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When you have an online business, there are many factors to take into account when promoting your products or services. One of the most important is location, and by this we don’t mean your store, but the location of your potential customers. Why?

A person’s location can provide you with a lot of useful data that will allow you to get an idea of their preferences, interests and habits. This information makes it possible to establish truly effective strategies that fit that profile. This is the reason why it is becoming more and more common to hear about Geomarketing. What is it about?

What is Geomarketing?

Although this term originally referred to a whole methodology applied by companies to delimit the particularities of customers and potential customers in a specific region, in order to determine the location of a store or establish the best plan of action for each location, today it encompasses much more.

This is due to the advances in the digital world and the need to market in this area. Therefore, it can be said that the definition includes the study of the way in which a customer interacts with the brand taking into account his place of origin; and even his mobility habits. In other words, it revolves around knowing the customers in order to know what to offer them and how to do it.

geomarketing applied to business

Tips for implementing Geomarketing strategies

Geomarketing encompasses various strategies that can help you improve your business in different aspects. How can you use them to your advantage?

As in any type of project, it is best to define the objectives you want to achieve before starting, this will allow you to draw up the most appropriate action plan for your particular case. In addition, once you have defined what you need, you will know which tools are the most appropriate.

Here are some aspects to take into account in order to carry out successful Geomarketing strategies:

  • Don’t forget to make yourself known locally: Make sure your site is optimized with your location information, so that when someone searches for the services you offer and it is in your location, they can easily find you. Help yourself with a Local SEO strategy to make this successful on your business website.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to ask: one of the best ways to get the location data of visitors to your website is to ask for it, this should be done in a discreet way, so that it doesn’t seem like an invasion of privacy; you will be surprised how many people are willing to help you.
  • Use check-in: If you have a physical establishment and also offer WiFi connection, you can use this feature so that when your visitors use their social networks, they can share the location of your business, which must be included as a Local Business in Google.
  • Optimize your tags: You should have your tag with complete information about your business; this way, when a customer tags you in a post, whether on Facebook or Instagram, others can access your profile or location information quickly.
  • Make sure you have a detailed presence on Google Maps: Complete this profile with photos and information about your business; this way, when a potential customer searches for your business they will feel more confident and motivated to make a purchase.
  • Don’t forget to know your audience: It’s not just a matter of knowing where each visitor resides, pay attention to the sites they usually visit, this will give you an idea of what their tastes and needs are, information that will allow you to segment them by groups.
  • Use Geomarketing to study your competition: Knowing how close or far your competition is can be decisive when applying strategies to attract more people to your business.
  • Pay attention to the needs of each place: Geomarketing will allow you to know which product or service has more impact in each region. By knowing what your customers demand, you will know exactly what to offer and in what quantity to satisfy their needs appropriately.

Advantages of applying Geomarketing strategies in your business

Although it may seem a daunting task, Geomarketing is at your fingertips, and when left in the hands of professionals, the chances of success increase. What can you get?

First of all, you will be able to make a website that adapts to each type of visitor so that they can get what they are looking for easily, have a good experience and feel motivated to make the conversion from visitor to customer. One way to do this would be to automatically change the language of your site according to the location of your visitor.

Another benefit you can achieve is that, by knowing your customers, you will know what their tastes and needs are so that you can tailor your products and services to be useful to each segment; therefore, volume will increase.

what is geomarketing

What about advertising campaigns? Once again, knowing where your visitors come from and having information about their tastes and habits will benefit you. You will be able to segment your audience and create optimized advertising campaigns that are truly effective and generate more clicks.

On top of all this, your local SEO can benefit tremendously. What is the reason for this? Geomarketing strategies will allow you to know the volume of visitors that are geographically close to your business along with other data that will help you present your brand in an attractive way to them.

In this way, your business will grow locally, this growth can reach the point of becoming a reference in your field and give you the opportunity to attract new customers or even investors that will allow you to continue growing.

However, in order to implement an effective overall strategy, it is necessary to rely on a professional. We offer you our SEO consultant service to improve the local part that you need to reinforce.

To conclude, Geomarketing will allow you to know each customer group well so that you can give them a satisfactory experience, which over time will translate into the growth of your business and, of course, in the increase of your sales.

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