How to choose the best SEO agency?


When it comes to searching for information on the Internet, SEO becomes a vital tool to ensure that your website appears in the top search results.

And without a doubt, if you want to maximize your SEO strategy and improve your ranking in the SERPs, it is essential that you have experts in the field.

But how do you choose the best SEO agency for your needs? In this Rodanet guide, we will provide you with all the key tips to make the right choice.

Why do you need a competent SEO agency?

If you have come this far, it is very likely that you are in the difficult choice of outsourcing the SEO service and you have to choose among the hundreds of companies and agencies that are dedicated to it.

And you will probably find yourself in one of these or similar situations:

  • You want to increase the volume of sales or qualified leads through your website to grow your business, online store or company.
  • You know perfectly well that your potential audience is increasingly finding you on the Internet and you want to be able to reach them. Today’s generations are 100% digital.
  • Your competition is always showing up in Google for all your important keywords and you are not ranking well for anything related to your business.
  • Years ago you appeared in the first positions of Google and now you no longer appear; SEO has become very professionalized and it is very likely that you are in a situation like this.
  • You have a local business and you don’t take advantage of your Google My Business listing or your Local SEO strategy.

SEO is a complex and constantly evolving discipline . If you want to get effective results, it is essential that you have an SEO agency based on solid knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing. In the following points, we will see what you have to take into account to make sure you find the best SEO agency in Spain.

SEO experts focused on generating sales and profitability for your business

SEO Agency Barcelona

12 Keys to choosing the best SEO agency

#1 How they are positioned by terms related to search engine optimization

If you want to know what an agency can do for you, you need to make sure they are getting results for themselves. An SEO agency that is not positioned for any SEO or SEO related term can generate distrust.

since our inception in 2011, we have followed a strategy of having different recruitment websites so that customers can find us for what we offer. We have managed to position our different satellite websites, such as or, in the first positions of Google. Currently, we are in top positions for keywords such as “seo agency barcelona”, “seo consultant barcelona”, “seo positioning barcelona” and many more. These keywords are transactional and business-oriented, allowing us to attract customers through the same channel we offer.

Making all our customer acquisition come 100% organically. We have never done commercial recruitment, promotion at events or other media, only through:

  1. Our own positioned websites.
  2. Growth with our customers, they grew their business, they had more resources, and investment grew.
  3. Recommendations from our own customers and collaborators.

And for this last point, it is so important and complementary that they can also teach you….

#2 Results with clients

In addition to the results the agency has achieved for itself, it is critical that it can demonstrate results with real clients. Make sure that the strategy they have applied on their own website or project has also been successfully replicated for several clients.

Ask them to show you the evolution of projects in competitive sectors, providing information on when they started, what actions they took and how they achieved positive results. It is also advisable to contrast Google My Business reviews with the success stories they are showing you, verifying that customer testimonials match the results presented.

At Rodanet, all of our
Google My Business reviews
are 100% real and most of them can be found in our SEO success stories section.

#3 SEO Specialization

SEO is a complex discipline that requires a high degree of specialization to obtain good results. We say this because, sometimes, it seems that every agency or digital company offers SEO among its portfolio of services, and nothing could be further from the truth.

SEO and Google’s algorithm evolves daily and by leaps and bounds. If you don’t keep up with that evolution, you’re out.

That is why the specialization and vocation of those who are dedicated to this profession is something you should make sure of before choosing the best SEO agency for you. In fact, not only SEO specialization, but experience in projects similar to yours is also a degree. SEO strategies can vary depending on the type of business, whether it is a large e-commerce, a local business or a media outlet.

Before choosing the best SEO agency for you, make sure they have the right expertise and experience to tackle your project effectively.

#4 Agency team

It is essential to know who makes up the agency team and who will be working on your project. It is not enough that the agency is well positioned, you must also make sure that they have a competent team.

At Rodanet, we encourage our entire SEO team to have their own projects, many of which generate more income than their working day. This is due to our high degree of specialization in SEO. In addition, several members of our team have their own websites positioned for related terms.

If you search for:SEO Barcelona, seo consultant barcelona, SEO freelance SEO barcelona, seo consultant and many related keywords, it is very likely that you will end up coming across the websites of one of Rodanet’s SEO consultants:

A fact updated in 2023: if you search for “SEO consultant Barcelona”, 3 of the first 4 are Rodanet SEO consultants. And up to a total of 6 on the first page.

