Importance of online reviews, review sites and online presence

Online reputation

Why is it important to have a good presence on review websites?

It is important because it can influence the decision of other people not to do business or purchase the products or services of the company you work for or own. Some of the sectors that are most affected by this type of influence are the hotel sector or the restaurant industry, although almost any sector can be harmed or benefited, even a small online mattress retailer. A good presence on online review sites such as Google places or Ciao among many others is very important, although each business is affected differently depending on the type of business. On the other hand, it is also important that companies try to acquire your opinions through their own pages.

One of the essential points to bear in mind is the following know what users are going to do before they buy any of your productsand the most common thing is that the same users end up looking for reviews about your business on the Internet, it is estimated that approximately 86 percent of the people before purchasing any type of product or service online. are going to look for what people are saying about you before making the purchase decision, in the case of local businesses this percentage drops to seventy-six percent. This does not mean that at every purchase or before making a purchase everyone will do it, but there are a large number who do. Another important point revealed by the study conducted by Search Engine Land is that the potential buyer only needs to find between two and ten opinions to make a decision.

One of the sites where it is important to acquire comments or ratings whether it is a local business or not is google placesThe good effect that good opinions can have through this network is not only a good thing, but also a good thing. the more positive reviews you have the more it will help you rank better in Google itself.. By this we mean that the opinions on this platform (both quantity and quality) will affect your positioning in google. For this reason, from Web positioning we advise you to take advantage of the opportunities that gives you the page of
Google places

Any advice on how to respond or moderate these opinions, and especially negative opinions?

negative opinionsOne of the main problems that online businesses want to avoid are negative reviews, as they can become a real nightmare for a business owner or the business itself. But the negative opinions of your consumers can become a weapon for you. Because this type of feedback gives you the opportunity to learn from your own customers and improve your business. On the other hand, and not less important, negative opinions give naturalness to the opinion profile, which also gives more credibility to the positive opinions. If you have negative opinions it is important to also have positive opinions that discredit the negative opinion. A negative opinion is not bad if it is accompanied by many positive opinions.

To conclude this second point , it is important to also respond to positive opinions by thanking the customer and responding personally, this gives confidence and helps to create a relationship with the customer or customers.

How do I start my online feedback strategy?

  • Start doing an online search about your business, but not only on search engines, but also on online review sites (Yelp, Google Local, ciao…).
  • Ask your customers what sites they have visited or usually visit before making the decision to buy or purchase the service you offer.
  • Tell your customers to rate your business on review sites.

I hope this “small” article has helped you to better understand the importance of online reviews and at the same time you have learned how to improve your online reputation through review sites.


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