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Knowledge belongs to all of us, and we build it together. And when it comes to knowledge related to search engine optimization, networking and the exchange of ideas at events and conferences is essential. That’s why I want to do my bit and make it easier for you. If you want to stay up to date in the industry, don’t miss this list of the best SEO events in 2023 😉

The best SEO congresses and events in 2018.

Those of us who work in SEO, whether we are independent consultants or work in a company (even if it’s there, sitting in the chair physically), do almost everything online. We interact more online than we do in person. And not only with customers, but also with partners, associates , colleagues, etc.

But is that really a good thing?

Why is it so important to attend SEO and networking events?

If you are left alone with the online world, you are missing a part of the movie! That’s why it’s so important to meet up, attend conferences, events, etc.

De-virtualize yourself, get to know the people you follow on social networks, listen to on podcasts, or read on their blogs. Shake hands with a colleague from another agency to whom you asked for something very specific one day, and with whom you sometimes exchange emails. Those you consider your mentors because you took their courses or bought one of their ebooks. What difference does it make? Everyone you know in the online world.

Knowledge flows on the Internet. But you also need that other part of communication that you miss if you restrict yourself only to the online world (the gestures, the laughter, the confessions between beers…).

In short, don’t stay in your PC chair; pack your suitcase and go to SEO events and conferences. You will be trained, updated, network and have a good time, which is also necessary!

If you’ve arrived here you were probably already looking for SEO events for this year, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s our list of the SEO events in 2023 that you might find most interesting! (and which we will be updating).

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The best SEO events in 2023 not to be missed

They are sorted by date, whether they have already been held or not, although we have had to omit some because it is not known if they will be organized again.

List of seo congresses and their dates:

1. Women in Tech SEO Festival

women in techImagine a festival full of amazing women, all of them experts in the world of SEO. From the secrets of Google’s algorithms to the latest trends in website optimization, this event brings together the brightest and boldest minds in the technology industry to promote diversity and gender equity in the industry.

But this is no ordinary festival. Here, you will not only learn about SEO strategies and technical tools, but also immerse yourself in a vibrant and inspiring environment. Powerful keynotes, interactive workshops and networking opportunities will
networking opportunities
opportunities await you, all with the goal of empowering you to make your way in the world of technology.

This past edition was held in London and, even if you were unable to attend, don’t worry! The date for next year has already been announced, so you can book your tickets to England on March 8 or to Berlin on June 7.

2. SMX Munich

smx munchen seoSMX München is a search engine marketing conference held in Munich, Germany. It is a leading event in the digital marketing industry that brings together search marketing professionals, experts and enthusiasts to share knowledge, strategies and latest trends.

During SMX München, various educational sessions, presentations and practical workshops will be given by renowned SEO and SEM specialists. Topics covered include SEO tactics, PPC strategies, content optimization, data analysis and more.

Although the 2023 event has already taken place, with high-profile speakers such as Alex Schultz (VP Analytics & CMO at Meta) or Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Webmaster Trends Analyst Team at Google), there is already a date for next year, specifically on March 11.

3. Friends of Search

friends of search

Friends of Search is a search marketing conference held in several countries, including the Netherlands. This annual event, now in its tenth edition, brings together SEO and SEM professionals and experts to share knowledge, experiences and the latest trends in the field of online search.

It offers attendees the opportunity to learn from top professionals in the industry, discover new tools and techniques, and make valuable connections with other search marketing experts.

Friends of Search also has an exhibition showcasing innovative solutions and services related to online marketing.

4. Position23

positions 23 SEO

Some people think that “positioning” refers only to ranking in search engines. But the truth is that the concept existed before search engines themselves, as it is a lifelong notion of marketing and advertising.

In addition to search engine optimization, there is also brand positioning. And to train in everything related to positioning, both from the point of view of SEO, branding, Social Media, Blogging, etc., there is this great event: #Posiciona23.

Plus, you’re going to like this: it’s about the 7th edition of an online event in streamingand free of charge! This year we have been able to enjoy the presence of prestigious speakers such as Jordi San Ildefonso (Marketing Strategist at Metricool) or Marta Soler (Online Presence Consultant at, among others.

