SEO Pricing

What does an SEO budget depend on?

And you got to the million-dollar question, which we will try to solve with several questions.

It is not an easy question to answer, since each online project is different and varies in many factors. As we don’t want to dodge the question, we explain the main questions that answer the influence of cost variation on our SEO strategies:

It is not the same to face a web of 10 URLs, than one of 1,000 or another of 1 million. In addition, this question often cannot be answered either, since you can have a website with 10 URLs, but the industry requires you to have an architecture of 300.

Each market is a world and it is an important factor to study and it is not the same to work a SEO in Spain than an international SEO work all over the world. Or within a Local SEO, if it is in a very competitive city like Barcelona or Madrid or a much less competitive location like Sabadell or Terrassa.

If you have an ecommerce, do you want to focus only on one product line or on the whole website. And if it is a service site, how many services do you want to promote?

Adding more countries is targeting more search engines and therefore exponential to the work.

There are times that depending on how the web is made, it may involve additional complexity, however if it is made with CMS that we control as WordPress or Prestashop, it will make the work much more feasible.

Taking into account the history of a project is fundamental.

It is not the same to start a project that moves on the second, third page, than one that is not in the first 10 pages but has a history or another that starts completely from 0.

It is obvious that when a company hires us, it is because it wants to sell more, but how much more? If in 6 months, you have x5 of current leads, can you cover it? We need to know your business plan and align it with the online strategy we are going to develop together.

How do we prepare an SEO budget?

As you can imagine, we need answers to all the questions we mentioned in the previous point.

That’s why, at Rodanet, we provide tailor-made SEO quotes, taking into account the client’s needs, status and size of the project.

The experience in these years has made us standardize certain methodologies and processes according to the project and client, but in none of the cases the budgets are the same due to all these factors.

And let’s go to the last question….

What is the price of SEO?
How much is it worth?

As you have seen, it is impossible to give you a price for the SEO of your website or your project. It is also not possible to establish a standard cost for an SEO audit as there are too many conditionals to make an estimate.

What we can tell you are our rates once we have the website optimized and we start with the SEO strategy of the project.

At this point, we work with a monthly fee that goes from 660€ per month for a local and small project, upwards as the size and/or needs of the project grow.