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How to improve the SEO of your e-commerce in Prestashop

SEO is one of the most important online disciplines that we must take into account if we really want to succeed with your business.

If your company or business has an e-commerce or online store with Prestashop, we want to explain how we do to improve Prestashop SEO, to generate more traffic, more business and greater profitability.

We all want to know exactly what we do, keep perfect control over the people who visit us and at the same time obtain valuable information that will help us to create better strategies.

However, SEO is not something that is done automatically, it requires deep knowledge of the business idea we have and at the same time knowledge of our audience and the people, brands or products that are our biggest competition against others.

SEO, although it is the same for all websites, in the case of a website made with Prestashop, requires more technical knowledge than another website made with another content management system. You must recognize the file system and its own language to be able to modify files and implement the changes needed for a good positioning of your Prestashop website. That is why it is so important to have a good SEO company to take your project to the next level.

Rodanet, your Prestashop SEO company

From Rodanet, we have extensive experience in working SEO positioning for online stores of web projects in Prestashop, we have almost 10 years doing SEO to online stores made with this CMS and having great results. We know the architecture of your prestashop and its own language: the .tpl. A specific programming language for prestashop, which is unique to this content management system.

It is not only necessary to know the technical framework of Prestashop, but it is also necessary to know and have a business vision. At Rodanet we also focus on promoting and studying the viability and the best profitability of your business. To not only improve prestashop SEO, but to make it have a quality traffic, and that your target audience converts: you have more leads, more sales, higher turnover and a higher return on investment in your online channel.

Strategy and actions to improve SEO in Prestashop

To improve SEO, these are some basic tips that we should always take care of before creating our e-commerce or blog in order to generate business and improve SEO.

Company or brand name: Domain name

It is always important to remember that on the Internet what matters are simple names that are easy to remember and easy to type if people want to search for us. It is advisable that when we are going to create a website we think that for SEO it is much simpler to use short and easy names, but that do not try to imitate brands or recognized names.

In addition, if it contains a word that identifies your business, it will make it easier for Google and users to understand what your online store is all about.

Isn’t it true that if you see the Pharmacius brand you get an immediate idea of what the business is all about?

Web positioning basics: Title and description

In SEO for Prestashop we should think about SEO basics such as meta titles and meta descriptions as an important part of our SEO strategies.

Try to identify each of your pages with a unique and original title and description, according to your category or product.

Define well the categories and your products in your prestashop is of vital importance, not only for SEO, but also to give adequate and organized information to your user, and thus increase the chances of conversion.

Unique and original SEO content in your prestashop

Content for the SEO positioning of your Prestashop, which are basic, and are a recurring error:

  • Categories in your prestashop: it is essential for Google to understand what your category is about if you provide content about it. We always recommend implementing texts that help Google understand the category, and all the semantics around it, much better.
  • Unique product content: it is also a common mistake to find e-commerce in PrestaShop with products from a supplier, who copies and pastes photos and descriptions on their website. Google penalizes duplicate content. We should always strive to have unique content on our product sheets.

Prestashop Robots.txt

In the robots.txt you can configure which areas of your website you want Google to access and which not. From this logic, many times, in your Prestashop, hundreds of URLs are generated that have no value for the user, but have no value for the operation of your online store.

It is advisable to guide Google through this file to make it visit the most strategic urls of our business. Thus making some areas of the website more relevant than others.

A good use of this file can be fundamental in your SEO for Prestashop.

Sitemap and SEO, a good match

Take into account the sitemap of your prestashop. There are specific modules to generate it, and you will have to select very well, which URLs you want to include and which not.

Think of it as your sitemap, which we will then register in Search Console.

Only include those transactional URLs that add value to your business.

404 errors. Bad match for the SEO of your Prestashop.

Many times internal links change and we need to be able to do something about it. If we change the url we have to make sure that all links pointing to it are updated, and do not generate 404 errors (non-existent page). We achieve this by doing a 301 redirect from the old url to the new one.

Google doesn’t like to have 404 errors in our prestashop, and it is something very common in ecommerce, when products are removed because they are out of stock or because they no longer exist.

We create the best SEO strategies for Prestashop

We are going to mention some of the tips or advice regarding the way we can create very good SEO strategies for prestashop. This is what we must take into account:

Categorize products

Each product is different, has a function and is aimed at an audience, which is why when you have an online store you must be very careful with the categorizations, as this depends on the type of SEO strategies you are going to carry out.

This is the first point to be carried out in a good SEO strategy for an online store in Prestashop: define the web architecture.

Optimize your Prestashop Images

Images are the most important support for content, in this case your products require a visual aid that allows people to have an idea of what you offer. They must be of good quality and exactly the same as the original product.

In addition, through images, it is also possible to do SEO. The images should not weigh too much and you can optimize fields such as its file name, alt and title tag, that it is related to your website and the surrounding text, and can be understood by itself.

For good SEO: Micro formats

Prestashop offers you the possibility of creating microformats that allow the position in search engines to be profitable, however it is important to take care of the microformats because using them in an irresponsible or deliberate way we can be penalized by Google.

For SEO in prestashop it is important that we take into account that the appropriate microformats according to your online store: the opinions that users or customers have about the product, the product name, brand, price, etc..

Search Engine Optimization = Mobile Option

As technology goes, it is important that people who have online stores recognize that their sites in mobile versions are already a necessity.

Most people use cell phones as their most basic and personal means of accessing the Internet, that is why if we really want to go at the same speed as our customers it is important that we have and offer a mobile version of our site, fully optimized for Google.

SEO company specialized in Prestashop

Rodanet is a digital marketing company in Barcelona specialized in this type of CMS.

We have been working and updating our way of working with prestashop for more than 10 years, improving processes and results.

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