WAW Marketing Congress Zaragoza

waw seo congressThe WAW Marketing Zaragoza Congress is a leading event in the field of marketing held in Zaragoza, Spain.

“Web Analytics Wednesday” brings together digital marketing professionals, experts and enthusiasts to share knowledge, experiences and trends in the field of web analytics and online marketing. Aleyda Solís (consultant, author and SEO speaker at Orainti), Estela Franco (Technical SEO and Web Performance at Schneider Electric) or Rogelio Chung (Interim Head of eCommerce France-Iberia) are some of the names that joined us in this edition, held in March.

Although we still do not have a date for the next one, his return is more than confirmed.

6. SEO on the beach

seo on the beachAnd if all this is about networking, imagine doing
but at a beach party! Well, that’s SEOnthebeach: a different way of working, or “beachworking”, as they call it.

But just because it’s a fun and different event doesn’t mean that the level of the presentations is lower. The speakers are among the best.

Sico de Andrés is the “disorganizer” of this event, which is ideal for networking with other professionals in an environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen in terms of events or congresses.

The presentations and activities are mixed with a chaos and a lack of control that are deliberately sought to break the formalisms that make us keep our distance in other more serious and boring environments. And we say this with full knowledge of the facts, here you can see the Rodanet team in one of the last SEO on the Beach.

If you want to mix work and pleasure until they are indistinguishable, you have an appointment at SEOnthebeach, in mid-June, in Collados Beach, La Manga (Murcia).

7. SEO plus

seo plus

SEO Plus is a specialized SEO conference that takes place in several locations (this year inAlicante) and, best of all, for an extremely reducedprice.

Conferences, workshops and educational sessions are given by recognized experts in the SEO industry. Topics covered include search engine optimization techniques, data analysis, content strategies, link building, technical enhancements and other key tactics to improve online visibility and performance.

You will be able to enjoy a large number of White, Grey and Black Hat SEO presentations by professionals such as Merche Martínez (SEO Manager at Metricool), Clara Soteras (Head of SEO at Nacional) or Israel Pérez (CTO at Chorriclub). You have an appointment on July 28th!

8. DigiMarCon Spain

DigiMarCon Spain is a digital marketing conference taking place in Spain, specifically at the W Hotel in Barcelona on September 7 and 8.

During the event, various educational sessions and practical workshops will be held by prominent speakers, who will share effective strategies, tools and best practices for success in digital marketing. Topics covered typically include social media marketing , SEO, content marketing, digital advertising, data analytics, influencer marketing and more.

The speakers who will be present are still unknown, but in the last editions they have counted with the presence of profiles of some of the best companies in the world, such as Amazon, Apple, Accenture or Microsoft.

9. Brighton SEO

brighton seoIf you’re someone who doesn’t mind traveling to attend other meetings of industry professionals, Brighton SEO is for you.

It is probably the largest event in Europe dedicated to this topic. It is held twice a year and brings together the best in the industry.

It is impossible to list all the speakers, because there are literally dozens and dozens of them, but we highlight Adrijana Vujadin (Coach for SEO professionals at Affirma), Aleyda Solis (SEO Consultant and Founder of Orainti) and Alex Jackson (Paid Media Team Lead at Hallam), among others.

What are you waiting for to sign up for September 14 and 15? Because the European league is also played in SEO…

10. International Search Summit Barcelona

international search summit barcelonaThe International Search Summit Barcelona is the only event dedicated entirely to the issues and challenges of international search marketing, and this year it will be held on November 16 at the World Trade Center Barcelona.

The International Search Summit Barcelona is a must attend if you work with digital and web marketing projects with multiple markets and languages. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from international experts, learn tactics to apply in your own campaigns and connect with other digital marketers worldwide to share challenges and experiences.

All sessions of the International Search Summit will be in English.

We promise you that the speakers are real experts in the sector and you can’t miss their presentations. Olga Andrienko (Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrsuh), Itamar Blauer (Senior SEO Director at StudioHawk) or Kevin Hawkins (Global UX Director at Glovo), are just a few examples.

You know what the best SEO events are going to be in 2023. If you want to learn more, don’t miss this post with the best online SEO courses.

If you think we have left out any important ones, or if you have attended one of them this year, let us know in the comments!

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