Rodanet Team

The human team for your project

Daniel Larrosa

Sergi Lechado

Edu García
Project Manager

Lilit Ayvazyan

Albert Mata
Consultor SEO

Albert Eroles
Consultor SEO

Paula Manrique
SEO & Social Media

Marta Solano
Content Strategist

Marc Torres
Consultor SEO & SEM

Raquel Sancho
Consultora SEO

Guillem Asensio
SEO & Growth Hacker

Pol Frau
PPC Manager

Alejandro Herrera
Programador & SEO

Sergio Alvarez
Consultor SEO & SEM

Bea López
Social Media Manager

Nico Zuloaga
Consultor SEO

Content Strategist

Juan Carlos Pell
SEO & IA Specialist

Iván Sol
Developer & Analítica

Nuria Lara
Consultora SEO

Paco García
Consultor SEO

The team behind your project

Back in 2011, convinced that the online channel is the present and the future and the most profitable medium, the SEO agency RODANET was born.

Since then, the human value of the people who have made up this great family has been fundamental for the achievements and goals that have been reached and that make Rodanet what it is today.

And that is why we are especially excited to present ourselves as we are best represented, as a team and in our day-to-day work.