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How to position my business in Google? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among owners of online businesses or websites focused on sales, because to a large extent their success will depend on it.

The reason is simple: the better the position, the greater the possibility of attracting potential customers.

Even if you climb the ranks of the different search engines that exist, the dream of every business is to reach the number one position in the largest search engine on the planet, Google. If you are reading this article it is because you want to know how to achieve it and here we will explain it to you.

How does SEO help you rank in Google?

In order to understand how to position your business on Google, there is one basic term you need to understand: SEO, a word you will come across many, many times. What does it mean?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) comprises a series of joint actions that are carried out in order to improve the positioning of an online site. Although at first glance you may think it is very difficult, with effort, dedication and the right tools you can get your business website positioned.

seo to position a business in google
Now, how can SEO help you to position your business? To be honest, it helps in many ways. From making your site look more professional, to its ultimate goal, getting you to the top of the search engine results, in this case Google.

In order for a search engine like Google to consider that your site has the necessary quality to appear in the first positions of its search engine, apart from the content, there is something basic: SEO, since its algorithms will look for everything from the keywords to the navigation structure.

In short, if a page has quality content and a good SEO is added to it, the result is a better position in Google.

Note that we just said “good SEO”, because this goes beyond simply highlighting keywords or using headings. It is a matter of applying On Page and Off page strategies very well in order to obtain better results. Something like doing SEO with your head.

How do Ads help positioning in Google?

In simple terms, ads are advertisements. Many wonder how they help improve a website’s ranking. In this case, you should know that there is a very close relationship between the two and that is that marketing is linked to the number of visits. How do they help?

Before explaining this, let’s first learn what the ads do. These in many cases are part of what we call SEM.

SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is a set of actions that are executed to position a site using marketing campaigns or in other words to optimize searches looking for sales.

Therefore, when you create SEM campaigns for your site, related ads will appear on the pages or blogs that accept them. The platform you use to create the campaign will ensure that these ads are displayed in the best possible place in order to get more conversions for your website.

You can run advertising campaigns on a variety of platforms, for example: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Bing Ads and more. Which one to choose? Let’s say that Google is almost a must, but the rest will depend on where your target audience is. For example, it’s no use making ads on Twitter if your potential customers are on YouTube.

Let us now explain the ads from another approach. Surely in some of your Google searches you have seen that in the first results appear certain results that have a small text at the top of the Snippet that says “Ad” or “Sponsored”, as you can imagine the owners of these sites have paid to be advertised on Google and appear in the first place.

Therefore, if you have an online advertising budget (which you should have if you want to grow) you can pay to appear in a privileged location and thus increase the possibility of visitors entering your site, and why not? They end up being your customers.

How does local SEO help to position my business?

We can define local SEO as a set of techniques that seek to increase the visibility of a web page, in this case, your business page, based on the geographic location of potential customers.

That is to say, if a person in Madrid searches for a party agency, he will see different results than those shown to a person doing the same search in Barcelona. This is local SEO, showing relevant content depending on the place from where the search is made.

At Rodanet, we have been specialists in local SEO since 2011, helping hundreds of companies to multiply their revenues thanks to geolocalized strategies.

positioning a local business with local seo

Local Seo is an important part of starting to position a business.

Generally, this type of SEO is employed by those who have a physical business and want to promote it in the digital world to attract more customers.

By doing local SEO, many more people will be able to find your business, know its location to go to it and even make an online purchase if you offer this service.

But, to achieve this, you must work very well the local SEO, the better the strategy that is applied and the more delimited are your services, increase the chances of achieving a better position in Google.

Let’s continue with the example of the party agency. If you have not done a good SEO work and you want to position for the general keyword “party agency”, it is possible that the page of this agency appears much lower than it would appear if it is positioned for “party agency Madrid”. Do you understand the importance of this point?

Conclusion: How to improve the position of my business in Google?

All the actions we have seen in this article to position your business in Google, generally encompass SEO actions and it is the only method that has proven effective when we talk about improving the position.

SEO is the first step in getting your business to the top of Google’s results pages and has become the primary tool for growing businesses in the digital arena. Therefore, whether you want to start a new online business or try to take your physical store to the Internet, it is essential to apply a good SEO.

Once you do this, you can consider the idea of investing in Ads campaigns on your favorite platforms but especially on those where you find your potential customers.

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