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We are the online reputation agency that will take care of your company’s brand.

  • We remove negative content from Google

  • We highlight your company’s achievements for when your brand is searched for

  • We monitor and manage the online reputation of your business over time.

How we achieve this

#1 Reputational crisis analysis

We must know the problem and ask ourselves, is he right? what is the cause? What has been its scope? To define what the situation is and where we are starting from.

#2 Analysis of online resources

Once we know the situation, we should begin to explore what resources we have available: our own websites, media that talk about us, social profiles, collaborations, etc.

#3 Online reputation strategy for companies

With these two points in mind, we define the online reputation strategy to be followed, align our positions and get started.

#4 Implementation and development

Whatever is necessary for the defined strategy, we take care of everything: web design and optimization, creation or optimization of social profiles, public relations with the media, linkbuilding to increase the popularity of the sites we are interested in, etc.

#5 Online reputation monitoring and management

Optimization of resources according to developments, opportunities and needs. We send a personalized monthly report with the milestones achieved and next steps to achieve the next objectives. No commitment to permanence and results oriented.

Additional online reputation service: What does Google suggest about your company or brand?

On many occasions, we find that the online reputation crisis has gone further, and in the initial analysis we find that Google’s own suggest is being part of this crisis.

What do we mean?

When you are performing a search on Google, the search engine itself suggests related searches of what it considers relevant or popular, and sometimes, when you are in an online reputation crisis, these are searches that are detrimental to your brand. Example:

During the last 10 years, thanks to our specialization as an SEO agency, we have developed a strategy to manipulate what Google suggests about us, with a tested system and a high percentage of effectiveness. In SEO and whatever depends on Google, nothing can be guaranteed, but we can verify all the times we have succeeded.

An example of this is our own company, where in many occasions, when searching for “seo agency” you are suggested Rodanet:

They already trust Rodanet

The Online Reputation Team Behind Your Project

  1. Team of 17 professionals
  2. 11 people 100% dedicated to SEO
  3. Connected to SEO virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  4. Very different and complementary profiles to meet all types of needs
  5. Accustomed to working on and monetizing projects

Rodanet: online reputation agency for companies in Barcelona

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