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Results-oriented linkbuilding strategies

Life is authority. Authority gained through work, demonstration of worth, results obtained, and a history over time.

For a tennis player, that authority is given by the tournaments he has won, the Olympic medals he has won, the Davis Cups he has won, among other factors. It is not the same for Rafa Nadal to enter the court to play as it is for the number 500 in the world. Nadal is backed by an authority, an authority determined by the factors we mentioned before.

Well, the Internet and Google also work by authority.

And how do I get authority? By getting links pointing to my website (among other factors). That’s why NASA’s website has more authority (ranks better) than your local baker’s website. Why countless websites link to Nasa.

We could say that link building is the strategy to get links pointing to our website. One of the essential pillars of off page SEO. But be careful, not everything is quantity, as we will continue to discuss, there are many factors that influence a linkbuilding strategy.

Linkbuilding Strategies

Any linkbuilding strategy worth its salt must emulate naturalness. We must build a profile of natural links to our website.

Find the balance between the great variety of different links that can be found on the Internet and apply it.

Who determines this naturalness? GOOGLE, and this link profile is given after a study of the sector.

We analyze the industry, see who Google considers the most relevant and see what link profile it has (all links pointing to who is ranked in Google). We determine percentages for each type of links and we get down to work and give natural shape to the project to gain authority and positioning in Google.

To gain that authority that travels through the links that point to our website, not everything goes. It’s not as simple as trying to get as many links as possible. As we said, there are different types of links and authorities and not all of them are easy to get, nor good.

Breaking down our Linkbuilding Strategy

1. Authority linkbuilding

There are links of different caliber and authority. As in real life, a mention to us does not always have the same relevance and diffusion, if it is made by the President of the Government through channels with great diffusion praising our work, as if it is made by our mother to the neighbor saying how well we work.

The Internet works the same way. Not all links are equally important.

Typology of links

The Internet is almost infinite in terms of variety and type of links. At Rodanet we have specialized in off page SEO, being very meticulous and creating our own methodology in linkbuilding strategies.

One of our maxims is to catalog and monitor all the links pointing to our website in real time.

We might think that links are just links, but they are not. There are many links and each project needs one or the other to a greater or lesser extent. We can find different types of links: from newspapers, directories, thematic directories, social profiles, forums, blogs, thematic blogs, comments on blogs, wikipedias… Once cataloged and determined its percentage, we try to emulate it.

Same about: where do these links come from? It is not the same if your business is local and you are looking for a positioning strategy in Madrid than if you want to position yourself throughout Spain or if you are looking for International SEO and position yourself in different countries around the world.

The linkbuilding strategy that we carry out must also be adapted to the area where we want to position ourselves so that it is as effective and optimal as possible.

3. Anchor Text

We already have the type of pages that we want to link to us, now we need anchor text that we want for our links.

There is also a wide variety of anchor texts that we can link to. In our obsession to emulate perfection in a project’s link profile, we have also catalogued different anchor texts.

Following the similarity with real life, it is normal to be referred to by name: we can find brand anchors, those that mention us by our domain name or brand. Which is usually the most natural and the one that has to have a greater number of links to our websites.

We can find anchor text from:

  • Image, which link us through an image.
  • Generic, the text that links to us is a: learn more or click here.
  • By Keyword, if we are a consultancy, with the link text “consultancy”.
  • By longtails, following the same example above: Consultoria recursos humanos en Barcelona.
  • And some other anchor types that we take into account.

We study the anchor text profile of those who are positioned and mark an ideal for each project.

4. Areas to work on for a natural linkbuilding

We have the types of links, the anchor text, do we have it all? NO!

Following the maxim of emulating naturalness, it would not make sense for all links to go to the same page of the domain.

Let’s take another example from real life. We are a bakery, we have croissants. muffins, homemade pizzas, pan…. Some people will come to our bakery for the croissants and others for a medium loaf. Some people will say how good the homemade pizzas are and others, how good the loaf bread is.

With our website it is the same: we can emphasize certain products and services making them more relevant to Google and positioning us and catalog by related terms, but we must not forget that it is not natural that we only receive links on one page of our domain.

5. Link monitoring and tracking

Y… How do you know at all times how the links are and how they point to our website?

Giving room for improvisation on the Internet and for Google is not a good idea.

That is why we have our own monitoring system where we store all the links pointing to the domain. Thanks to which we are able to extract all this information and monitor the health of the linkbuilding strategy in real time.

Google Penguin

How important is it to take all this into account? It is fundamental, no more and no less.

Google has its own algorithm, Google Penguin, which is exclusively in charge ofchecking that the link profiles of domains comply with its guidelines.

What happens if we do not comply with these guidelines?

Google penalizes us and we may disappear from their searches. At Rodanet we never assume this risk.

Find out everything you need to know about Google Penguin in our article:

Why a linkbuilding strategy with Rodanet?

Over the past 10 years, the Rodanet team has been building up a strong private network of more than 200 websites and blogsconstantly qualifying them on the basis of high quality and relevance standards in order to be able to generate and manage our own authority links.

We also have a wide network of partners:

  • Professional media
  • Quality webmasters and blogs

Thanks to which we will devise the most complete and adequate linkbuilding strategy for your business objectives.

Linkbuilding strategy success stories

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Link Building Frequently Asked Questions

Simplifying all the explanation you can find in this page. It is the building of links to your website, being one of the key factors in determining the authority and popularity of your site.

Good and in the right measure. To make a linkbuilding strategy as it should be, you can only learn after working in multiple sectors, encountering all kinds of casuistry, knowing where the limits are and acquiring that experience.

Because we have been specializing in this area since 2011. Because the same linkbuilding strategy that has led us to be positioned with our own projects, is the one we use for the success of our clients.

Depends. The competition in the sector, the strategic areas of your project, the ambition of your objectives. These are all variables that can have a multiplying effect on the budget, and that is why we first need to know your project and business.