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Having a website is a complex task, especially if you want it to appear in the first results of search engines. In order to facilitate this task, tools have been developed that can help you, among which the following stand out free keyword toolsideal for you, who want to create content of value, that satisfies what users want to read and that ranks at the top of Google.

What are keywords and how do they affect your website?

Keywords, also called keywords, is the term or set of terms that users enter in the search engine to find content on the web. When a person types a keyword, the search engine filters and displays as results, the pages that have used that keyword.

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Therefore, it is also said that keywords allow you to determine the subject matter of a given page or article.

A simple example could be seen when searching in Google for “pet kennel”, such phrase would be the keyword and when searched, Google will show in the top results the websites that have set or used such phrase as a keyword.

Keywords are an essential part of web positioning and that is why you must learn to use them correctly, since by using them in a convenient way you could achieve a position in the first places.

How to find keywords?

After knowing what keywords are and how they play an important role in positioning, you are probably wondering how to know which keywords you should use in your page.

Certainly, for beginners this can be a really complicated task, but, luckily, to do keyword research, you can employ a variety of online tools. Although many of them are paid, there are some very good ones that are totally free, which can help you to perform a quality SEO audit without having to invest a lot of money.

Top 5 of the best free keyword finding tools

If you currently search Google for free keyword research tools, the results will return a large number of pages that vary from each other in features, information displayed and effectiveness.

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Although the paid tools are much more complete than those that can be used without paying, our team of SEO consultants has compiled this list. Therefore, if you are starting with your website and you cannot invest in those that require the payment of licenses, it is recommended that you consider using the following options:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google’s keyword planner is one of the most popular tools in its category. Being from Google, its reliability is undeniable.

It offers all the basic functions you need to do a complete keyword research. With this tool you will be able to search for keywords directly and find out the (approximate) level of visits in the chosen country and language. In addition, it allows you to search for keywords that are being used in a certain url.

You can use this tool for free to do research on the keywords to use in your website and have better forecasts and analysis on the keywords you want to cover.

2. Keyword Suggestion Tool from Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a website that provides users with a set of applications for different purposes, among which is the Keyword Suggestion Tool.

This is a fairly simple tool, ideal for those who are just starting out and cannot afford a more comprehensive tool.

By using the Keyword Suggestion Tool you will be able to find a summary of the search level of a keyword and the most searched variants of it so that you can also work with secondary keywords on your website.


It is one of the most basic and useful tools for those who are just starting out. It offers in its interface the option to filter results by country, language and search engine (including Google, Bing, YouTube and others).

As part of the report it creates, will show you the behavior of the keyword you use. In addition, a highlight of this tool is that it is perfect for long tail keywords, since it adds the most searched suffixes and prefixes, as well as the questions associated with the searched phrase. In this way, you will be able to create content that meets your readers’ needs and provides them with more complete information.

If you want to use this tool, you should know that, although it is available totally free, to obtain details about the number of times the keyword is searched, the competition and other data of interest, it is necessary to have the PRO version.

4. Übersuggest

It is a tool whose free version is extremely complete; in addition, if you register on the platform, you will be able to access certain interesting functions. With Übersuggest you can search for the keyword and filter by country or region of interest, as well as by language. This is very useful in order to boost the local seo of a certain business.

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As an interesting fact, once the search is completed, this tool will show you, among other things, a summary of the age range of those who make queries using the keyword, as well as alternative suggestions to it, the number of clicks it receives, the level of competitiveness, the cost per click (CPC), among others.

If you wish, you can subscribe to the paid versions, which are affordable and will give you more accurate results.


Although it is not exactly a free keyword tool, since it is necessary to pay to use it, KWFinder can be very useful when doing your keyword research because it will provide you with an accurate and complete keyword research tool. list of suggestions with the most requested keywords and their variantsas well as which are the competing websites for your keywords, among other aspects.

As mentioned, this is a tool that is available only to those who pay for the license. However, you can try it for 10 days totally free and if you like it, purchase the full version.

These are just 5 of the best free or trial version tools you can use to find keywords quickly and easily.

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