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A team of 15 SEO consultants to make your business grow, with the infrastructure of an agency and the personal and close treatment of a consultant.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are you were searching for “SEO consultant Barcelona” or something similar on Google, and you may find yourself in one of these situations:

  • You have an offline business and you want to start selling and promoting yourself online
  • You already have a website, but you’re not getting the sales or leads you were expecting
  • You have sales, but you aspire to grow more, given that your competitors are better positioned and have a larger market share.
  • You have collaborated with SEO agencies or other SEO consultants and the results have not been as expected.

And you get here. In an SEO agency in Barcelona with a team of 15 SEO consultants, where we will show you how we seek to solve all these problems and help you expand your online channel under two fundamental principles:

We treat projects like yours as if they were our own, in detail and focused on results. We are not satisfied with just increasing traffic: our primary goal is to increase your sales.

We have an excellent team of SEO consultants with diverse and complementary profiles to suit the requirements of your project. Whether it is a service website, online store, a Prestashop, WordPress or custom programming, we have the solution to your needs.

Local SEO experts in Barcelona

As a local SEO agency in Barcelona, the first thing an SEO expert does is to hold a meeting with the client to deeply understand the business and needs. Subsequently, we develop a customized SEO strategy that ensures lasting results in line with the objectives.

The essential thing for the SEO consultant is to know the business objectives. From this, we reinforce existing marketing strategies and plan future actions, ensuring that these are aligned with the company’s design, target audience and message.

The SEO and local SEO specialist begins by analyzing the previous work of the company, elaborating and studying a list of keywords, analyzing the competition, and applying a marketing strategy adjusted to the client’s needs.

What advantages do we offer as SEO Experts in Barcelona?

The infrastructure of paid tools, own tools, the collection of knowledge and experience since 2011 and more than 50 SEO consultants who have passed through the company, coupled with the personal, close and results-oriented treatment for your company.

SEO is increasingly focused on the needs of each client, in order to develop it correctly it is necessary to establish a relationship of closeness and trust.

Therefore, our SEO Consultant service in Barcelona is based onobtaining results that can be seen and understood by our clients. Providing the necessary explanations and knowledge to carry it out.
Therefore, we offer project status reports as well as visual analysis with Data Studio. With its explanations and ways of interpreting data necessary to see the progression of the business or website at all times.

A multidisciplinary team of SEO specialists to meet your needs

SEO consultants experts in prestashop, great variety of e-commerce worked with Prestashop that we have taken to another level.

SEO consultants specialized in WordPress. Hundreds of projects developed and positioned with WordPress reaching websites with more than 3 million daily visits.

SEO experts in e-commerce. We are passionate about growing the sales and revenue of online stores. We have SEO consultants with a high degree of specialization in e-commerce.

How do we do SEO?

Our goal as SEO consultants located in Barcelona is to grow both client visits and sales or goals by improving rankings. The basic functions of a consultant are keyword research and tracking, competitor analysis, traffic reporting, keyword rankings and conversions, technical analysis and recommendations, content analysis and SEO copywriting.

  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis
  • Strategy definition: Analysis and objectives
  • Web architecture and content optimization
  • Content creation
  • WPO Web Performance Optimization
  • Link Building: Socialization
  • Link Building: Links
  • Consulting and Reporting: Web Analytics

Always oriented to prioritize the strategic actions that can help with the best cost/opportunity to grow sales or contacts for your company.

Tasks of an SEO consultant

We have a post where we explain what an SEO consultant is and how he works, but we summarize the key points that we put ourselves when facing a project as an SEO consultant:

  • Understanding the company’s objectives
  • Site usability analysis
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Progress Report
  • Competitive analysis of keywords or phrases in search engines
  • Content analysis and SEO copywriting
  • Information architecture and linkage structure analysis
  • HTML code analysis
  • Code enhancement
  • Recommendations to improve essential things on text pages, or elements to achieve a satisfactory Web positioning.
  • Recommendations to optimize the source code including URL, file names, page titles, descriptions, javascript…
  • Internal and external linking strategies and recommendations.
  • Monthly monitoring, reporting and recommendations.

With all this and a little bit of our experience we will help your project grow like never before.

Main tools used by an SEO Consultant

In order to develop our activity as SEO consultants, it is essential to use some tools that allow a total analysis of the web. The use of the following tools is essential for this purpose:

  • Our own tools: we have more than 10 tools programmed internally to solve exactly the daily problems of SEO projects that we have been encountering during these more than 10 years and that yours could also have.
  • All in one” tools to study keywords, track positions, audit websites, study competition and much more: we mainly use 2, Ahrefs and Semrush.
  • To analyze our website, with Google’s own tools: Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Tag Manager are a basic pillar for the monitoring of all our clients, together with Google Data Studio for customized dashboards.
  • Screaming Frog and crawling tools for comprehensive SEO analysis
  • And many more resources such as markers made with javascript or extensions or circumstantial tools, according to the needs of each project, which make our work much more agile.

Frequently asked questions about an SEO consultant in Barcelona

An SEO consultant is in charge of giving a strategic vision to a website from the SEO point of view. Understanding the needs of each client based on their situation.

A local SEO consultant in Barcelona is a specialist in optimizing your website and the place where you offer your service or product geolocated with your location.

It includes both the positioning of the web when you search for something in your location, for example: SEO consultant Barcelona, as well as the positioning of Google My Business for when you search and appear on the map.

The strategic business vision that an SEO Consultant can offer can be the determining point that makes the difference between a company’s website and its competition. Hiring someone who specializes in SEO can help your business rank at the top of internet searches.

Whether an SEO Consultant or an SEO Agency, the service offered revolves around the concept of delivering web improvement, providing business acumen and a commitment to company growth.

We offer our SEO Consultant Barcelona service, focused on supporting various companies in SEO either locally or internationally. You can contact us. We are waiting for you!