What is hosting? Types of web hosting according to your needs

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Within the web positioning a very important part is the hosting, but do we know what it is?

What is Hosting?

Hosting (or web hosting) is a service that provides Internet users with a means to store all kinds of information (images, videos and any web content).

It is suitable for those who want to create a web page for others to visit and offers all kinds of elements to be able to publish or upload almost any kind of files. This hosting service provides several tools and applications to manage your website.

Hosting provides all kinds of services. It is like a hard disk in the network that has the purpose of being able to publish the web pages according to your needs.

There are different types of web hosting:

There are several types of hosting, with different interfaces and functionalities according to the user’s needs.

We can even find special hosting for the technology with which our website is made:

Web hosting has become a profitable business for the companies that offer this service.

Before contracting the hosting service you must take into account several factors, depending on what you need.

Free Hosting

First of all, there are quite cheap (and even free) hosting services that, in most cases, do not ensure a minimum stability to your service, and others that provide unnecessary tools. Sometimes the service is quite limited in these cases (disk space, data traffic…).

Shared web hosting

Another type of web hosting is shared hosting. This service hosts several clients on the same server. It is a very good alternative for those who are looking for an economical service because in these cases the management costs are shared among the various users and it usually offers a good return. However, there are also disadvantages, as there are often failures caused by a user that can have repercussions on other clients and therefore reduce the server’s resources, as well as its security, speed and/or stability.

Hosting for image storage is generally a free service, and the sites that use them rely on advertising.

Server Reseller

Reseller hosting is designed for large users who sell hosting services to other customers. They usually have a large amount of space and web domains. However, they have a limitation of both clients and hosted domains.

Virtual servers

Virtual hosting servers provide the company or user with control through a virtual machine, offering the administration of several web domains and the possibility of choosing the programs that are forged. This type of service is recommended to web programmers and design companies.

Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are characterized by the fact that they are not shared content. The user is the one who has the resources at his disposal to use them for his purposes. It is usually located in a data center. Its main disadvantage is the cost of the service (it is higher than shared hosting).

Some companies offer unmanaged hosting, which means that the company only provides the connectivity, control panel, resources and other tools. However, they do not provide assistance for errors or configuration failures.


Colocation or housing consists of selling or renting space in a data center. The company provides the Internet connection, but the server is provided by the customer.

Web hosting in the cloud

Finally, cloud web hosting is guaranteed by various servers, as well as security. It is usually quite flexible.

Therefore, you can choose different types of hosting taking into account the needs and services provided by each type, as well as the storage capacity, quality or tools.

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