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Business-focused web development

As a company specializing in SEO, has made us want to be very frank with the approaches we want to do, and it is because we only understand the realization of web design and development, if there is a digital strategy behind, to get more visibility, get more leads, customers, business and sales.

Web development agency for online stores and custom web pages.

We develop custom-made web pages, or based on templates, according to the needs of each project.

We analyze and study the market you are targeting to have the best information architecture and content strategy on which the web development will revolve. With a clean code, and pampered to the smallest detail.

We have 2 basic pillars, search engines and people. We combine both to meet the standards that will make a difference in the future and make the online channel as profitable as possible. Usability, loading speed, attractive design and the right web architecture will make the difference for a successful web project.

We also specialize in working with CMS like WordPress and Prestashop, where we are not limited to the basic functionalities of these managers and we can do practically everything with them.

Web development for WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world, it can meet many of the needs of businesses that we can imagine. Our web development team works closely with our SEO’s to consolidate the WordPress foundations from the beginning, and thus meet all the standards necessary to position and generate business.

Benefits of WordPress Web Development with RODANET:

  • Think at the beginning to benefit later: We create an architecture based on the best digital strategy generating maximum business.
  • Beautiful and effective: Web design, web development and SEO, all united and managed from RODANET to get the best results. One without the other is meaningless.
  • Custom development and integration: wordpress, has an infinite number of plugins that a high percentage are adapted to the vast majority of web needs. However, if your website needs something unique and special, we can develop it for your project.
  • We finish web development, we continue with online visibility: You don’t have to worry, once the web development project is finished, you don’t have to look for another company to propose a digital strategy and positioning of your website, we do it. From Rodanet we continue with the natural process as we understand it to keep growing and make the online channel become a profitable and scalable channel.

Prestashop web development

E-commerce is synonymous with PrestaShop, this CMS is specially designed to get the most out of the web development of online stores. With experience and trajectory in this CMS, we create and optimize from scratch the online store to meet the standards of SEO for ecommerce.

Advantages of an online store web development from 0 with RODANET:

  • Development agency recognized and recommended by Prestashop: Leave your project in the hands of Rodanet with all that this entails. We work with the development team and Prestashop support if necessary.
  • We think in business, we develop thinking in the future, in making your online media profitable. Fulfilling the necessary requirements to apply any type of digital strategy, whether SEM campaigns, Google Ads, Social Ads or SEO strategies.
  • Experts in SEO, your website will comply with what Google expects to be positioned in their search engines being a SEO friendly website to be adapted to an SEO strategy with results.
  • Custom development and integration: all the features you need, will be implemented from the official repository of Prestashop, and if you need any specific functionality, count on our development team to create custom code to have any addon that your website needs.

Leave your web development project in the best hands.

Web Development Process

< Definition />

The initial process is the success of the future. We sat down with our strategy and development team to understand the business in every detail. We analyze the market, the needs of your audience, we make a study of the best players in the market to improve it and advise you on the best CMS for your needs or if we have to make a custom web development.

In this initial process we will keep in direct contact with you very frequently to start shaping the website you have in mind. We will define timings and agree on delivery deadlines.

< Mock-Ups, web design and development />

We want to feel part of a team, so every step will be taken together and approved by you. In this second step, we are going to present you mock-ups implementing the look and feel of your website, here you can see how your website will look like before implementing it in a test environment. The visual aspect it will have will be as close as possible to the one it will have once it is developed, whether on mobile, desktop or tablet. Since in all web development we have a responsive design adaptable and thinking for all devices.

< Web architecture />

This point is of vital importance in any web development. It is a matter of defining and sectioning the information we want the user to receive. A logical, hierarchical structure will be applied, defining well the pillars of the web, to apply them in a menu, that the business needs and that locates the user in each of the business focuses to be promoted. Optimizing each section with each and every one of the SEO standards to leave each and every one of the landings of the website perfect for web development and its future positioning.

< Web development: test environment />

This is the most technical point. Here, we take care of the web development. We take care of its coding, testing and correct operation. We check the loading speeds, implement microformats, all wrapped by the web design previously approved in the mock-ups presented in previous points of web development. Our meticulous team of developers and designers is responsible for testing each of the features, engines and functionality of the web, not to move from test environment to production until everything is working at 100%.

< Web development: ON />

Once everything is working perfectly, we move the web to your servers and index it in search engines and configure Google Search Console and give you all the information for Google to understand the web and catalog it as we want, Sitemaps, SSL certificates among other points. Special care is taken during the first few weeks to ensure that everything is going as planned.

< Digital strategy />

The web development of your project is already working, it is already finished. But we as an online marketing agency recommend that you start a new process, the process of giving visibility to our project and devise a digital strategy as profitable for the business. The ideal is to see which channels are the ideal ones to promote your business, and together with our strategy team to continue advancing so that our online channel becomes a profitable channel and a fundamental pillar for our business.

Rodanet, your SEO-optimized web development company in Barcelona

Centralize your entire project with Rodanet.

A single team to analyze your industry, perform the SEO consulting that your project needs, the development of your website and the subsequent digital strategy. You are not dependent on anyone else, this will allow you to maximize results and minimize the margin of error.

We understand the webs as the perfect tool to sell, it can’t be just your business card, it has to be much more, and our specialization as web positioning agency y Digital StrategyWe have to see the webs as a sales tool, a channel of attraction and the priority of its orientation to conversion.

Web development projects and online stores

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FAQs about online store and web development

WordPress is a content management system that allows a person without knowledge to self-manage their own content.

Because WordPress is the most used content management system in the world, more than 70% of the websites around the world are made with WordPress and that makes it an increasingly better and more global manager. And without any limitations, we have had websites made with WordPress with more than 3 million daily visits.

It is a content management system specialized in online stores. It allows you to manage your e-commerce with basic knowledge.

Because it is one of the most widely used content management systems for online stores. Its learning curve is much lower than others like Magento, and its interface and structure is much better prepared for SEO than other CMSs like Shopify.

Because increasingly, the demand is on the Internet. We have a team specialized in not only making a beautiful web design or a well optimized online store development, but in making you sell more. And we do not understand the former without the latter.

Web development projects and online stores

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