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SEO tips for your Joomla. Improve your web positioning

Joomla is one of the most important and also one of the most widely used content management platforms by people all over the world. As a manager is a really very useful tool for those who want to have a presence on the web, either as a blog, business and others.

Today, as SEO positioning experts, we will talk a little bit about seo for JoomlaAlthough the platform is useful and easy to use, it is also true that without performing the required seo, it is very likely that the space we have created will have no effect, and will end up abandoned in the last positions of the search engines.

How to do seo for Joomla?

One of the issues that we must always keep in mind is that seo is one of the most important actions when we create a space on the web.

Without the right seo or SEO strategies, what we will have as a result will be a page or blog that nobody visits, that does not offer results and that will not be relevant to the search engines themselves.

Creating a website is not the end of the task, it is just the beginning, so today we will try to give you some keys with which you can strengthen the seo for Joomla without having to give up your space on the web.

Useful tips to strengthen seo in Joomla

These are some of the tips that people with experience or experts in SEO and SEM have shared so that people like you who are just starting out have the chance to see their business grow:

Do not over-optimize your joomla:

We know that the choice of keywords are an essential part to carry out good seo strategies, without them, practically we are not achieving or doing anything.
Many people believe, especially those who are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the subject, that by over-optimizing your content, people will reach your website more quickly and easily.

The reality is that search engines value quality content more than the number of keywords we place in it.

Therefore, try to use them, but in a natural and balanced way within your content.

Use the meta tags of your Joomla:

In order to optimize our Joomla website it is necessary to make use of the meta tags that basically consist of the title and description of the website.
It is important to include in the title and description the keyword that we consider most important.

Try to get others to share your site:

The secret is to create and offer people content that is not only interesting and original, it must be very useful, it must provide a value, a solution, something that is so impactful for people that they have the need to share it with others.
When other people share what you offer you are creating external links from the outside in, this way, your content can go viral and reach more and more people as they share your content.

This is a very good way to work the seo for Joomla, attracting public and making known what you do.

Use the sitemap:

Another of the many strategies that people use to achieve success in the seo of their websites is to create and publicize a sitemap.
When we create a blog or page that has several pages of content, if we classify and create a sitemap, Google will crawl and rank it much faster than pages that are not within the sitemap.

This is an excellent strategy to boost the positioning of our website.

The most used Joomla Plugins for seo and SEO?

These are the Plugins that the Joomla platform offers so that you can perform a seo work that allows you to be successful:

Sef translate:

It is used for those who wish to expand the radius of action of their website. This Plugin allows people to have the possibility to translate their pages into different languages, so that they can be read by people all over the world.
The more languages a site has, the more successful it is considered to be.

Seo glossary:

It is a practical seo tool for Joomla, although it does not compare with sef translate allows you to create glossaries of words that can be very useful, it is a simple tool to install.

Seo generator:

This is the fourth of the Plugins that allows to help us in improving seo for Joomla.
This Plugin is one of the most popular within this content platform because it allows that as we create content, automatically thanks to the Plugin we have keywords and meta descriptions that are an advantage for seo strategies.

As one of the most important, it is ideal that you can install it and start practicing with it, this way your site will start off on the right foot.

Bye bye generator:

As its name suggests this Plugin is ideal within the seo for Joomla, because it allows the elimination of meta tags that we do not want or that we consider are not ideal for our website.
It is an excellent tool that allows us to edit the label or simply delete it and create it again.

It is an excellent opportunity that we have to evolve, change and do everything much better in order to help us in SEO.


This Plugin also represents one of the best seo tools for Joomla, it allows you to manage and control all the metadata you need for your website to be perfectly optimized.
In this way it is not necessary to be an expert in programming, since Joomla Plugins are designed so that everyone can use them.

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