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Web design is a fundamental part for your business to adapt perfectly to digital media and meet all the needs required by it. Are you thinking of entering the world of digitization and don’t know where to start? Do you need to give a 360-degree turn to your current site? Rodanet is the solution.

Web design agency in Barcelona

As an expert agency in digital marketing and web design, with over 10 years of experience in the industry and numerous success stories, we offer a fully comprehensive and personalized service to meet your needs. We will start by having a first contact to know all the details about your business, as well as your goals, since any web design proposal must be fully aligned with the business strategy to ensure success. After this first meeting, we will prepare a briefing together with an analysis in terms of UX (User Experience), i.e. user experience, and CRO, to establish a corporate feed, a navigation map and a style guide with which the web pages will be designed. In other words, we will be in charge of creating a design pattern that must be validated and approved before moving on to programming.

Professional web design: minimalist and modern conversion-oriented websites

Web design is an area that goes far beyond the visible and aesthetic part of a website. It has a direct impact on the positioning in the main search engines, as well as on the user experience. In a world where digitalization is imminent and where it is necessary to know how to adapt in order not to die trying, having a tailor-made and conscientious web design is essential for success. Therefore, it is of vital importance to have an agency specialized in this discipline, which understands the needs of your business and knows how to translate them optimally into the network. At Rodanet we focus on a totally results-based orientation, so your success is our prestige.

Steps for web design for companies

As we have mentioned before, the main advantage of having an expert web design company is that it will help you achieve all the goals you set for yourself. At Rodanet we take care of developing a strategy based on our two pillars: people and search engines, both essential for your business to make a difference. Our work methodology is based on the following steps:

Preliminary analysis and Budget

The first step is to know in detail the business and the environment, as well as your needs and objectives. Our clients are our priority, so we will focus on getting to know your company as if it were our own, in order to work in harmony and offer you a totally customized solution. This first contact is essential to clearly establish the starting point and where you want to go.

In this way, a tailor-made and needs-based quotation can be drawn up. We do not have standard prices as each website is different and there are hundreds of factors that come into play to determine the proposal, the budget and the final price of a web design.

User Experience and CRO

User experience (UX) as well as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) are the pillars of any web design strategy. On the one hand, user experience is the relationship that exists between a user and a machine. Applied to web design we understand it as the perception that an Internet user has when browsing our site. This aspect is of vital importance to facilitate the navigability to the users, prioritizing this point even above the design itself. Obviously we must have a page that is attractive to the eye, but without forgetting its functionality and ease of use that it must offer, as this will make the difference. In a context where users are less and less loyal to brands and where their needs are constantly changing, you have to know how to keep up. Accessibility is one of the most valued aspects when it comes to offering content, and users are no longer satisfied with less.

On the other hand, we find the well-known CRO or conversion rate optimization. This is a set of techniques aimed at improving the performance of a website in relation to its conversion rate. In other words, it is about trying to get users who arrive at our website to end up doing the action we want them to do. This aspect is totally linked to the previous point, because by improving the user experience through web design, we will get our visitors to become customers.

Strategic web design plan

Once the strategy and the points to follow have been established, it is time to start working on the strategy. For this purpose, we will create “mockups” so that the visual format of the design we will use can be seen in a materialized form. We will work on a corporate design or feed, a navigation map and a style guide. Throughout this stage we will be in contact with you in order to translate your wishes as faithfully as possible on the website.

Implementation of web design and development

Once the design is approved, Rodanet will also be in charge of its implementation and web development. We will apply a totally clean code and pampered to the detail to achieve the expected results. We take care of developing custom websites, in CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop and whether they are corporate pages or online stores. If you want to know how we can help you in this area visit our web development section.

Rodanet: your web design specialist agency

Thanks to our multidisciplinary team made up of professionals in the sector, we can tackle any type of project proposed to us. We love challenges and our main goal is to be able to respond to the needs of all our customers. We know that web pages are the perfect showcase to show your business and the main means of communication, so we can perfectly complement the design and web development with a
seo positioning
positioning and a
digital strategy
and a tailor-made digital strategy. Your future starts now.

Design and development of websites and online stores.

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FAQs about web design and development

Web design encompasses all the work related to designing the visible and aesthetic part of a page, as well as all those aspects that directly affect its positioning in search engines and the user’s experience.

User experience (UX) is the relationship a user has with a machine. In this case it is the relationship you have with a web page when browsing it.

CRO or conversion rate optimization is the set of techniques that aim to improve the performance of a website in relation to its conversion rate. In other words, it is about making sure that the users who come to our page perform the action we want them to perform.

Web design is essential for your business to be able to adapt smoothly to digital media and meet all the needs it requires. By combining the aesthetic part of the design with the more functional aspects, you will be able to make a 360-degree turn and increase your online presence exponentially.