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The CBD sector in Spain faces numerous challenges in promoting its products online. Despite being legal, the lack of clarity in its regulation has led to restrictions by Google and the main digital advertising platforms. Sohow to deal with these difficulties if you have an online CBD business?

Today at Rodanet we would like to present the testimony of one of our clients, who represents one of our greatest success stories. We asked him what were the main difficulties he had to face when promoting his CBD products online, and why using a digital marketing agency turned out to be a winning bet. Here we go!

6 Questions about our online CBD client’s SEO experience

The company we are talking about came to us, in December 2021, after having unsuccessfully approached another agency. It is a company with a strong commitment to quality, innovation and the planet.

These are the fundamental pillars that drove her to work in this industry and to strive to transmit her passion to the customers who buy her products. To do this, however, she needed an SEO agency to help her with online advertising.

After all, there’s no point in working so hard if no one knows you’re there.

Let’s discover together our client’s experience so you can see that it isdifficult, but not impossible to grow your CBD e-Commerce online!

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What do you consider to be the main difficulties faced by the CBD sector in Spain in terms of online advertising?

Currently, in the CBD sector in Spain we face many difficulties in terms of online promotion. Although CBD is legal in Spain as long as it meets certain requirements, the lack of clarity in its regulation has led to restrictions on leading online advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook, which have banned CBD ads on their platforms. This severely limits our ability to promote our products online.

The restriction imposed by these platforms forces us to look for alternatives to reach our target audience such as promotion through influencers on social networks
social networks
(Instagram, Tiktok…) and an effective SEO strategy to increase our visibility and positioning on the Internet. In addition, lack of education and awareness about CBD remains a challenge.

Although the popularity of CBD products has grown tremendously in recent years, there is still significant work to be done to educate consumers about their benefits and properties. This involves investing time and resources in creating informative content to drive our promotional efforts.

Finally, competition and market saturation are also a significant obstacle. The rapid growth of the sector has led to increased competition, making it more complicated to stand out among so many CBD brands. To overcome this, we strive to differentiate ourselves through the quality of our products, price accessibility and customer proximity.

Have you experienced obstacles or stigma on online platforms when trying to promote your CBD-related products? Could you mention some examples?

Unfortunately, we have faced several hurdles on online platforms when trying to promote our CBD products. A clear example is our experience with Facebook and their very restrictive advertising policies with this product.

For months, we have been trying to come up with careful and conscious strategies when creating Facebook ads, but repeatedly our ad accounts have been closed and our ads have been rejected without clear justification. Despite adapting our campaigns, eliminating any direct reference to CBD and focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness, it has been impossible.

It is important to mention that we understand the need for these platforms to maintain clear policies and protect users from questionable or illegal products. However, we also believe there is a lack of differentiation between CBD and marijuana in some of these policies, which hampers our ability to promote a product that is completely legal and can also help so many people.

Despite the obstacles, we have sought alternatives such as collaborations with influencers and optimizing our website for SEO, as I mentioned earlier. We are constantly working to overcome these challenges and find creative solutions to promote our products.

Why have you decided to use our digital marketing and SEO agency to promote your business? What were the key factors that influenced your decision?

First of all, we had a previous, not very positive experience with another SEO agency. For months, we did not see positive results and there was a lack of communication. Therefore, we knew it was crucial to find a new agency that would provide us with positive results, as it is one of the few ways we have to promote ourselves and gain visibility.

We started our search on the Internet, considering that an agency dedicated to SEO should have a good visibility in search engines. We contacted several of the agencies that appeared in the first results and had interviews with all of them.

However, it was Rodanet who really gave us confidence from the start. The Rodanet team was sincere and close from the very beginning. We highly value honesty and transparency. In addition, we found very good reviews about the agency on the Internet, which gave us more security. Personally, I am very much guided by the first impression people give me. In our initial meeting with Rodanet, his professional attitude, knowledge, approachability and friendliness gave us an excellent impression.

