Is it worth studying an SEO master’s degree? Which is the best?


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably in one of the following situations:

  • You have just studied a university degree, a degree or vocational training, where you have touched some SEO subject that has caught your attention and you want to specialize in this area.
  • You work in the online marketing sector, and you think that SEO is the discipline where you would like to become a professional.
  • You’ve found out about SEO on the web, you ‘ve started researching and you think it’s something you might be interested in.
  • You have learned a lot about SEO on the Internet and it has allowed you to have your own websites and position them, but you feel you need other challenges that keep motivating you along the way.
  • You work as an SEO consultant, but feel you are stagnating or simply want to improve your progress as an SEO consultant.

And this has led you to go to Google and search for “
SEO master

searching master seo on google

In this post we will try to answer the question of whether it is worth studying a master’s degree in SEO or if there are better alternatives – in our view – that meet your needs.

Studying the best SEO Master?

Faced with a relatively new discipline (which has been professionalized in the last 10-15 years), and with such a great evolution as SEO, the offer of SEO training and masters is increasing, and more and more people are considering the option of studying a course or master’s degree in SEO.

And during this search, you are sure to find good options such as:

DinoRank Online SEO Master

dinorank seo master

100% online SEO Master with weekly live classes in small groups and personalized attention.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 19h to 21h, to be able to reconcile with possible work.

Priced at 1,450 ¤ (One-time payment) or 530 ¤ in 3 installments (1,590 ¤ in total)

15 SEO modules and 3 bonus modules to complete the training. You can find all the information here:

SEO and SEM Master in Barcelona and Madrid by KSchool

Master SEO and SEM face-to-face (because SEO and SEM campaigns can also work together), which has two options:

  1. SEO and SEM Master in Barcelona. You can find more information here:
  2. SEO and SEM Master in Madrid. You can find more info here:

With a price of 4.495€ the master (Updated 2023). Schedules:

  • Friday: 17 – 22h
  • Saturday: 9 – 14h

So you can coordinate with a possible job. And with a total duration of approximately 100 hours.

Webpositer’s online, blended and in-person SEO Master’s degree

Webpositer’s SEO Master is now 100% online.

Previously, it had blended and face-to-face modalities in different locations such as Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Galicia or Alicante, but nowadays it focuses all its offerings on online.

With prices ranging from €2,695 to €4,695 (updated price 2023, where prices are still being adjusted due to increased competition).

With 250 hours of recorded classes and a duration of 6 months in intensive.

You can see all the information here:

BigSEO Online SEO Master

The most recent SEO Master in online mode.

With a cost from 3.499€ to 3.999€ (updated price 2023)

300 hours of recorded SEO classes and no defined time to do it.

You can find all the information here:

Master SEO and SEM online from IEBS School

The longest running SEO and SEM Master in the market, online modality, and with a duration of 750 hours in 10 months.

At a cost of 5.750€ (updated price 2023). You can find all the information here:

SEO Masters Comparison Table updated 2023

SEO Master Pricing 2023 Location Duration Hours Modality
DinoRank 1.450€ Online 2 months 100 hours Direct
KSchool 4.495€ Barcelona and Madrid 8 months 100 hours On-site
Webpositer 2.695€-4.695€ Online, Semipresencial and Presencial 6 months 250 hours Recorded classes
BigSEO 3.499€-3.999€ Online 6 months 300 hours Recorded classes
IEBS School 5.750€ Online 10 months 750 hours Live and recorded classes

And many more options that are coming out in the market, but…

Is this the best way to train and specialize in SEO?

agenda master seo

Let’s take a look at the 4 basic points that we believe are most important in SEO training:

#1 100% practical discipline

SEO is a 100% practical discipline and no matter how much training is geared towards it, it will never be as practical as it is in real life.

What alternative do I then have to enter?

Very simple: go to an SEO agency. Many of you may think that it is precisely the training that can lead you to this opportunity, but nothing could be further from the truth.

On the Internet you will find all the information that can lead you to this opportunity:

  • Search for information on Google. If you are starting from scratch, there are many free courses that will give you a more than sufficient base. If you like the video format, here are 3 that can help you:
  • When you are watching these videos, do not stop looking for complementary information on everything: concepts, processes, terminology, etc. Being able to contrast the information on your own initiative is the best way to learn.
  • When you’re done, make a website and start using all these techniques, don’t be afraid to make mistakes: create, test and search. SEO is a discipline of trial and error.

When you have been making websites for 4-6 months and trying to position them with everything you have learned on the Internet, it will be the best letter of introduction to start sending CVs to agencies. And of course, you can send your CV through our employment page:

When we say to send CVs only to agencies, it is because being in an agency will give you a broad vision of this sector, then you can decide if it is a dynamic that you like in the long term, if you prefer to work for a final company or on your own.

#2 Professional Exit

It is clear that the professional outlet is one of the main reasons why anyone takes a master’s degree, whether it is in web positioning or any other area in which you want to enter.

Doing a master’s degree can once again be a good option for a better professional career.

If you want the opinion of an SEO agency like ours, we value much more a profile that has applied everything we mentioned in the first point and is able to explain it to us, than a profile just out of a master SEO.

We know that this is the case for many agencies and colleagues in the industry, in fact recently the tool ahrefs, has made a survey to 15 SEOs hiring managers about the skills and requirements they consider important when hiring an SEO. SEO specialist, which has concluded as follows:

86% said SEO certifications are not important, and the rest said they are only somewhat important.

You can read the full article here

And this is something that Rodanet also agrees with.

#3 Constantly evolving agenda

SEO is a 100% changing discipline. Today’s SEO is not the same as it was 3 years ago or 7 years ago, nor will it be the same as it will be 3 years from now.

Under this premise, any SEO master’s degree will evolve in its syllabus and what you have taught during that year may not be useful for you in the next 3 years. try to put everything you learn into action and start following blogs, forums, Twitter profiles and anything else you can find related to SEO that will allow you to stay up to date and evolve hand in hand with the changes that Google and its algorithm are making..

Going through an SEO master’s degree to quickly enter the SEO world is an option.

Even so, keep in mind that a master’s degree without that quick incorporation into the SEO ecosystem will lose value as the months go by.

That is why, once again, entering the dynamics of an SEO agency will allow you to be in this wheel, without having to go through a master’s degree.

#4 Price

As we have seen, a SEO master’s degree is worth from 3,000€ to more than 6,000€.

It is a significant cost that can be a barrier for many people and you will still have to invest a lot of time in training.

With the options we give you in this article, the cost is totally free, and in addition, as soon as you have a minimum of experience, you will not only not have to pay, but you will be paid for the learning acquired.

So it is NOT worth studying for a master’s degree in SEO?

Far from it. A good training will always be positive for your career, in fact in our blog you will find other posts like this one:

Mejores Máster Marketing Digital 2023

Simply, we wanted to give our vision in a sector as special as SEO, and with the experience of 10 years interviewing many profiles, dealing with many people who have gone through Rodanet, etc. that has allowed us to have our own opinion on this subject.

There is another issue which is: once you have this experience, how do you go about sending your application, so that it catches the attention of an agency like ours.

It is really simple (we think) although we find it very little in the hundreds of CVs we have received during this last time, and if you want to join an agency like ours, it can be very useful to have the opportunity to have an interview and tell us about yourself and your experience.

If this is the case, leave it in comments and we will make an article about it with all the queries we receive.

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