SEO Chrome extensions that will help me in my business


SEO Chrome extensions can help you improve important aspects of your site’s SEO, such as studying the competition, detecting broken links and more.

Many times these tasks are done manually, but aren’t there online programs that do this? Yes, but most of these applications are paid.

So, if you are tired of doing your SEO analysis by hand and you don’t have money to buy a license of some advanced program, you can give a chance to the Chrome extensions that we recommend in this article and that will be of great help for your website.


SEOQuake is our first recommended Chrome extension for SEO. This is a free bar that can offer you very important information about your website, allowing you to analyze your competition or validate the list of keywords that you want to position on your website. It is one of the main options an SEO consultant considers when starting out.

seo quake
If you are interested in SEO and the creation of web niches to generate income, surely you have been using programs like Ahrefs or Google Trends to study some topics that catch your attention and know if it is advisable to focus on them or if there is a lot of competition and it would be difficult for you to position yourself.

The problem is that programs such as Ahrefs often provide a lot of information, including some that is difficult to understand if you do not have the necessary knowledge, and that can make a user with basic knowledge feel “lost” or need a lot of time to do the analysis.

This is where SEOQuake comes in as it can help you reduce those times, offering you detailed information: keyword analysis, links, among many other important aspects; much faster and without leaving the web.

SEO Meta in 1 click

SEO Meta in 1 Click is among the most recommended SEO tools for Google Chrome.

One of the main reasons is that it is quite efficient, fast and can provide you with a lot of relevant information for the study of a web page.

What information does it provide?

  • Titles and meta description of the page.
  • URL’s indexed in the page.
  • Hierarchy of headings, whether we are talking about H1, H2, H3, H4…
  • Meta Robots.
  • Information on the number of images with and without ALT attribute.
  • It can provide you with information about Sitemap.xlm and Robots.txt.
  • The labels integrated by the designer.

As you can see, you have a lot of information that might take you at least an hour to find one by one, and it is quite intuitive. For all these reasons, it is among the best SEO tools for Google Chrome that you can find. It is a must have for SEO and a tool widely used in the SEO world.

Redirect Path

Among the most recommended Chrome SEO extensions that will help your business, we also have Redirect Path, an extension that will greatly minimize the time to find errors on your website.

redirect path
The highlight of this extension is possibly the possibility of observing the redirections that are made to reach the web where you are currently, this can be very useful to find errors in the redirections or if the server is working correctly.

For the average user or SEO learner, the number of redirects may be just a number, but for SEO experts, this number can be very useful, because they know that the fewer redirects the better.

Web Developer

Web Developer is a plugin for SEO that integrates very well with Chrome and is listed as one of the most complete and efficient thanks to its multiple functions distributed in a fairly intuitive menu.

One of the most important features of Web Developer is the button to block Javascript, which is useful to test if a page with this code blocked has any major navigation problems.

On the other hand, in SEO, images are so important that this plugin has a section that allows you to know which ones do not have the ALT attribute indexed correctly or those images that are “broken” or cannot be displayed.

seo extensions
The best of all is that you do not need to navigate through multiple menus to locate these problems in the images, because the ALT attribute can be found just above them, so you can quickly see if your image is optimized or not.

Another interesting section in Web Developer is CSS, a feature of interest not only for SEO’s but also for web designers. It allows you to lock the style sheets of a website, view a list with different styles, edit in “real time” the code, among many other options.

As you can see, this is not only one of the best Chrome extensions for SEO that you can find but also one of the most complete and popular ones that you can download and use in a matter of minutes.

Check my Links

On any page it is important that you can quickly find those links that are broken, i.e., those that are not working properly or that do not really lead anywhere.

If this is your problem, Check My Links is probably the best extension for you, as it finds broken links in a very fast and efficient way.

The only problem is that unlike the ones we have seen so far, this one is a payment extensionHowever, it has a trial period to determine if it is what you are looking for and even to get out of some trouble on your website because its use is very simple, especially if you have a small project.

Once you have installed this plugin, you will be able to see the extension icon on the top right of the browser that will tell you how many broken links the website you are on may have, so it is very useful whether you are analyzing your own or third-party sites.

For more details, click on the extension icon and you will see a complete analysis of the links on the page: the correct ones, the ones with alerts and the broken ones.

These are the 5 best SEO extensions for Chrome that you can use and that will make your website’s SEO work easier.

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