What specific benefits did you expect to gain through a well-implemented CBD SEO strategy?

We hoped to increase our visibility on the Internet and, as a consequence, increase sales of our products. We have full confidence in our products, both for the quality and the breakthrough price we offer in this sector, but we needed to be seen and easily found online.

We knew that if we achieved that, the sales would come on their own. We set out to appear in the top search results for relevant keywords in our industry. This would allow us to capture the attention of an audience interested in the product and get quality traffic to our website. In addition, by appearing in the first results we also hoped that this would generate greater confidence in our brand.

Were your expectations met?

We are happy to say that our expectations have been more than met. Thanks to the SEO strategy implemented by Rodanet, we have been able to position ourselves in the first search results for several keywords.

This has greatly increased our visibility and visitor traffic on the web. As a result, we have experienced avery significant increase in sales and have been able to make ourselves known throughout Spain very quickly. Not only have we achieved our visibility and sales objectives, but we have also strengthened confidence in our brand and consolidated our position as a reference in the CBD sector.

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What do you think are the objectives achieved thanks to the SEO strategy employed? Can you share an example?

We have been able to achieve several important objectives that have had a major impact on our company. One of the main achievements has been to become a reference in the CBD sector, positioning us in the top positions of the search results on the Internet.

A concrete example of the success of our SEO strategy is the significant increase in sales we have experienced in the last 12 months. We have managed to increase sales by an impressive 540%. This substantial growth in sales has exceeded our expectations and has given us a solid foundation to continue expanding in the market.

These results demonstrate the positive impact that a well-implemented SEO strategy can have on a business. We are delighted to have achieved our objectives thanks to the collaboration with Rodanet, we couldn’t be happier and we are sure that we will continue to reap lasting benefits.

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Our SEO strategy in the CBD sector and our client’s achievements

The client came to our web agency in December 2021 asking about the cost of positioning his website on Google. I needed to work on SEO so that users would know that the company existed and sold certain products.

We accepted the challenge and proposed an SEO consultancy to explain the potential but also the difficulties of the sector. Because, as you’ve probably already noticed, doing
SEO for a CBD e-Commerce
CBD e-Commerce represents a stimulating challenge, but it is also a complex one.

So, in the period between December 2021 and today, we decided to implement the following actions:

  • Web migration fix: the necessary redirections of the indexed pages of the previous version of the website to their respective equivalent URLs were performed.

  • Global SEO Audit
    We implement and monitor all SEO improvements identified in the audit performed.
  • Optimization
    on page
    : we carry out adjustments and optimizations in the structure and content of the web pages.
  • Linkbuilding
    linkbuilding strategy
    We implement a linkbuilding strategy to strengthen the site’s authority and improve its visibility.

What do we get?

  • Since the start of the project, there has been a 2260% increase in the number of organic traffic sessions.

  • Exponential growth of more than 10,000 sessions per month.



  • 1640% increase in gross income from December 2021.
  • Gross income of more than 285,000 €, from the beginning of the year(2023) until June 2023.
  • 1677% increase in net sales since the beginning of the project.
  • Our client has positioned itself as a leader in the “premium” quality CBD sector in Spain.

Why trust a digital marketing agency for the SEO and Advertising of your CBD e-Commerce?

While there are no promises in SEO, there is one thing that is irrefutable, and that is results.

As you have seen, our client started to reap his first results after only 5 months and is now one of the most competitive companies in the online sale of CBD.

This shows that, although the industry you have to work in is tough, a good SEO strategy always makes a difference, regardless of the premises.

The trick, however, is to go to the right professionals.

Our team of experts will conduct an audit of your website and platforms to understand which areas need to be addressed and which need to be taken care of from scratch, and then implement the best SEO strategy according to your specific needs.

Tell us about your project and together we will find the best SEO solution for your online store and launch your business.

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