What is SEO Positioning in Google? How it works and why it is so important


What is Google Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
or Search Engine Optimization. We could define SEO as the optimization of your website for search engines with the intention of improving organic or natural visibility in these search engines. One of these main search engines is Google, and that is why most of the time the word SEO is directly associated with positioning in Google.

What do we do when we refer to SEO in Google?

We are dedicated to make Google, or any other web search engine, understand your website, consider it important and relevant to the subject or sector in which you work and therefore, position it in the top results for those searches related to your industry.

How does SEO work in Google?

The job of an SEO consultant or agency is to help Google, the omnipresent robot that crawls the internet tirelessly and continuously, understand what you are talking about on your website .

If Google considers your website to be the most complete or relevant to your industry, you will appear in the top results for searches people do related to that industry. More visibility means more visits, more potential customers and more sales.

Although the concept is simple, making Google understand that your website is the best in a particular sector means working on many aspects of the website itself internally (and externally as well).

At Rodanet we take care of just that, regardless of the sector of your company or the competition you have.

Don’t try to fool Google: it’s smarter than you. Design your website to be as useful as possible for your target user and Google will understand it perfectly: just do things right, be patient and the results will come.

We know the techniques to use to get Google to like you. We have more than 10 years of experience and currently have about 80 recurring customers. Our growth as a company has been based on knowing how to position our own websites to attract customers (is there any greater proof than this that we know what we are doing?).

RODANET, SEO Agency in Barcelona

We seek profitability for your company

What needs to be improved on your website for Google to like it?

Google uses about 200 analytics factors to evaluate your website. Some of these factors are known, but others are not (or are known but it is not possible to know exactly what weight they have with respect to the total). Google searches and displays results in its search engine in a very efficient way by means of a crawling and search algorithm that works 24 hours a day, and as a private company it keeps the exact functioning of that algorithm very safe.

What factors must be worked on a website for Google to understand it?

One of the jobs of an SEO agency is to improve several aspects of the website that we do know Google takes into account in a good initial SEO analysis and audit. Some examples (there are many, many more) are:

  • Web structure and architecture
  • Loading speed
  • Correct use and naming of images
  • Correct use of headings and their outline within each page.
  • Original and attractive content and text
  • Proper use of meta tags
  • Correct use of internal links
  • Correct use of language tags (in case of multi-language site)
  • To have a site map for Google to “orient” itself and move more easily through our site.
  • Reputation external to the site: who talks about you on other web sites and how
  • Where the website is hosted and what performance it offers.

How do we work at Rodanet?

The implementation of an SEO project, in 90% of the cases, follows the following scheme:

  • We will perform an audit to find out how each and every one of the above points (and many more variables that we take into account) of your website are.
  • We will develop an action plan to improve one by one the items in the report.
  • We carry out a link building strategy so that your website grows in authority and notoriety.
  • We work on results and we don’t ask for permanence: we are so sure that your website will gain traffic that if it doesn’t, you can leave whenever you want to.


Do you want to increase traffic to your site, gain online visibility and reputation and attract more potential customers?

We’ll give you a hand with it

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