What is it and how to make a disavow for Google?


Doing a google disavow can be used for two very specific purposes. One of them consists of fighting or eliminating the external links that have been created towards us as part of a negative seo strategy.

SEO is not only about knowing how to select keywords for our business, but also about taking care of our links.

The second reason is that search engines penalize actions that they consider to be against the rules of the algorithms. One of them is about the creation of artificial links, since Google insists on the creation of external links but in a natural and unadulterated way.

This is why this search engine, so famous and recognized worldwide, now offers this Google disavow tool as a way to clean your website from these links. Something that is great for cleaning up your link profile when you are performing a link building strategy.

What is Google’s disavow tool?

To begin with the disavow or better in its full name the Disavow links tool is a tool as we have already mentioned, created by Google in order to make it possible to remove each and every one of the artificial external links that direct to our website or websites.

This is one of the best ways that we can currently count on, many times the search engine penalizes us for making use of these links that it considers are not natural and are not counted within the process of natural SEO.

This tool allows us to have the option of eliminating this problem so that Google’s algorithms no longer have to penalize us and we can continue with our positioning work.

As a second aspect, the Google disavow allows us to get rid of the links that the same Google tool warns us as suspicious links and that others have put on different websites to cause us harm with the search engine.

Basically with this tool we collect all the links that we have detected as artificial and we report them to Google, this way the search engine at the time of crawling the pages to raise or lower them in position takes into account that it should not consider these external links as “negative” for its position and simply ignores them, based on the seo work that should and is expected to be recognized.

How do I know if I need to use Google’s disavow tool?

Many experts in SEO, negative SEO and Google penalties consider that not all situations allow the use of this important tool to be valid.

Experts mention that it is important to consider the following situations or aspects before taking this type of action:

You have a good SEO: one of the situations in which it is necessary to consider the use of this tool is when your company or business idea enjoys a really good SEO or strategies that make you become a worthy enemy to the competition.
Another thing to consider is that if you have just started your SEO, and your SEO strategies are not that strong, then you should consider that this tool is not your thing for the moment, or that it is unnecessary to run it.

There is no other option: this Google disavow tool is used when there are no more options to resort to.
This happens when we have problems with a link that we cannot remove or stop using, then when all the possibilities are over we can use the tool to disavow it and make it discardable.

Without exaggerating: another of the issues that we must take care of when using or abusing Google’s disavow tool is precisely that by doing it in the wrong way, we obtain a different result.
Many times without knowing the consequences of this type of tools we can have the opposite effect and then our SEO is affected in a permanent and radical way.

Responsibility: another aspect that we must take into account with this Google disavow tool is that we must not use it to harm others.
This tool can affect the SEO of other companies or brands and become a favorite of negative SEO as we have discussed in other posts.

In the same way that we can disavow external links as harmful, it is possible to manipulate the tool to think that another website is harmful as well.

So it is important that we know how to handle with total responsibility those tools that search engines put in front of us to benefit us and not to harm others.

How do I know then what kind of links I should report to Google disavow?

To avoid actions that may harm us or others, it is important that we know how to identify the sources and types of links that we do not need and that bring us more negative consequences.

Google offers you the possibility within its tools option to go to the backlinks section, which you can find if you have never seen this option before in search traffic and then in links to your site.

Remember that all links that you have exchanged, bought among other things are considered as negative or against the rules of the algorithms. (But good…. used responsibly, it can be good 😉 )

If you don’t quite remember where you got your external links from, a good source to look them up is at:

– Fake profiles: profiles or fake pages that seek to be indexed and that function as link farms, an aspect that is very punishable by the algorithms usually contain links that we have possibly created or that have been created with the intention of locating external links to our website.

– Link directories: these low quality directories, because there are also those that are of good quality and are a good strategy, are also an ideal place to look for external links that can harm us in the future.

Basically this is Google’s disavow, a relevant tool that if we know how to use it correctly can benefit us a lot in our SEO.

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