How to measure web traffic for free?

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In this digital era it is increasingly common to expand businesses to the web, which exposes them to a greater number of users or customers, ensuring their growth. However, for this exposure to be truly effective, it is vitally important that the information displayed on the website is useful and relevant to the target audience.

But how do you know if the content is getting through and that it is relevant? Something that can help in this regard is the measurement of web traffic, both on your site and on your competitors’, so that you can make comparisons, highlight the strong points and improve those that are not so strong.

pie chart to measure the traffic of a web site
This measurement tells web business owners vital information, such as the number of visits their site receives, the interests of customers, how long users stay, and the type of information that receives the most traffic.

All this data organized in metrics helps to measure the results obtained, establish marketing strategies adapted to the tastes of your customers and provide constant improvements, which can translate into a higher success rate.

In order to offer a better experience to users or customers it is essential that the data to be analyzed is accurate, and for this there are free tools that show the necessary metrics to determine how much traffic they receive and where it comes from.

If we have previously brought you free and paid seo tools, here are some applications to measure web traffic without paying a penny.

Measure your web traffic using Google Analytics

If you own your own website you should know that there are some measurement tools among which is Google Analitycs which of course is from Google and has become one of the most used in digital marketing and has been ranked as one of the most accurate. In our SEO audit service, traffic measurement is one of the fundamental pillars to understand what a website needs.

This web analytics tool was launched in November 2005 and since then provides important information such as traffic by audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions on your website.

measure the traffic of a website
Among the data that this application makes available to you are the number of visits or sessions, number of visitors or users, number of pages viewed, page views, page views, that is, how many pages of the website are being visited, percentage of abandonment or visits that end after viewing a single page.

In addition, it shows the number of pages per visit which allows averaging the number of pages actually viewed by users and the time spent during those visits. Event and conversion data is also very useful as it can determine how effective a marketing campaign is.

In addition to all this, Google Analytics provides demographic data, so that it is possible to create marketing strategies according to each region where the web business operates, offering the most accurate product or information according to the type of user.

To obtain this data you must create a Google Analytics account and insert the web tracking code between the tags <head>.

After you have created and configured your account, just log in and view the data in the main panel. In the Real Time section you will see the number of visitors at that moment.

The Audience section provides information on the total number of visitors and details about them, such as where they come from and from which devices they access your website; the study of this data will help you determine their needs.

On the other hand, in the Acquisition section you can see which channel serves as a link to your web portal, for example, if visitors have arrived by clicking on a link from a social network or by doing a Google search.

You can also check the Behavior section, where you will see what visitors do when they enter your website and in what sequence of pages they go through, which will help you determine which section is more popular and which one you need to work on a bit more.

Once you have established the goals you want to achieve with your website, Google Analitycs measures its effectiveness; you will find the results in the Conversions section.

Start using this valuable tool and enjoy the advantages it offers, improving the effectiveness of your website thanks to accurately collected data.

Other free tools to measure the traffic of a web site

If the website you wish to analyze is not owned by you, you can use the free tools available, although it is important to note that the data obtained will not be as accurate.

However, they can give you an idea of the approximate level of views a website similar to yours receives and you will be able to determine what works and what does not.


Semrush offers marketing analytics and online visibility services. Its free version is quite complete and allows you to collect information such as positioned words, paid traffic or information on main competitors.

semrush tool
Thanks to its competitive research tool you will get an estimate of the total traffic received by a domain or public subdomain, and you will also see where this traffic comes from. This data will help you to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and to design your own strategy that best suits your users.

All you have to do is go to their website to register and log in. Then enter the domain from which you wish to obtain the data and wait a few moments for the tool to display it.


Searchmetrics is another free online tool available for web traffic data collection. It is widely used and as with the previous tool, you must register on their website to start searching.

In this case you only have a limited number of sites per day to analyze, but it will give you information on the approximate organic traffic obtained by positioned words or the place it occupies in Google’s positioning.

Thanks to this data you will be able to identify the area with the most potential, use the most popular keywords to ensure your presence in searches and create strategies to improve your web business.


Mustat is also a free web tool that provides data such as daily traffic, overall performance and earnings of a website. With this particular data you will be able to determine the value of the website.

With this information about your competition you can develop similar strategies that give the best results, adapted to your business niche, so that you get the best results.

These are just some of the best online applications to measure web traffic of your site or your competitors.

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