On the other hand, if what you want is to hire an SEO company with an infrastructure and a whole team behind it, make sure that who you have contacted is. It’s easy to make a website claiming to be an SEO agency, and in the end you’re just a freelancer at home.

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for, and there’s no problem…

Just make sure you are hiring what you want to hire.

freelance seo consultant bacelona

#5 Get involved in the SEO strategy

If they speak to you in another language and you don’t understand anything they explain, run away.

If the person selling SEO has not done SEO, run away.

Think of SEO as the best salesperson for your business. When you hire a salesperson, you want to make sure you have a good understanding of what they are going to do to attract customers for your company.

When you hire an SEO agency, they should make you understand the importance of this area and involve you in the strategy, as it has to be a pillar of your business, which you cannot ignore.

No one knows your business better than you, and that is the most important foundation for any SEO strategy.

#6 Transparency in the strategies and actions taken

This point is linked to the previous one, as we mentioned, the SEO agency must be willing to explain in detail what techniques it intends to use, how it optimizes the content, what improvements will be made in the structure of the website and any other relevant aspect of the work to be done. Transparency will help you better understand the process and trust the agency.

#7 Continuing education

SEO is a constantly evolving field, with frequent changes in search engine algorithms and new emerging trends. It is critical for the agency to stay abreast of the latest developments and keep up to date on SEO best practices. Ask the agency how they keep up with the latest trends and how they ensure they apply the most effective strategies in today’s SEO landscape.

The right tools and technology can also make a difference in the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. Make sure the agency has keyword analysis tools, position tracking, competitor analysis and other essential SEO tools. These tools allow you to accurately track the performance of your website and make informed decisions to further optimize it.

#8 Focus on user experience and technical optimization

In addition to focusing on search engine optimization, a good SEO agency knows that attention must also be paid to user experience and technical optimization of the website. This involves improving the loading speed of the site, ensuring an adequate internal link structure, optimizing navigation and usability, among other aspects.

#9 A SEO strategy for each client

An SEO agency has to be versatile and know how to work with companies from different sectors and of different sizes. Rodanet, for example, stands out for its ability to adapt to each client and offer a customized approach, thoroughly understanding their needs and determining the most appropriate SEO strategy to achieve the desired objectives. The results obtained are always measurable, to provide the confidence and transparency that the client needs.

#10 Immediacy in an SEO strategy

SEO does not offer immediate results, but it is a profitable discipline in the long term. Generally, a positive return on investment is expected within the first 6 to 8 months. If you are not getting positive results in that period, it is advisable to meet with the agency and consider other options.

If your SEO strategy is not generating benefits, it is necessary to explore different approaches and adjust the strategy.

#11 Avoid permanence

In our opinion, it is better to avoid contracts with permanence clauses. SEO is a long-term discipline, but you should not be tied to an agency if you are not satisfied with their services.

Before starting a partnership, make sure you understand that SEO results can take time, but you should also be free to change agencies if you are not getting the results you expect. This allows for a healthy and long-lasting collaborative relationship.

#12 Results orientation: sales and customers

We talk a lot about SEO, but SEO is only the means, and 99% of the time it has the same purpose: to generate business for your company.

Don’t sell you traffic, words with thousands of monthly searches but with an informative intent, etc.

Make sure your SEO strategy is geared towards generating tangible results, such as increasing sales and attracting new customers to your business.

By following these tips, you will have the necessary basis to choose the best SEO agency that fits your needs and helps you achieve your business goals. Remember that SEO is a long-term investment and choosing the right agency can make all the difference in your online success.

Is Rodanet the best SEO agency in Spain?

We can’t say it outright, but we are prepared to meet each of the points mentioned in this article and demonstrate them to you in person. The choice is in your hands.

We invite you to test our services by filling out our contact form, as we love to have clients committed to the importance of SEO for their business.

So… How do I know which is the best SEO agency for my company? In the end, the most relevant thing will not be if it is the best SEO agency or not, but if in a period of 6 to 8 months they provide you with the sales or clients you expect, or even exceed your expectations.

That’s why there is no single best SEO agency. You should be able to identify what you are looking for and what you prioritize according to the current situation of your project.

Follow the 12 keys mentioned in this article and be sure to make an informed decision. We are convinced that you will be closer to getting it right, either with our SEO agency or another of your options.

Feel free to write to us for any questions, and we will be happy to discuss them together.


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