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Small compilation of free and paid tools

When we are faced with the need to optimize a website, we must take into account a series of SEO tools to be able to position it. The simple fact of making links to position it is not always enough, for an SEO campaign to obtain success and results it is important to analyze the competition and to carry out reasoned strategies.

There are many interesting tools focused on seo, each of them with different techniques depending on the needs of each web, in case of using them it is important to know them well because some can be dangerous if not used correctly. Each brand is different and, therefore, there are different methodologies applicable to SEO. There are many seo tools that can help us in the optimization process both on page and off page seo.

Thanks to technological innovations, there are more and more elements to monetize the results in google searches or any other search engine.

Here are some interesting seo tools that can help you with the SEO of your site (some are free and others are paid):

Traffic Travis: this is a program that searches for possible errors or problems on your website, analyzes the competition in the market and monitors your positioning. It is only available for Windows. This tool will help us to improve the performance of our website by improving its code problems. is a well-known and multifunctional tool. It allows you to manage and analyze keywords and performs comprehensive competitor market research. Free and paid tools.

SEO PowersuiteSEO Powersuite: select and analyze the keywords that best fit your brand, control the positioning in search results, organize campaigns for link building… It is a very complete tool that covers several needs for SEO. very complete tool that covers several needs for the SEO. Payment Tool.

google trendsGoogle Trends: is a tool that offers very important information when searching. With Google Trends you will be able to see in graphs the search trends of words, you will also be able to search by categories. In addition, thanks to its filters, you will be able to know in which country, region and language these searches are performed. Free tool. it is characterized by the realization of complete and detailed reports to know and analyze the web positioning. Recommends improvements that can directly affect the positioning of your website. Free tool.

Google Analytics: is one of the most widely used tools to analyze and regulate the traffic of web visitors. Free of charge. this application allows you to know and analyze the external links of one or several pages and thus compare with the competition. It provides quite detailed statistics. For me one of the best link analysis tools. Free and paid version. this is a very useful tool for content creation and minimizes future potential penalty risks. With this type of tools we have to be very careful because there are animals like “pandas” lurking around. There is a fee. is an excellent (and for many considered the best) application for multilevel link building. The only flaw is its high price and that they make figurines as “penguins”, so it is important to know how to use it well, as it can be dangerous. There is a fee.

Google Webmaster Tools, current: Search Console: allows you to know the status of the indexing of your website, create and send Sitemaps, improve web visibility, know the errors and view statistics. Free of charge. is a tool that provides you with complete reports on the variables that affect your web positioning. It is a very easy to use application. Free and paid version.

It is important to have several tools for web page optimization, to be aware of what is available and to be aware of the benefits and dangers of each one. This is a small list, little by little I will talk more extensively about these tools and their different uses, so we start the SEO tools section.


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