SEO, Microformats and microdata in Google


I am sure that if you are reading this post is because you have heard about the importance of microdata and microformats for SEO in Google to get better rankings and more visibility in the same search engine. In this article I will try to explain what they are, how they work and the advantages they can bring to your website and your business.

What is microdata? What are microformats?

The main thing before going deeper into the subject is to understand why and what they have been created for. What they aim to do is to give more information about our website in a standardized way, that is to say a kind of consensus on how we are going to describe some specific aspectsFor example, if we talk about products we understand that they all have common features, we can say that every product has a price, specific characteristics and a site/sites where we can buy it. Once a consensus has been reached, the syntax is created, we understand as syntax pieces of code. The process of creating this syntax is what gives rise to the concept of microdata and microformats. The main differences between them is that the name is different as well as their spelling, the microdata are implemented using HTML5 and the microformats using XHTML or HTMLHowever, both have the same objective: to standardize the way in which properties and syntax are described, all this code is not visible to people but is made for the different robots of search engines such as Google.

Example of Microformats

Microdata, microformats and their relationship with SEO

Although it may seem like it, Google’s robots are not “smart” enough to fully understand the way we express ourselves. For example if we write about “powermax” Google cannot know if we are talking about the computer store or the security company, thanks to microformats / microdata Google and other search engines can more easily know what we are referring to. So if in our content we make use of this type of attributes telling Google or the different search engines that we are talking about “maxpower” as the security company we are helping the search engine to give us more accurate and relevant search results. It can help us if Google knows when we are making reference to:

  • Opinions
  • Persons
  • Business
  • Events
  • Recipes
  • Sites

Seo and Rich snipets

One of the main aspects in which microdata / microformats can help us in terms of SEO is that Google shows rich snippets, for example, if it is the page of a product Google can show us the price and the valuation of people about it (the famous little yellow stars). This will not improve our search results, but it can improve our CTR and give us more visibility in Google. Even Google makes use of this information to be able to offer very specific searches such as searching for recipes with a certain number of calories, or by ingredients (like Google’s product search or recipe search).

Rich Snipet Google +


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