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Nowadays, it is practically impossible to achieve an increase in traffic and, consequently, in sales on your website, without employing an SEO strategy that helps us to improve the positioning of our online business and, in addition, help us to to cope with voracious competition on the market. If you also work with WordPress, you will have noticed that there are some very technical points that can be a complication for people who are new to this world.

For all those people who need a push to learn the basics of SEO for WordPress, we leave you this small guide of good practices so you can get profitable results for your business.

Why position your website with WordPress?

Web positioning with wordpress

As you probably already know, WordPress is currently one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market. This is due to its intuitive interface, which allows anyone to create a website without having to be a coding expert. However, it is important to be clear that there is a big difference between having a website with an attractive design and relevant information, and having a fully optimized and SEO-friendly website.

If you have reached this point, it is probably because you are using this content management system, but you are not getting the expected results, is that so? If the answer is yes, you are probably lacking a web positioning strategy, known as SEO.

All about SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a set of actions and strategies that are responsible for optimizing a web page in order to improve its visibility in the results of the main search engines that exist. Basically, it consists of appearing in the first positions of the SERP (or results pages) in an organic way.

A basic concept that you must understand is that each of the different search engines uses different algorithms when displaying results. These algorithms are nothing more than formulas and parameters used by these search engines to decide which page appears before another. The system is quite complex and changes on a recurring basis, so it is very important to always be aware of possible updates in order to be able to employ an optimal strategy. If you want to know more you can go to our post about: What is SEO Positioning in Google? How it works and why it is so important

In short, we could say that the goal of SEO is to try to makebusinesses fully friendly and optimized to be well seen in the eyes of Google (and other search engines), and thus maximize traffic.

Basic principles of WordPress SEO

All about SEO in WordPress

All aspects of SEO require technical knowledge, but there are some simple and basic tricks that will allow you to optimize your website exponentially. If you are currently using WordPress, this is your chance to get the most out of it.

  1. Choose an SEO friendly theme:

WordPress offers you thousands of free and paid themes that will allow you to create a page from scratch in a totally simple way. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it must be “SEO friendly“, that is, friendly for web positioning.

  1. WWW or not?

There are many people who believe that the fact of having a domain with www or without it, can affect the SEO level. However, this aspect does not affect or influence positioning in a positive or negative way, so you can choose one option or the other depending on your preferences. The only difference is that the use of the three w’s can help in some technical aspects of the site, such as the restriction of cookies.

  1. The importance of URLs:

Often, some WordPress themes set up URLs automatically, which are not optimized for SEO. This can negatively affect both positioning and user experience, since the information provided does not provide any value. It is important to emphasize that, if we have a clean structure, we will not only facilitate the crawling of the well-known Google bots, but we will also be making life easier for our users.

  1. Content is king:

Blog content optimizationSurely you have heard this phrase before, but the reality is that having quality, unique and interesting content for the user is not enough. We must optimize it so that it can deliver optimal results and make the most of its potential. This means that it is not enough to install an SEO plugin and activate it. SEO is based on continuous and uninterrupted optimization to achieve good results. Take advantage of all the features provided by these extensions for WordPress, such as titles, meta descriptions, custom urls and the use of keywords. And we can’t forget the images! A good blog post should not only contain images that go along with the text, but these should also be compressed so that they do not affect the loading speed of the website – discover how to improve the speed of your WordPress in our complete WPO guide for WP-and they must also be well named by means of the alt attribute or alternative text.

  1. Implement breadcrumbs:

The breadcrumbs, known as breadcrumbs, are an indispensable element to facilitate the user experience and the navigability of our website. With them, our site is more hierarchical and anyone visiting our page can move through the different sections and urls in a comfortable and natural way.

  1. Add your sitemap:

The xml sitempas or sitemaps are files that list each and every one of the pages that make up our website. Thanks to them, we help search engines find and index our content.

  1. Keyword search:

Keyword search

A good keyword research is one of the basic and fundamental elements for any online project. Thanks to them, we are able to move forward safely and increase the probability of being found in search results when a user makes a query. Tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs will be of great help to you to know which words users find you for, as well as to detect new opportunities to grow your business exponentially.

  1. Opt for SSL:

SSL, known as Secure Sockets Layer, will allow you to add an extra layer of security to your website. This resource is most optimal for ecommerce, as they often deal with sensitive payment data and information.

  1. Interlinking is the key:

As you probably already know, search engines like Google use a scoring system to determine the authority of each website, a factor that directly affects the positioning of the site. For this same reason, it is essential that you link your content to other urls on your website, thus generating an interrelationship that will increase traffic to your page.

SEO strategy to make your business profitable

As you will have seen, SEO is totally conditioned by multiple factors. Thanks to the advice we have given you, there are no more excuses to start optimizing your site and obtain medium and long term profitability.

And if you need help in all this process, you can see the SEO service we offer, and contact us as we are a SEO agency very specialized in WordPress.

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