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At Rodanet we are a company with more than 10 years of experience specialized in SEO and making online businesses profitable. This specialization has made us know all kinds of websites and content management systems, in order to know and get the most out of your business, and we have become an agency specializing in WordPress SEO.

WordPress, a good CMS for web positioning

WordPress is the most widely used open source CMS worldwide, and allows you to create your website or blog without the need to know programming codes or have many technical notions.

This has its advantages and disadvantages. Being one of the most widely used open source platforms worldwide, it gives us the possibility of having plugins, templates and all kinds of add-ons that will cover almost all our needs.

On the other hand, a bad configuration, the lack of knowledge of the file system, indexing and configuration of our wordpress can make this configuration and tuning, play against the positioning of your wordpress.

That is why it is so important not to be “fooled” by the ease of creating a website in WordPress and put yourself in the hands of experts who know how to hit that key.

An SEO agency for your WordPress. Gain in profitability

We analyze the initial state of wordpress. We see plugins installed, initial configuration, what we allow Google to index and what not. Major updates of wordpress, plugins, or templates. We make sure the compatibility of all components with each other, one of the biggest problems of wordpress is the compatibility between its components, CMS, template and plugins. Not taking this into account can be a headache for SEO.

If it is necessary to modify the code of any component of the CMS from our agency specialized in SEO for wordpress we can do it. We are knowledgeable about wordpress and the programming languages used in wordpress.

WordPress is still a website, just like the rest.

That is why wordpress SEO has to contemplate the same SEO parameters as any other website.

From our agency we take care of optimizing all these parameters according to the study of keywords around your business. Meta Titles, meta descriptions, prominences, images. Click here if you want to know more about web positioning

The loading time of a website is a factor that is linked to SEO in wordpress.

In our agency we know this factor, we not only have the best plugins to make your wordpress fly, having our own team of programmers we can optimize codes and htaccess to make the wordpress wpo perfect.

SEO in WordPress, synonymous with generating business

An agency specialized in SEO, not only has to capture traffic. But to capture quality traffic, to make the business grow according to the visibility of the wordpress.

One of Rodanet’s differential factors is that we audit the sector and determine strategies to increase our clients’ business, understanding the core of their business and being able to make it as profitable as possible. Analyzing SEO trends, main competitors, user behavior among other factors in order to devise the SEO strategy with the best ROI for our clients.

This monitoring is constant in our wordpress SEO support. In this way we can be up to date and one step ahead of our competitors and propose new ways of doing business, always focused on generating more profit for our customers.

SEO company specialized in WordPress

Rodanet is an SEO and digital marketing company in Barcelona specialized in WordPress positioning.

We have licenses of plugins and templates to use them in the case of needing them in the webs of our clients. We know and have a close collaboration with the main markets to improve wordpress SEO.

All this has allowed us in these more than 10 years to have ample results with many of the WordPress projects we have worked on.

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TOP-1 in Keywords with CPCs over 4€.

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From 50 leads to more than 700/month in 4 years

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