the network offers us.
For example, social networks offer us knowledge about our audiences, their changing habits, tastes and many other things that are necessary for us and our business.

#3 Interaction

Another advantage of digital marketing is that it allows us as a company to interact with customers. No matter where they are, no matter the time of day, we can always let them know that we are there.
This is why the creation of content and regular updates are so important, it depends on this that a customer knows that as a company we are always there, we are always changing, improving, everything and for them.

#4 Attract/retain

Another of the advantages that online marketing offers us is the possibility of attracting customers to our websites.
We have mentioned many times that without customers our business does not prosper if we do not have customers to buy our products or services.

Online marketing offers us this possibility through SEO and SEM strategies, as we do ourselves as an SEO agency and also with SEM services.

In this way we always have opportunities at hand, we just have to work on them and achieve them.

#5 Evaluation

The fifth advantage of online marketing is to evaluate everything. Many people don’t believe it, but it is possible to track and evaluate all the strategies we implement.
In this way we can know for sure when something we plan and execute does not work, and we can also define the way in which it is possible to correct it to make it functional.

#6 Constant analysis

Another of the many advantages that we have already mentioned consists in the possibility of analysis that we can make with respect to the strategies.
These analyses offer us a precise and accurate measurement of what we have done or what we have planned. There are many tools on the web that offer us this type of analysis and statistical measurement, ideal for quantifying our strategies and determining their impact.

#7 Creating image, branding

Another of the many advantages of online marketing is that it allows us as a company to create a brand. The creation of the image and the brand as such is achieved when we can offer a message and recognition by customers.
To create a brand on the network it is necessary not only to make use of a name and a logo, it is important to connect with the public, with customers, and as they recognize us and are interested in us, we can then consider that our strategies are gaining strength and having expected results.

#8 Omnipresence

The Internet allows you to be everywhere at any time of the day or night no matter where other people access your website from.
Omnipresence is important because it allows us to reach all audiences, it allows us to reach more and more people and different markets, it is a whole world of possibilities in which you can create your own strategies to know how to reach the different niches you have before you.

#9 Savings

Another of the many advantages that is very interesting is that through online marketing strategies we can save investment costs when we have little or no budget, for example.
In this way, everyone has an equal opportunity to create a successful online business.

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