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Get the most out of your WordPress!

StudioPress Genesis theme is the best and most powerful WordPress plugin for both web designers and all types of clients. One of its main attractions? It comes hyper-optimized for SEO! Discover what this powerful framework can do for your SEO.

Genesis framework, the best theme for WordPressWordPress has a large number of themes to choose from. Free and paid. If it is a professional project, a corporate website, or even a personal blog that aims to achieve a certain image of seriousness, the free options … we better discard them.

Be that as it may, if you’ve had a chance to tinker with WordPress, you’ve probably spent hours searching for themes. When you get to choose one that you like, it’s bound to be missing some feature that others you dislike have. In many cases, you have no choice but to mess around with CSS, which is out of the question for those who have no knowledge of web development. Some shortcomings can be overcome by installing plugins. But be careful! If you load your WordPress with too many of these attachments, your page will be slow, and Google doesn’t like that. It is not good for your website’s SEO.

All these problems can be easily solved with the Genesis Framework from StudioPress. But let’s take it one step at a time. Maybe I’m jumping the gun. Maybe you are still not very familiar with these issues, and Framework sounds like Mandarin Chinese to you.

What is a framework and what is it for?

If you know any English, you will have noticed that framework can be translated as “framework”. It is a layer of code that operates between your WordPress and the theme. Frameworks like Genesis are prepared to be optimized by people who do not have great knowledge in programming and web development. It is intuitive to use, and will offer you a large number of options to customize the design of your blog.

But how does a framework work, you may be wondering. Well, I’m going to explain it in more detail. You want your website to be the best. And frameworks allow you to do one thing that a normal WordPress theme doesn’t do: separate the intelligence and the design. By proceeding in this way, your website can be prettier and smarter 😉

The framework performs the functions of a
arent theme
(parent theme), the framework with which you will operate over a
hild theme
(although we have to take into account that more and more premium themes have this advantage). This means, from the outset, two major advantages that you cannot overlook:

  • The possibilities for customizing your website increase exponentially.
  • Updates are performed separately, with a single click, quickly and without the typical errors in the usual themes.

Other WordPress frameworks include WooThemes, Thesis, Elegant Themes and many more. But Genesis is the best, and that’s why it is consolidating among bloggers and elite webmasters, as Dean Romero confirms in his post

Why is Genesis so good for your WordPress?

Now that we all know what a framework is and how it works, it remains to clarify why Genesis is the best choice. Let’s take a look at some of its strengths. Genesis is:

  • Simple: more intuitive and easy to use than other frameworks such as WooTheme, very good but cumbersome, full of unnecessary options that do not bring you anything or contribute to slow down your website.
  • Visual: for design purposes, Genesis is well suited for clean, highly visual designs – the ones that convert the most!
  • Customizable: although, unlike other framework themes, it lacks many useful utilities, it has great customization possibilities. One example is the particularity included in Genesis, which allows you to build the home page as a puzzle of witgets, a very attractive way of structuring the information on your page by highlighting the parts that interest you most. In addition, Genesis will allow you to insert hooks, which allow you to include code snippets to customize your website, without having much idea of programming.
  • 100% responsive: you know, users use more and more types of devices, and Genesis adapts to all of them.
  • Clean at the code level: you will enjoy the best of HTML5.
  • Scalable: it is prepared to continue evolving and incorporating the latest innovations. This is one of the advantages of having intelligence and appearance separated, as I mentioned in the previous section.
  • Inexpensive: although you will have to pay US$99.95 to purchase it, with this payment you can use Genesis and the theme of your choice, for life! Other Themes are paid every year. Also, if you are going to rely on a professional to create your website, with this framework, you will save on “labor” costs, because web development with Genesis is much faster and easier.

In addition, Genesis includes a good package of plugins and widgets of its own, which together with WordPress will cover all your needs.

In addition, Genesis Framework is supported by the large community of StudioPress developers, who will provide you with all the documentation and tutorials you need to get the most out of it.

SEO with Genesis Framework

As we already anticipated in the introduction of this post, Genesis is the best optimized theme for search engines that comes standard. It is SEO friendly to the max 🙂

The theme has the SEO Settings option, where you can optimize aspects such as these on each page or post:

  • Meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords)
  • Custom canonicals
  • Meta robots (noindex, nofollow, noarchive, noydir, etc.)
  • Redirections
  • Etc.

If you are thinking that these settings for on page SEO are similar to those allowed by some plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO, you are right! In fact, this question leads us on the fast track to the next section.

Do SEO with Genesis options or use WordPress SEO by Yoast?

There is some controversy about whether to use the Genesis on page SEO optimization options, or whether to use the Yoast plugin.

Well, some will tell you that for search engine optimization, WordPress SEO is more complete than Genesis. Others, like in this Anglo-Saxon blog, claim that Genesis has more community support, because unlike the Yoast Plugin, it is paid (if you want support). Anyway…

To me these discussions seem sterile for two reasons:

  • Genesis is compatible with WordPress SEO by Yoast
  • The loading speed!

Indeed, this kind of dilemma cannot distract you from the main advantage of Genesis: it makes your website faster, and that is what can help you the most in terms of SEO.


That’s it. Just to say that Genesis is a very interesting option for web designers and developers. Among its services, Genesis Framework offers the possibility of having access to unlimited templates or child themes. This allows us to offer our clients a la carte websites, with the best of WordPress, at very competitive prices!😉

Sin asignación particular. Artículos redactados por el el equipo de Rodanet. Varias personas del equipo participan en crear los mejores artículos en cooperación y equipo 💪 Porque nos encanta trabajar en equipo 🔝

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