SEO for Lawyers: 5 Keys to Positioning Yourself

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Gone are the days when it was the clients who queued up to receive legal advice. Nowadays, there are more and more law firms, so the competition is really fierce.

For this reason, working your online channel and website well is essential to build your audience. In other words and without mincing words: if you have a website, work it properly and make it visible, it will allow you to get more contacts and, consequently, potential customers and more business.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, you can see a case of success in one of the most competitive segments of lawyers on the Internet, where they pay up to 5 and 6 € a click on Google Ads, we managed to be TOP-1 for everything and go from 0 to more than 150 leads per month:

seo success story for lawyers Case Study: Lawyers SEO Strategy

That’s why this SEO for lawyers article, to explain how to make your website more visible and get more clients for your firm.

Want to know more? Don’t miss our 5 key tips for your local or national positioning as a lawyer.

The 5 keys to the positioning of a law firm

#1. Think like a user to be found

Nowadays, an infinite number of users search the web every day to find the solution to a problem or satisfy a need. It seems trivial, but if you can intercept their needs, they are much more likely to choose your service.

Reflect for a moment on your profession and think about who and when you need a lawyer. Start with those who are already your customers. Among them are those who have requested your services for a divorce case, for child custody, or perhaps for an inheritance and estate matter, of course the motivations may be different.

Let’s take as an example a person who needs legal protection due to a usucaption problem, a situation that unfortunately is very frequent. Our user, faced with a problem of this type, does not have a trusted lawyer and does not know where to turn. The first thing you will do is find out about it, and you will most likely do this in two ways: by asking trusted family and friends and by researching on Google.

seo agency for lawyersAs for the second option, to perform a search that will return useful results, you will type in Google words such as “usucapion lawyers Barcelona”, obviously the name of the city or town will change depending on the area you are looking for.

But it could also be “usucaption lawyers” or “best usucaption lawyer” and so on, the combinations can be different. All of them arekeywords, i.e., those that users type into search engines to find the solution to their problem or satisfy a need. And record the following:

Each customer need should have its own page or URL that offers a solution.

Why are we telling you all this? Simply to make you realize that if your site contains these keywords, optimally and strategically organized, it is very likely that your website will be found by the search engine. For this to happen, optimization work must be carried out, a task that should be entrusted only to experts in the field, so that the results are truly appreciable.

With SEO strategies for lawyers, you will begin to take the first steps to make your website more visible and, consequently, get new clients.

#2. Make users aware of the advantages of your service

The example we have seen explains the importance of keywords for your content to be visible in the eyes of search engines, but it is not the only factor to take into account. Building an audience is a very important activity that can generate numerous benefits. Having an audience of users potentially interested in your service will make them look for you when they really need it.

Blog content optimization for lawyersIn this case, you will have to edit a blog section, you can write the articles to be published or have third parties do it under your instructions. The articles you publish should provide users with useful information that will really help them understand a situation or give them valuable advice on how to solve it, possibly with your professional input.

For example, you could write an article explaining what usucapion is, in which cases it can be carried out, how to defend ourselves from those who try to exercise it on one of our possessions, how to avoid it. In summary, there are many ideas that can provide useful information to the reader.

What are the advantages? First of all, useful, valuable and keyword-optimized articles will appear at the top of the SERPs, and in this way you and your law firm will gain more visibility. The blog is a great way to make yourself known and create, as we said, an audience.

In this way, you can both gain visibility and begin to earn the trust of your potential customer base. After all: if I need a lawyer and I have known and read the blog of ‘X lawyer’ for a long time, it is logical that I trust him and ask him for advice when I need it.

Remember that any content must contain the keywords (those that the user will type in to satisfy his search) that can make the page rank in the first results, but without exaggeration, the text must be natural, coherent and useful above all for the users.

This optimization activity is essential and cannot be improvised, so it is useful to consult an expert SEO company.

#3. Set up your office in Google My Business

Setting up your office on Google My Business aims to bring your business to the top of Google’s search results when your potential customer adds a location to their search key, one of the strongest points of Local SEO.local seo for lawyers

Google my Business is a free platform or tool that allows you to manage how your business is displayed in search results. It allows you to manage your business name and service hours, locations, respond to and monitor customer reviews and add photos and videos. Google My Business is the place where Google centralizes information about your business and has a strong impact on positioning. So pay due attention to:

  • Comments.
  • Choice of business category.
  • Long description (200-300 words) and rich in keywords related to your business.
  • Link your website.
  • Link to your social networks and related online reviews.
  • Photos.

Keep in mind that comments are extremely important.

#4. Makes appropriate technical improvements

Perform an analysis of your website and resolve technical issues (if any). You will need to pay particular attention:

  • More than 70% of users do not browse a site that appears to be unprotected.
  • Speed. Half of your potential customers expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or less.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Markup Schema. This is quite technical, but for simplicity’s sake, imagine that there is a scheme that is universally understood by search engines. A schema that eliminates assumptions or possible misunderstandings and tells Google exactly what the content of each of your web pages is. In this way, you increase your chances of appearing in the first search engine results for the keyword you really want to index.

#5. Take advantage of link building

So far, we have seen why it is important to position yourself in search engines and how you should take the first steps. This third and valuable tip is crucial: take advantage of linkbuilding. But what is it all about?

offpage seo strategies for law firmsThe activity of
is an optimization practice that consists of having pages with authority, that is to say, with an excellent online reputation, link to your website. These links are of great importance to Google, because if a reputable site links to yours, it will become more “interesting” in the eyes of the search engine.

Let’s take an example: if you have to go on vacation and you don’t know which hotel to choose because you don’t know any of them, but your friend recommends the one he stayed at and liked very much, you will almost certainly listen to him.

Similarly, the site linking to yours is an indication of reliability to Google. Translated into benefits for your website, it means that thanks to these links your site will rank better and faster. Of course, it is not a type of activity that can be improvised, but must be done very competently.

How to ensure the best results for your lawyer SEO?

Keywords, search tools, optimized texts… As you have seen, nowadays optimizing your website to be visible and to be found before your competitors is fundamental for the success of your business.

If you need help to increase your online visibility and reach more potential customers, you can count on our SEO agency Rodanet. After a personalized consultation, we will craft and implement a winning SEO strategy for lawyers and law firms that is perfect for you. You will see the results in the short and long term.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us!

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