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On March 2nd the seo SB Congress was held in Barcelona, an event focused on SEOs and webmasters that aims to promote networking among professionals in the sector.

It was not the first time I attended the event, as we are regulars, however, I would like to emphasize that they have made some changes in it, and that have been a total success, and not only me, but also other attendees with whom I can exchange opinions.

One of the most visible changes in the event, was to deal much more with SEO, as well as to involve some of the most recognized SEOs in the industry (both SEOs speakers and attendees) with talks and debates.

The essence of the event

The essence and strongest point of the event is undoubtedly the networking you can do in it, as it is attended by some of the biggest webmasters and SEOs on the Internet, both in terms of traffic and personal image.

Not only is the number of professionals and experts attending the event important, but also the great work done by the organizers to promote and facilitate these moments of professional rapprochement and networking among attendees.

At all times they tried to involve the attendees to make it easier to get to know each other, as well as reserving some moments for pure networking.

This is also one of the things that I liked the most about us, as well as many other attendees of the event, as it is something that is not done at any other event.

Interview with Forocoches Webmaster

A very interesting point was the interview with the webmaster Alejandro Marín, the owner of nothing more and nothing less than the largest forum in Europe and one of the largest in the world,

In addition to interviewing Alejandro during the event, the attendees were allowed to ask him a round of questions, which was quite interesting and entertaining.

We were able to see from his more business point of view, to his more personal and human point of view, as well as tell us a little more about the history of forocoches.

Legality on the web

A very interesting topic that was discussed at the event, and which is not usually mentioned at most conferences, is the legality of websites.

A lawyer from Almeida Buffet came and told us many of the things that our websites must comply with in order not to have any problems.

In addition, he solved all the doubts of the attendees about legality in the webs, I found something very positive and interesting, since normally it is not usual to talk openly about these issues.

SEO Roundtable

The SEO roundtable was also a highlight of the event. Xavier Viguer (myself), Iván García, Antonio López and David Ayala participated as speakers.


Some of the topics discussed at the SEO roundtable were as follows:

  • HTTPS: How to implement it, possible problems when implementing it, repercussions on SEO and personal experiences in changing to HTTPS.
  • AMP: How to implement it, possible problems, positive repercussions on SEO, negative repercussions on SEO and personal experiences of AMP implementation.
  • Linkbuilding: Two very interesting topics were discussed, linkbuilding through newspapers and linkbuilding through PBN. There was discussion of what is currently working best and possible combinations of some links and others.
  • Google Updates: How Google’s latest updates were going, how it is treating new sites, how it is treating old sites and how sites are currently ranking.
  • Penalties: What are the most frequent penalties today and how are we trying to skip and evade those penalties.
  • Other topics: Many other topics were discussed, in addition to questions and suggestions from the audience itself, which were also addressed live at the SEO round table.

It should be noted that these were not the typical talks where a powerpoint presentation was followed, but something much closer to the audience, so that they could also get involved in the round table and feel part of it.

Conclusions on SB Congress Barcelona

After an event of almost 5 hours, where we have done a lot of networking, met many people and discussed very interesting topics, we left with a very good taste in our mouths, and without a doubt, we will attend the next SB Congress.

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