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At Social Meditools-for-social-media a, having the right tools is crucial to develop a good social media marketing strategy. Discover the most popular and best free and freemium apps to promote yourself on social media.

Every community manager, Social Media expert, or person who performs these roles in the company or for a personal project, should use certain software programs that will facilitate the tasks of promotion in social networks. By drawing on these types of resources, we achieve several things:

  1. Automate tasks: can you imagine a community manager managing a dozen accounts manually, without any other help? It’s enough to drive you crazy!
  2. Quantify the impact of actions: one of the main contributions of technology to the world of online marketing is the ability to provide feedback on strategies and tactics using statistics obtained in almost real time. Information is knowledge, and knowledge is power!
  3. Detect influencers, hashtags and current topics: having access to all this data opens up a horizon of possibilities.
  4. Measuring our online reputation: we must be attentive, attentive to what is being said about our brand. This will allow us to detect problems that could lead to an online reputation crisis, and to neutralize them in time, apply firewalls, etc.

There are many free applications that can be of great help to you. But if you’re going to do Social Media Marketing seriously, you have to invest in the end. In this sense, freemium tools are ideal, insofar as they cover very different needs: there are basic functions for the tightest pockets, and other more sophisticated features for those who can afford the cost, which is generally not too high in relation to the cost of the tool. ROI they can produce if used properly.

But price is not the only factor I have taken into account in compiling this list. I have used criteria such as quality, usability, etc. The idea is that readers of this blog who do not yet have advanced knowledge can begin to use very simple Social Media Marketing tools.


Hootsuite: the most popular SMM tool. It allows you to manage several profiles in various social networks, offering you the possibility to centralize all your activity. In its free version, you can manage up to 5 profiles in the most popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn…). In its Pro version, you can manage unlimited profiles, plus a large number of features that will surprise you. With this tool you can do many things: schedule updates and obtain succulent metrics, among others.

SocialBro (now audiense):

SocialBro: a solution to get the most out of Twitter. With SocialBro you can segment your audience, schedule tweets, monitor influencers and interactions, prepare DM (Direct Message) campaigns, recruit teams of collaborators, etc. SocialBro is a freemium Social Media Marketing tool with several plans and prices, and even customized solutions, to cover different types of SM needs. As is often the case, the free version is really limited, and the more advanced version is simply dazzling.

Tweet Deck:

TweetDeck: the advanced Twitter client. Allows you to manage multiple accounts. You can create columns to monitor tweets from friends, mentions, influencers in your niche, hashtags and a long etcetera, without losing your mind! TweetDeck is free and has a desktop version and a Chrome app.

Facebook Insights:

Facebook Insights: Facebook provides us with this native tool free of charge to obtain statistics of our fan page. You know what they say about Facebook handling a lot of users’ personal data? Well, it’s true 😉 And this tool allows you to use them to obtain data and metrics of your actions in this channel. Facebook Insights is to your fan page what Google Analytics is to your website. You get it, don’t you? You can monitor your publications, count the “likes” received, the number of times the content has been shared, as well as obtain reports on the gender, age, place of origin or language of those who interact with your updates.

Google Trends:

Google Trends: very useful for all SEOs, but also for any self-respecting community manager. Google Trends provides data on the keywords that people search for on Google on a daily basis, with popularity rankings, geographic information on the interest in the search terms and simple, easy-to-understand graphs. If you want to talk about what your audience is interested in, you will use it!

Social Mention:

Socialmention: free and very complete. It is a search engine that offers a panoramic view on a keyword. If the keyword entered is your brand name, it shows you an overview of your online reputation by crawling the entire Internet. In addition, you will be able to create a feed with metrics and data. This Social Media tool uses evaluation parameters such as passion (how much our brand is being talked about); reach (influence); sentiment (ratio of positive and negative mentions); and strength (statements about our brand in the last 24-hour period).

Pinterest Analytics:

Pinterest Analytics: if Pinterest is your thing, the social network provides you with this interface to obtain analytics, information about your audience, their interests, the “Pin it” you generate, etc. In other words, it’s the Facebook Insights of Pinterest – no more, no less!


I hope you have found this selection of simple Social Media Marketing tools useful, which you can use regardless of your level of knowledge. It’s all about putting it on! However, don’t forget that the habit does not make the monk, and that in order to successfully prepare and execute a Social Media Marketing campaign, it is not enough to tinker with these pieces of software. If you are looking for a quality service, put yourself in the hands of experts in network marketing and social channels. If you are short of funds, with these tools you can start making your first steps in SMMs 🙂

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