Link building 3: black hat techniques to obtain backlinks


Link building can bring you a lot of joy by helping you achieve good search engine rankings for your business website or niche page. But it can also become your nightmare if you get a penalty. But if you like to take risks and practice SEO Chuck Norris style, these black hat techniques to get links are for you! 🙂

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This post belongs to a series in which we have talked about link building techniques with different SEO approaches, depending on their greater or lesser affinity with the practices allowed by Google. The installments of the series have been:

-Link building 1: white hat techniques for link building

-Link building 2: grey hat techniques for link building

-Linkbuilding 3: black hat techniques to get backlinks (what you have on screen).

If you haven’t read the rest of the posts in the series I recommend you do so, because there are link building techniques that still work, and some of them are almost mandatory in any search engine optimization strategy.


As I already mentioned, often the only difference between black hat link building techniques with others that we could consider grey hat is that there is much more automation.

In reality, the only SEO that Google is interested in is the natural organic positioning with quality content, and if anything, a little bit of one page SEO optimization, which is very useful for its algorithm to facilitate the understanding and semantic classification of the information present on a site. Everything else is forbidden or may become suspicious, and actions that involve placing a link voluntarily as an agreement or a gesture with another webmaster that many consider part of the good vibes between webmasters, digital karma, etc., may be prosecuted in certain circumstances.

And within the link building techniques frowned upon by Google, today we are going to talk about the ones that are done in a beastly way, like a flying kick from Chuck Norris 😉


Some of them you may have already seen in grey hat link building techniques, but the difference is in the execution. If you want to position a website linked to your business, I do not recommend you to use these techniques. They are only suitable for niche projects that want to rank and monetize very quickly, and even then in some cases would not be recommended.

I only give you information and advice. Now it’s up to you to decide to what extent you want to take risks…


It is the link building technique that can be penalized par excellence. But there are ways and “ways” to buy links.

You can be very discreet and buy links for SEO from a private blog network (PBN) without arousing suspicion. Or you can use the technique of “Buy Gold” and place an ad in forums offering money in exchange for links with the url of your website …. (I don’t recommend it).

There are still some who do not bother to keep up appearances in the backlink buying and selling market.

In addition, if you do not know well those who offer you the links, you expose yourself to:

  • Links from penalized sites.
  • Links from porn sites or sites with a lot of spam.
  • Backlinks from pages blocked with robots.txt or nofollow/noindex in metarobots.
  • Websites with many outbound links (link juice is dispersed).

At best, you would be throwing money away. At worst, you would have a toxic link pointing to your website.

A piece of advice? If you buy an external link for your link building strategy, do it with trustworthy people, avoid bargains and botchers, look for websites of related topics and with traffic if possible. This is the only way to save your back against possible Google penalties.


I already talked about link exchange in the previous post. It is one of the techniques most quickly detected by Google. There is a link pointing from site A to site B, and another from site B to site A. How can Google’s algorithm not detect it!

If you do it on a one-off basis, chances are that nothing bad will happen and it will work well for you. But don’t get used to it, because if you exchange a lot of links in this way you could end up attracting attention and you could be penalized.


It is a healthy and constructive technique, and it is highly recommended to make yourself known, do some personal branding, introduce yourself to the community of followers of an influencer, etc. The normal thing is to include a couple of links in the guest post; the host webmaster gets content by the face, and everyone is happy!

But if you do guest blogging by system and you start getting backlinks, it is possible that it will hurt you. Because at the end of the day, what you get with this is a highly suspicious link profile. Especially if you don’t space your participation as a guest blogger over time and you don’t have a well-defined anchor strategy.


Another way to do link building is to spam forums in a big way.

You register in a lot of forums and start participating by commenting on threads, and posting your links. The problem? The creators of the forums know everything, and to avoid spam, most of them already configure the site so that the links are

Besides the fact that those backlinks probably won’t do you much good, they contribute to raise suspicions towards your link profile, if you suddenly start getting links from forums. Although well thought out in terms of timing, anchor strategy and variation in link typology it can work well 🙂


We are back to business as usual. Commenting on other blogs is good, and even necessary. Place a link, you can do it, in a timely manner.

What you should not do is, in addition to the default link that appears in your profile when you register or enter the url of your site, start filling the comments field with links pointing to your site.

But if it’s about ranking fast a niche website or a tier 3 (see this post about Tier Linkbuilding) (a bit old but there is still some good information :p) , you are on your own! In any case, even if it is a niche site, in the end it is time and money invested that can be lost by overdoing it with spam.


We got to the real spam. The SEO buccaneers who are not afraid of Google. Black hat in its purest form😉

There are certain SEO tools that automate link building, and can generate dozens or even hundreds of links from forums, guestbooks, blogs, etc.

Some of them are:

With a minimum configuration, these tools automate the achievement of links, to get good results you have to master the tools very well and it is increasingly difficult to achieve results with some tools.

Remember, it is NOT recommended to use this resource on your company’s website or in tier 1 and 2.

And here we remain, gentlemen. We close this series of 3 posts about Linkbuilding .

I’m sure I’ve left a lot of things out, because the only limit to link building techniques is your imagination, and every SEO has their own little tricks .

If I’ve missed anything, leave a comment!🙂 What other linkbuilding techniques do you use?


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