How to Save Forms in the WordPress Database: Tutorial with Contact Form 7

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Have you ever thought about how to store all the leads that come in through your contact form?
In this tutorial we show you how to do it with Contact Form 7, in a simple and easy way.

Contact Form 7

A small introduction to Contact Form 7, probably the most used plugin to create contact forms and with a very simple use, which allows us to receive an e-mail to the mail that we have configured for all incoming forms.

But natively, we don’t have the possibility to save those contact forms in the WordPress database, export them in Excel and much more. So we explain one of the ways we use in Rodanet to do it, step by step.

#1 Install plugin “Redirection for Contact Form 7”.

We go to Add New Plugin, search in the search engine by keyword“Redirection for Contact Form 7” and among the first results we should see the following plugin by “Query Solutions”:

#2 Install and activate

Like all plugins, install and activate and you will be integrated with our Contact Form 7 to configure, here we go.

#3 Configuring lead saving plugin in WordPress

We go to Contact forms, select the one we want to configure to save leads, and we will see that a new tab “Actions” has appeared, from where we will configure to save the leads.

Once in the Actions tab, underneath we will see a dropdown to choose the action we want to configure“Choose Actions“, if we open it, we will see one that is to save leads“Save Lead“, we select it and add action“Add action“:

Once the action has been added, click on save and it will be configured.

#4 Testing how leads are stored in WordPress

Once done, we can go directly to the contact form, and send a test one.

To see where they are stored, in the same Contact block, you will see that there is a new section“Leads“, select it and voilà, we have our contact form saved.

If we go inside, we will be able to check all the data of the saved contact form:

#5 Exporting leads in Excel

If what you want is to export all that data to Excel, you can also do it, in fact you can filter by date or by contact form and Export:

You will automatically download the Excel file with all the related contact forms. You only have to separate the text into columns (it is generated separated by commas) and you have it.

And so far the tutorial, which as you can see is super simple and best of all, very practical. In addition, this plugin has other very useful actions functionalities such as the redirection of a form to a thank you page or the sending of an automatic e-mail to the user who fills in the form 100% customized.

That is why we often use this one, but if you are looking for one that only does this function and is very practical, or if you have many different contact forms that you want to monitor automatically, we also recommend you to use this one: Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7You will see that it has no loss and stores all the leads in a very functional and simple way.

If you are interested in any of the options explained in this post, let us know in the comments.

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