How to buy or hunt expired domains?

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In Web positioning .cat we return to the blog with this post about how to hunt or buy expired domains.After a 2013 where there have been many changes and strange things, lowers itself the pr from 8 to 7 xD, penalize rap genious, new websites enter in the results of as the same .cat, or isocialweb and we have met very interesting people like Alvaro Peña, we hope you found it useful.

Why buy or hunt expired domains for seo or SEO?

Well, the answer is quite obvious, the topic is about links, authority and improving our positioning in search engines. By hunting or buying expired domains we are able to start “new” projects with pageRank®, a link profile already worked and often maintain positioning and visits. These domains can be used to create niche blogs or a little more generic (depending on the needs and resources we have) to generate links to the pages we want to position.

Tools and their functions for domain hunting and their respective purchase:

Xenu Link Sleuthis a free downloadable tool that allows us to analyze the broken links of a Web site or pageis the program on which we will focus to hunt domains to buy them later, generally what is done is to look for old pages or domains that are not very well maintained, since it will be more likely to contain links to pages that have been abandoned. Better than better if we analyze pages of related topics to the page or pages we want to position or project we want to start, since the links from the domain that we have hunted will help us to climb more J

The domains that appear as “no such host” are the ones we have to analyze. It is a tool that tells us or rather that shows us how it looked and what was in the domain we have hunted. This tool will be used to add similar content to the blog or page that we mount, although it is advisable to add related content on occasions we have found that in some hunted domains in which the theme had been completely changed in the last update of Google had risen Page Rank. Also if we want to keep the old positioning that the domain had, it will also help us to analyze the title, h1, h2 and description that the page had in order to adapt it a little bit to how it was before.

buy archive org domains The tool of the links, for me a tool of daily use, this tool will help us with three fundamental aspects when hunting expired domains:

1) Knowing which terms were linked to the expired domain and the corresponding landings, analyzing this together with the use of we can resurrect landings with a good positioning and take advantage of them for our own benefit. It is also important to analyze well the link profile in order not to buy penalized domains, surprises always appear.

2 )It is also useful for guide us a little in terms of domain authority or Domain rank that gives us the tool itself, we should try to hunt domains with a good Domain Rank to have a better effect, ie the links that we add can help to raise other projects, to a greater or lesser extent but it works!

3)It is also important to take into account the number of domains that link to the expired domain, since it is foreseeable that some links will be lost, the domains that we try to buy will try to have hundreds of domains linking to it. It is important that you look not only at the number of links but also at the number of domains that link to it and their quality.

ahrefs broken links this tool will also serve to guide us as to the authority of the domain, it is similar to ahrefs, but from our point of view ahrefs has a more updated and accurate index of links. Here we will look at the DA i.e. domain authority that having the information we have taken from the other tool ( of links and comparing the data with opensiteexplorer we can get a more real idea of the strength that may have the domain.

Parameter by cleverstat: It is a free tool that allows us to know the pagerank of thousands of links by making just one click. This will help us to analyze the broken links that xenu has given us, we export the xenu data to an excel and filter by those links that tell us “no such host”, we copy these domains to a notepad, one domain per line and import it to parameter, now we will only have to analyze those domains that by relevance (pr) we are more interested in to proceed to purchase.


pagerank massive parameter

Buy expired domains, be careful!

Before buying any domain we must make sure that the same has not been redirected to another domain for a long time since the redirected domain ends up acquiring the pr of the main domain and its authority (PR) will sooner or later end up disappearing and its capacity to make other pages go up will be almost null or null.

It is also important to remember that in order for the Web site we have set up on the expired domain not to be full of pages with 404 errors , we must redirect the most linked internal pages to the home page if we have not rebuilt them, or to internal pages we create with related content. To facilitate this task and if the site has many subfolders, it is easy to make redirections using wildcards.

We could go on much longer but we believe that here you have the main aspects to find a “pearl”, good luck!!! we hope you liked the article on how to buy expired domains and if you think that something should be added, comment !!!!


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