SEO for Healthcare websites: Everything you need to know explained by an SEO agency specialized in the healthcare and medical sector.

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Whether by mobile or by searching from the computer for the best health center in town, people use Google to satisfy their needs. In fact, 72% of your potential customers prefer to find information about companies like yours through search, rather than any other way.

However, 98% of these users choose a business that is ranked on page 1 of Google.… and the higher your health center (be it a dental clinic, an esthetic center, a psychologist or a medical center) appears as a search result, the more likely you are to be found!

You’ve probably ever wondered what it takes to be the first ranked on Google for “Health center in the vicinity” or “Best doctors in *city name*”. Google has a rather intricate way of showing us the best and most relevant results for any given search, and it is made up of several factors. At Rodanet, as a specialized SEO Health agency, we have a multitude of success stories:

Do you have a health website and want to increase traffic or sales?

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Do you want to know the keys? We explain some of them.

What influences the ranking for your health website in Google?

As you will see in this article, getting to the top of the SERPs depends on many factors, and if getting your health center to the top of Google were a “recipe”, you need to know that there are several ingredients for success. It is important to note that Google never tells us exactly how it ranks websites, so this data is based on surveys:

1) External linking(Backlinks): the most important factor is to understand what your health center’s website is linked to on the Internet. The more websites linked to yours that are relevant and of high quality, the better.

2) Quality content, indexing, accessibility and crawling. The content you publish on your website is essential for Google to understand if your business is “relevant and important”. To position your health website in the top positions you will also need to optimize the code, making sure, for example, that search engine bots have access to all relevant pages so that they can crawl and index them.

3) User behavior: when people see your business on Google, are they likely to click, call or visit you? Google crawls these things and ranks you better if you have the best “behavioral signals”.

4) Personalization: Google also knows which websites a user has viewed in the past, and prefers to display search results relevant to that person. Not all search results are the same, hence “personalization”.

5) Citation: is your website referenced by others (yellow pages, other directories) with your correct name, address and phone number? Having a lot of the right quotes helps.

6) Business Signals: this ranking factor refers exactly to your listing on
Google My Business
. Are you in the right category, nearby and using the right keywords?

7) Reviews: the reviews your health center receives on Google, Facebook, Yelp and others also have a lot of influence on your ranking.

8) Social signals: although they are the least impactful, the amount of engagement you get on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and others makes a slight difference.

SEO Health Agency How do we improve the positioning of your website?

Well, now that you can understand why some health centers appear in the first place as a result of Google searches, while others are hidden on the second page… the question is:What can you do about it?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO = Search Engine Optimization) is a long-term process of continually “feeding” Google with the right links, content and engagement.

More specifically, SEO refers to all activities aimed at improving the crawling, indexing and ranking of information or content on a website. And it absolutely must be part of your center’s marketing strategy. For all these reasons, and for the success of your health center, it is essential that you put yourself in the hands of a professional SEO agency. At Rodanet we are SEO specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the industry and we will be happy to help you grow your business.

Here are some tips so you can start working now to get your SEO up and running. Follow them and you will be surprised how your health website will land in the top positions of Google this year.

8 steps to improve the SEO positioning of your healthcare website

1) Make a list of the most relevant keywords for which you want to appear in Google.

Your “keyword list” is an important project to work on and use for search engine optimization. Basically, it is a list of words for which you want people to find you on Google. But, don’t worry:
Google Keyword Planner
will help you figure out the best keywords.

The main keywords are those related to “the services you promote + your geographical area”. If you have different health centers in various geographic areas and offer various services, add them to your list.

2) Take care of the meta title and meta description tags.

There are very long guides on search engine optimization SEO in-page, here are some of the most important places where to add the keywords

  • Page title: this is the title of the web pages displayed in the browser and in Google searches.

You want this title to look good and arouse users’ curiosity, and also attract Google’s ranking algorithm… So place the most relevant keywords in it, making it attractive!

  • Within the pages of your website: without going too crazy with the keywords, make sure that the most important ones appear within the text of your pages, in different places.

However, the keywords you have selected for your SEO strategy should not only appear in the original content, but should also be present in meta titles and meta descriptions.

  • The
    meta title
    generally occupies a single line and must have a maximum of 65-70 characters, while the meta description has a maximum of 155-165 characters.

3) Create original content

Create original content to stand out from your online competition. By educating your audience through quality content marketing, you will be able to highlight your value and expertise over time, as well as gain search engine rankings. Publish relevant content such as scientific studies, blog posts, videos, interviews, photos, patient testimonials, infographics, medical advances, health industry information.

4) Make sure that your website is fast

How fast is your health center’s website? Did you know that 40% of users leave immediately if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Your website visitors will not only stay on a fast website, but Google will also reward it: thespeed of your website is a ranking factor!

5) Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Google measures and rewards the fact of having a website with a good performance. Buthow do we know what users are really doing on our website? How long do they stay on your site, what pages do they visit, do they access from their computer or use mobile? Google Analytics will answer all this and much more.

Google Search Console digs even deeper into search analytics and tells you exactly how users are finding your health website on Google: what search terms they use, how often they click, etc.

You will need it to understand what works and what you can improve for search engine optimization.

6) Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices.

Does your healthcare website look good on mobile devices? Failure to do so could seriously harm your ranking in Google search results. On the one hand, more than half of Google searches come from a smartphone and users will abandon your site without taking any action if it is not displayed correctly.

It is essential that you remember the importance of mobile optimization of your site, as Google has included web browsing from mobile devices and smartphones as an additional ranking factor: Google embraced the AMP project years ago (acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages), i.e., a page accelerator designed to improve the performance of the mobile web (navigation from mobile devices) by building lighter pages, and content that is displayed in a simpler way.

Mobile optimization of your WordPress website: most WordPress themes are automatically optimized for mobile devices. If yours doesn’t, it’s time to talk to your web developer about getting a new theme.

7) Create a Google My Business profile

Did you know that 7% of your Google ranking is determined by your Google My Business profile ?
Google My Business
? So you should have one. After creating your GMB profile, make sure it is complete and optimized. You will need to confirm that you are in the correct category and that the keywords are included in the description. Enter your business hours, the type of payment you accept and all other sections of the profile. Next, be sure to upload several high quality photos of the facility, and some images of the staff.

8) Plan a solid social media strategy.

Social media is a powerful tool for SEO. Create profiles on many platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Share the content you create in each of them. Maintain an active social presence by posting regularly and at constant intervals to avoid boring your followers. Provide timely answers to questions posed by your followers.

The relationship between social networks and Google ranking is not direct: having thousands of followers does not necessarily mean that you will rank better. However, social media indirectly influences your healthcare facility’ s SEO in the following ways:

1) The more your content is shared on social networks, the more people will discover your content and, consequently, the more websites will link to your website.

2) More traffic to your website from social media could indicate to Google that your website is of high quality, which could improve your ranking.

3) When your brand has a good image on social networks, people become familiar with your business. This means that if they see you in a Google search, they are more likely to click. Google considers the click-through rate as a ranking factor.

In short, having a solid social media strategy also indirectly helps your health center ‘s Google ranking .

In summary as a specialized SEO Health agency

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your healthcare facility may seem like a tedious and daunting task, but it pays off in the long run, perhaps more than any other marketing activity you might undertake.

Don’t miss this great opportunity offered by the web: visibility. By placing your health center’s website among the first search results, your business will be visible to a much larger number of people. And increased visibility always leads to customer growth… and business growth! and business! So what are you waiting for, get in touch withus!

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