Success stories

In SEO you can’t make any promises. This is the first premise that we have as a rule and we explain to each and every one of our clients. But we can proudly show our clients’ results with what we love most: data.

SEO strategy agency events

From 0 to industry leading SEO and +300 leads/month

Web and SEO in training portal

+150,000 SEO sessions in 2 years of master pages

SEO and SEM strategy in online pharmacy

From 150k€ to 600k€/month in 16 months

SEO strategy for the CBD sector

892% growth in net sales in a single year

SEO with own projects

More than 3M visits/day. TOP 25 SEO websites in ESP, MX…

Web development and global SEO. Services sector

From 50 leads to more than 700/month in 4 years

Inbound Marketing in food and consumer goods

+65,000 visits/month in 2 years through Inbound Marketing

Local SEO strategies in +20 projects

In TOP-3 for a multitude of local keywords

Dental clinic SEO strategy

85% year-over-year SEO traffic growth over 4 years

Pharmaceutical e-commerce SEO strategy

SEO growth of 7,000% in 1 year

Consulting, SEO and CRO strategy in the retail sector

Online industry leader in 2 years

Recovering from an SEO penalty

More than 1,000 calls and 1,000 WhatsApps/month

Web development and SEO strategy Lawyers

TOP-1 in Keywords with CPCs over 4€.

Web change and comprehensive SEO strategy

Industry leader in just 1 year and x3 in leads

Starting a SEO project from scratch

More than 150 monthly leads in a single year

Online Store SEO Strategy from 0

From zero to SEO industry leader in 2 years

Optimization and global SEO. Health Sector

SEO growth and recovery with more than 500 leads/month

SEO strategy for the lending sector

SEO growth of 4,000% in 1 year

Web and SEO and SEM strategy in B2B logistics sector

From 0 to more than 300 qualified leads per year

Recovery of SEO penalization in the administrative sector

From minimum to leader in local SEO and 300% increase in leads

Invisible Orthodontics SEO Success Story

From 0 to more than 800 leads received through SEO and more than 80,000 visits.

And many more SEO success stories with them…


As an SEO agency, the only guarantee we can demonstrate as results is our experience with our clients. Thanks to the expert team of SEO consultants, methodology, infrastructure, knowledge, talent and hard work, great results have been achieved in the vast majority of the projects we have faced from Rodanet.

That is why we believe it is important to have this endorsement on our website.

For an obvious confidentiality issue with all our clients, we do not show client names or Google Analytics data that may be sensitive to expose, but we do show organic visibility graphs that measure in a representative way the evolution of the SEO visibility of some of our clients, with one of the best tools in the industry: Ahrefs.