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Many say that content is king, but in reality the real king of any business, both physical and digital, is the visitor, hence it is essential to improve the user experience because it is thanks to him that it is possible that our site exists.

The user is always the one who will give life to each space of our business. For this reason, providing a pleasant user experience is fundamental. Just as you do everything possible to set the ambience of your physical store to make the customer feel comfortable, you should take care of this aspect in your digital business in the same way.

ux for each user
The user experience is vital to your success, that’s why in the 2.0 field we call it UX. An unforgettable experience for the visitor from the moment he/she enters our site is what we are looking for and that is why we must always consider the necessary tools to make it possible.

And the level of UX increases as long as our website makes the information the user is looking for more visible, but how do we know? It is easy to decipher what a customer is looking for if we use the right tools.

In any case and regardless of the tool we use, the key is to make the process as easy as possible for everyone who enters our website, making usability our main ally.

What is UX?

UX stands for User eXperience, which in English means user experience. This term encompasses everything that a person perceives when entering our site. It ranges from what you feel or what it conveys at first glance to what goes beyond that.

The UX in many cases is confused with the UI, which is the usability and are different terms when we talk about a business in the digital field, since the UX goes beyond usability.

Not only does it focus on the website being usable or accessible from a computer to a mobile device, but the user should enjoy every second spent on the site. Therefore, it is very important to take care of every detail related to the user experience.

Assessing the user experience on a website
SEO and UX often go hand in hand in important aspects. Therefore, to improve web positioning it is important that our UX is combined with SEO in the most natural way possible. Therefore, an SEO consultant must know both SEO and UX.

So that you can do it, here we will explain the main aspects of the UX and how it would work in the best way.

Main aspects of UX

Since you started reading this article we have made it clear that the user experience in your business is important, so we have brought the main aspects of the UX that you should improve in order to have a greater impact on more people. We will mention 4 aspects that you should carefully watch out for.

1. Structure and Navigation

The first thing we look at in many areas of life is the appearance of things and even people, and in relation to business we do this as well.

When we visit a physical store we look at how it looks. The appearance of a business can transmit us from credibility to little confidence and the same happens when our business is on the Internet.

It is vital that you transmit a good image on the web and this is achieved through a structure or navigation that is intuitive. When we talk about intuitive, we separate ourselves from the usability side of things and think more about something that invites us to remain on site as long as possibleThat is why we need a site that is well organized, because if the content does not look tidy, the user does not get anywhere and that generates a low level of experience.

Time is the other important factor. By this we are not referring to the loading speed but to how long it takes a user to locate what he/she is looking for within the site. Therefore, you must provide a site in which the main elements of the site are visible so that they are easy to find for customers.

2. Upload

Suppose a person enters a restaurant and has to wait a long time to be seated at a table or to have his order taken. If so, it is possible that the person may leave without consuming or may never return to the site.

The same goes for websites, if a page takes too long to load, the user experience is going to be very low, reducing the UX and leaving you feeling bad. This is also contemplated within the SEO On page factors that a website must have.

Consequently, you must improve the time in which all the content of your website is displayed so that the visit is pleasant and the person wants to return.

You can achieve this in several ways, for example, hiring a good hosting, using a light design, optimizing images, reducing unnecessary code, among other ways.

3. Readability

An important factor in any Internet business is readability, because this, together with the design, is what transmits the most to the user.

The user experience will improve if it is clear from the first moment what you offer and why he has come to your site.

The importance of user experience on a website
To accomplish this you must take care of several factors in the text that is on your site. Pay attention to the font you choose, the size, format and colors. Why? Because the source is primarily responsible for providing high levels of UX in almost any business that has a website.

4. Design of your business website

When we talk about design, we are not only referring to the structure and navigation, but we are also talking about the HTML code and the final view that users have. Therefore, from our web design service we always try to focus as much as possible to favor the UX and SEO.

In this sense, you should review the background of your site, the use of colors and what idea it conveys as a whole. Good design will gradually but effectively improve the UX your business generates.

Once you know how to improve the user experience on your business website, it’s time to ask yourself if your website is really user friendly and provides a good experience. If not, then you can start to improve it by following the tips we gave you in this article.

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