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For all the people who have a business online or on the web, they know the importance of keywords if they want their business idea to gain positions, traffic and improve SEO positioning.

Whenever we are going to create a business on the web, the first of the many recommendations we are given is to think of a good set of keywords with which we can be more easily crawled in search engines.

However, when we get to this point we do not know how to choose the keyword, nor do we know which ones to choose, and it is knowing these needs that in this post we will try to give you the best tips and techniques with which you can choose the keywords for your new website. Something basic for both SEO and SEM.

Tips for choosing keywords for your website

Here we are going to give you the advice you need so that the search and choice of keywords for your website are the best and ideal:

Business idea

In order to find the ideal keywords it is important that we think about our business idea, what we are, what we offer, what our product is about, is it local or national among other questions.
This way you will have an idea of what you are to start looking for keywords.


If you want to start your business or business idea locally, a good way to choose the right keywords is to think about where you are located.
For example, you have a laundry business and you are located in Barcelona, or Madrid, or any city in the world, one of the keywords would be laundry in Madrid, to give you an example of keywords for your website that contain location.

As an agency specialized in Local SEO, we assure you that such a simple tip can give you an essential differentiation from the competition.

Think like a customer

The idea of putting ourselves in the searcher’s shoes is often very useful.
One of the best ways is to think like a person trying to find something they need on the web.

Continuing with the example of the laundromat, you must assume that you are a customer, think about how you would look for such a service in your city for example.

This way you would get a keyword like the following: laundry service in Madrid, to give a second example.

Use tools

Another way in which you can obtain very good keywords for your web page is by means of the tools that some platforms offer you.
This way you have the possibility to access lists of successful keywords used by your competitors, for example, or those keywords related to your business that are most used by people in general.

Without much competition: another of the things you should look for are words that do not have much competition.
The same tools that offer you the keywords you can choose or use also show you the ones that are less used, this way you can mix keywords without having a lot of competition in all of them.

It is always better to use long tail than powerful words, to choose the keywords it is important to know that it is much better to use long tail words, i.e. a set of words that make sense as for example laundry service in Madrid, than to use only laundry service or laundry.

We also have to take into account the use of these keys in images, as we discussed in our post on SEO for images, ensuring that we use them correctly in alt text, title, filenames, etc.

How to be successful with keywords for your website?

Here are some of the things you can do to make your chosen keywords the success you are looking for:

Do not exceed

One of the tips that is important for you to keep in mind is related to the excess of words. Many times we find content in which these words are repeated over and over again without offering good or logical content.

Keywords should be used in a natural way within the text.

It is important to choose good keywords that can be complemented in the best way with the contents.

It is also important to remember that Google penalizes this type of excess keyword activity.

Make use of Google tools

This search engine offers you the opportunity to find the most used or most important keywords for free. You can use their tool and check it out. Google Keyword Planner
You can also use paid tools such as SEMrush which offers you to know the keywords with which your competitors are being searched for.

Never choose meaningless keywords

Often the rush or the desire to choose the least competitive keywords make us use words that make no sense and it is very unlikely that someone will perform a search with them.
Look at popularity: one of the things we should also look at when choosing our keywords is that they are used frequently.
It is one thing to use our own words that are not oversaturated, and quite another that we cannot choose words that are actually used.

Another mistake we make when choosing keywords is that we choose popularity over usability.

We must know if our chosen group of words is really used and how many times a day people use them to perform a related search.

Do not obsess

Even if you use all the possible tools and make all the calculations, there is no ideal type of keyword, it depends on the set of keywords and the use you know how to make of them.
For keywords to really play their role, it depends a lot on other factors such as the type of content you create among many others.

So the best thing to do is not to get obsessed and try to choose the words based on what we have expressed in these lines, this way you will be able to concentrate more on the work and strategies and keep moving forward with the business.

Don’t forget that the keywords you use will be decisive in identifying what you do.

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