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Do you have a local business and need to appear on Google? The solution is easy: Google My Business. If you are asking yourself
“How do I register my company in Google My Business”?
in this post I tell you everything, step by step and in detail 😉

How to register your business in Google MyBusiness step by step to improve local SEO

The truth is that this Google service has become an indispensable tool for all those companies that need to increase their visibility, attract new customers and improve local SEO positioning. And best of all… it’s totally free!

Google My Business has huge potential for your local business that you should be taking advantage of now. But if you are still wondering what the heck that is, I will explain below what it is and how to register your company in the service.

Take note, and help your strategy take off with the help of an expert local SEO agency!

What is Google MyBusiness?

We can translate it as “Google My Business”, and it is one of the latest services that Mountain View has put more affection for companies in order to improve their presence in the search engine.

In reality, Google My Business is the integration into one of three existing tools: Google Plus, Google Places and Google Maps. Now, with My Business, a company can manage all the information about it that appears on Google from a single service.

“And what information in particular can I manage in Google MyBusiness?”, you may be asking yourself. Well, from your Google+ business page, to your location on the map, to your vital business information, such as:

  • Schedules.
  • Contact information.
  • Products.
  • Videos.
  • Links.
  • Photos.
  • Customer or user reviews.

In short, what you get through Google MyBusiness is to provide the search engine with a personalized, updated and accurate record of your company that you control yourself.

To access this useful tool you just need to have a Google account, but I’ll leave that for later. I have yet to explain the advantages of registering your business in this Google service today.

What are the advantages of registering my company in Google MyBusiness?

Managing it has some benefits for businesses with a local presence that you should consider.

#1. With Google MyBusiness you improve the local SEO of your business.

SEO in Google my businessFor businesses with a physical establishment, organic positioning alone is not enough. In addition, they need to position themselves favorably for users close to their geographic location.

Through Google MyBusiness you will be able to appear in Google searches from any device (computer, tablet or smartphone). And not only that, you will also appear, as suggested above, on Google+ and Google Maps, the geolocation service used daily by millions of people.

Just give Google all the information it asks for when you sign up for the service. You will have your own listing with detailed information and a much more visual presence in local search results.

In short, when you register your business in Google MyBusiness you offer more facilities to your potential customers to find you.

#2. You have a platform with all the tools integrated

Before the advent of Google My Business, it was more complicated for businesses to manage their presence on the search engine. Now everything is more centralized in one place.

Everything is integrated in My Business:

  • The Google+ company profile.
  • The location of Google Maps.
  • Your business information, including images and videos.
  • The opinions of customers and users of your products/services, which improves feedback and user service.
  • Etc.

#3. Other benefits…

my business statisticsGoogle My Business offers you an analytics service that provides you with different statistics relevant to your business, such as the number of visits you have on your profile, how many users have viewed your phone or which photos have been liked the most, among other data. For businesses that are satisfied with a basic Internet presence, it can be interesting.

On the other hand, the platform offers you the possibility to create your own website in a matter of minutes from the information of your Google listing, although I recommend you to build your own website. If tomorrow Google decides to close the service, you would be left with one hand in front and one hand behind, as has already happened with other services of the company.

Take advantage of the benefits Google offers you, but don’t lose your independence! 🙂

#5. Easy and free cross-platform management

You will be able to manage and update your Google MyBusiness listing whenever and wherever you want through any platform with its app, available on iOS and Android.

You don’t need to be an expert to operate the tool, which is fast, intuitive and has plenty of help information provided by Google.

The most attractive thing for companies is that all these services cost zero euros. Google MyBusiness is free for any company, with no freemium features, premium accounts or anything like that. Google is content to monopolize everything, and that’s why its services are free, except for Adwords advertising, which is its real business.

How to register my business in Google My Business, step by step

Are you ready to sign up for Google MyBusiness? Then I’ll tell you how you can do it. It will only take a few minutes. Shall we begin?

Step 1

To sign up for Google MyBusiness you need to have a Google account. Do you have a Gmail account? It is the same, use it!

If not, you can create a Google account in a few seconds here.

Step 2

Once you have your Google account, it is time to access Google MyBusiness. You can do it from this link.

Log in to Google and start filling in the information requested by the service. Remember that the more information, the better; this way you make sure that your potential customers find what they are looking for.

Then click on “Continue”.

Google MyBusiness registration page

If you have selected the “Yes” option where it says “I offer goods and services at my customers’ location”, before proceeding you must delimit the area covered by your business.

Fill in the rest of the options that Google asks you, and check the box where you accept the terms of service and declare that you are authorized to manage the business you have just entered.

Step 3

It is time for verification. Google wants to make sure that the data you have provided when registering your business in Google MyBusiness is real. A verification code will be sent to you by regular mail to the address you have previously provided within one or two weeks.

Depending on the type of business, verification can also be done by telephone.

Once you have the code you must enter it in your company profile. Remember that your business will appear unverified until you use the code that Google has sent you. Don’t sleep because it expires in 30 days!

Step 4

You have successfully registered your company in Google MyBusiness! It’s easy, huh? 🙂

Now the tool offers you the option to preview your free website, which you can accept or not.

Manage the registration in Google MyBusiness

If you accept, in a few seconds you will have your new website in front of you, although as I have already explained, it is better to hire a professional website that depends only on you, that you can host on a server of a hosting service of your choice, and that you can take elsewhere at any time. Your website should only be yours. Not from St. Google ;-p

If you click “No, thank you”, you will enter directly into your Google MyBusiness zone. Now you can start to give life to your company profile. Manage the information you want to show to users, including images and videos.

It’s time to dive into the functionalities offered by the tool for your business, check them out!

Google My Business registration

In a few weeks you will see your business appear in Google local searches, Google Maps and Google+. Cool, isn’t it?

Your customers want to find you, they are eager to buy your products or hire your services because they have needs. Having good local SEO is one way to make it easy for them.

Did you like the tutorial? Share it to help others! 😉 And if you have already tried it, let us know the result. Have you noticed it in the visits to your business? Leave a comment!

Frequently Asked Questions>

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool to promote your business locally, indicating where it is located, its opening hours and images of the store or products.

How can Google My Business help my business?

With Google My Business you can boost your business by applying Local SEO. Your business will have more online visibility and recognition. Before you know , so you can use Google My Business.

Where will I see the improvements to my business from a listing on Google My Business?

A listing on Google My Business and boosted with Local SEO, is a differentiating factor from the competition. This way your customers can find you when searching for information about your business. Find out more about it with the web positioning we offer.

Can I put more than one location of the same business on Google My Business?

Yes, Google My Business allows if you have more than one location to create different Google My Business listings. Your business can have different locations that respond to the needs of different users due to their proximity.


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